Friday, December 30, 2005

A Tail of Two Millennia

Do you remember where you were when the millenium changed? I do because I wrote this acount. I hope all of you enjoy a great 2006!

We were invited to attend a New Year’s Eve party with some friends from Randy's office. As is his practice, Randy decided that I needed a good, hard spanking beforehand. I believe he derives an odd pleasure from watching me wince and squirm in public. For my part, I willingly accept the paddle's bittersweet kiss because it holds the tangible promise of unrestrained sexual intimacy. This corporeal bargain has played out for us hundreds of times over twenty years. Yet each occasion bears an exciting new opportunity.

I was almost dressed for the party when Randy strode into the bedroom and informed me that the time had come for the evening's "preparation." This pronouncement required no clarification. He asked me to remove my clothes - all of them. This was a good sign. Some women might feel that being stripped for a spanking is somehow demeaning. As I peeled off my festive attire, my thoughts were more along the lines of luring Prince Charming into a delightfully romantic side trip. I am pleased to report that even after all these years, the sight of my nude body can still distract him. That sweet dream was abruptly interrupted by the appearance of my sorority paddle. Randy held it up and swung it as if to demonstrate the technique he planned to employ.

When I am to be spanked, I desire all of the accompanying physical contact. I placed my arms around my husband's neck and rubbed my quivering skin against him. He kissed me deeply and his left arm encircled my waist. When the paddle began tapping against my bottom, I was reminded that I could delay the inevitable only so long. I shuttered with thrill and anticipation as his tender mouth paid tribute to my earlobe, my neck, my shoulder, and my breasts. Mmmmmm.

The spell was broken when Randy announced that it was paddle time. Without further prompting, I assumed my position. I bent over with my elbows on the bed and my fleshy target raised invitingly high. "Ready?" he prompted. I replied in kind, fully aware of the wooden paddle's fiery consequences. Randy didn't disappoint me in the least. Each swat brought a loud report followed immediately by an intense stinging sensation. Beneath the rising glow was a relentless ache that I knew would endure long past the New Year's celebration. As the board rose and fell, my emotions cycled between prurient longing and desperate distress, visiting many exotic destinations in between. I vowed, if only to myself, that I would not invoke my safeword. My man was obviously determined to make the century's last spanking one worthy of the history books. I clenched my teeth and squeezed my eyes shut in anticipation of the next impact. Again and again the paddle struck my poor bottom. I jumped. I gasped. I howled. One way or another, I would graciously accept this gift.

As I stood there with my face buried in our marriage bed, I wondered how much longer this paddling could continue. Shortly after that thought entered my mind then I became aware of a different sensation. It was a hand, a gentle hand, caressing the very site of my spanking. The winds of love had changed direction again. He sat next to me on the bed and carefully guided me over his lap. As I craned my neck to peer back at him from this all too familiar angle, I figured that I was due for a second spanking. I definitely didn't need any such attention. I again promised myself that I would endure this trial bravely, if perhaps not silently. However, no spanking was forthcoming.

Randy vigorous rubbed my seat. It brought out the sting, but in a strange way, it felt good too. Before long, his attention and his fingers wandered southward. He made a point of observing that I must have enjoyed my spanking. I more enjoyed what followed. He placed me on my back on the bed and applied his lips, teeth, and tongue to my most sensitive locale. I didn't require much of this kind of encouragement before I was writhing with ecstasy and joyous release. When he squeezed my punished cheeks, I thought I might pass out from the sheer intensity of this spicy jambalaya of sensation. After several minutes of recovering my senses (and my breath), I returned the favor. Randy was appropriately appreciative.

As we quietly celebrated in the glistening aftermath of this whirlwind experience, our gaze wandered over to the clock radio. At 8:30, we were more than a little tardy for the more traditional New Year's celebration. Accordingly, we cleaned up, got dressed, and headed out.

The party was, well, a bit odd. Picture about ten or fifteen male programmers. Sprinkle in a small handful of equally dweeby female computer types. Add a few comparatively normal spouses and girlfriends for good measure. Think about "Revenge of the Nerds" meets "Animal House." We had a good time, but many of the topics of conversation were completely beyond me. One guy was blabbering about the physics behind Star Trek. I resisted the temptation to remind him that Star Trek is a TV show. Randy just thought the whole conversation was hilarious. OK, so I married a geek. I staked out a nice soft chair and just watched in amazement. What was funny was that a couple of the younger guys timidly wandered over to clumsily introduce themselves to me. As soon as they learned that I was Randy's wife, they drifted back into another part of the house. It was just weird. I spent much of the evening talking with two of the other wives comparing field notes regarding the bizarre behaviors of computer people. At midnight, Randy and I shared the obligatory New Year's kiss. He then whispered in my ear that this was only a down payment.

When we left the party a reasonable interval after midnight, we both had the same idea (more or less). In the car, I told Randy that I was really sore. "Well, good" he explained. "You won't have any trouble feeling your next spanking." "I guess not," I said with resignation. At this point, I was more primed for lovemaking than another rump roasting. But this was a special occasion.

Once home, I headed up toward our bedroom. Randy asked me where I was going. I told him, "The same place as you, I hope." He suggested, in that case, I should go in the den and get comfortable. He said he would be right back. True to his word, he returned carrying our dogleg brush and a vibrating sex toy. This was to be recreational spanking at its very finest.

Randy took great care in slowly removing my clothes, piece by piece. As he neared the end of this reverse strip tease, he stopped to admire my choice of underwear. I wore a shiny red satin thong that just screams "spank me and make love to me." As you might imagine, the gentleman requires no second invitation.

He sat on the couch and took me across his lap. In that classic position, late on that special evening, we had a little chat. It went something like this:

R: "You DO look sore. Did somebody spank your bottom?"
B: "Yes, my husband used a big paddle on me."
R: "I'll bet you really deserved it."
B: "I probably did.
R: "Was that last century?"
B: "Yes."
R: "Has anyone spanked you in this century?"
B: "No."
R: "Has anyone [made love to] you in this century?"
B: "No."
R: "So am I to understand that you're a twenty first century virgin?"
B: "I guess I must be."
R: "I propose to take that virginity right here and now. What do you think of that?"
B: "Please be gentle. (giggling) It's my first time."
R: I promise to give you only the most gentle of hard spankings with this brush."

He was half right. That brush restored all of the ache left behind by the paddle and added an unmistakable stinging sensation. My partner worked quickly and efficiently. Once we finally began, the session didn't last very long. It didn't have to. When it was over, I felt very well spanked.

Now, at last, the spicy appetizers were done and the time had come for the main course of our erotic banquet. After removing my thong, Randy applied the toy to heighten my interest. At this stage, it was almost overkill. Nevertheless, it felt wonderful. He followed that enticement with his own pleasure appendage. I hugged him as tightly as I could as we lovingly inaugurated the millenium with our own private fireworks display.

We embraced amid the warm glow of a tender postscript. I never love my man more deeply than at those times. We possess a spiritual connection that I think many couples never know. Eventually, he drifted off happily to dreamland.

For whatever reason, I felt energized and awake. I had to get up and see if our computer still worked. It did. I answered a couple of e-mails and read for a while before finally giving up around 2:30am. Sometimes I wonder if my nocturnal ways reflect a belief that life is too good to miss any of it. On this night, that was definitely the case.

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Marcus said...

What a warm welcome into the new millenium. And while I don't profess to know the physics of Star Trek, I do have to say that Yeoman Rand, Deanna Troi and Seven of Nine all were very spankable characters.

Red satin thong? Nothing to keep the heat in your seat? No wonder you need all of those spankings. ;)

John said...

Thank you for the stories. You are so polite to your commenters.Never at war with some of your readers.An exemple for others.Don't you think there is a kind of blogetiquette to keep things nice?
Lurking isn't forbidden,is it?
Best wishes to you and Randy for the New Year.

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet story! In fact, it's giving me a few ideas...

Happy New Year!!!


little one said...

Beautiful post Bonnie. Now that's my way of bringing in a new millenium. :) Happy New Year to you and yours.

ReaderGirl said...

Hey Bonnie,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and your candor. I'm looking forward to what you will be sharing with us in the new year.


Bonnie said...

Marcus - Thank you. Yes, the Trekker crowd definitely likes the actresses at least as well as the geek factor. You forgot the female Vulcan from the latest edition. I beleive Randy would like to rub her, um, ears.

As for the thong, how often does one get to celebrate a new millenium? It was definitely a special occasion deserving of an appropriate wardrobe selection. My only problem with red underwear is that Randy tends to want to match colors. :)

John - I love my readers, lurkers included. I can't imagine why I would want to fight with them.

I guess I do have a blogetiquette, though I've never thought of it in those terms. When I visit someone's blog, it's equivalent to being a visitor in their home. They might have a couch I would never want, but it's not my place to judge their furnishings. I enjoy their hospitality and focus upon the many positive aspects.

For my own blog, I employ the same model. You are a welcome guest in my cyber-home and I hope you will be comfortable. If someone takes the time to leave a message, I want to find the time to acknowledge them and their contribution. If someone were to leave a message that was offensive or off topic, I would simply delete it and move on. Life is too short to be consumed with negativity.

I have received many great comments from my readers. Several features are a direct result of reader questions and suggestions. Whenever I run short of new ideas, I have you good folks to fall back upon. It's a wonderful relationship and one I treasure.

Anon - You are most welcome. I hope the inspiration serves you well!

Little - Thank you. I wish you and Guy a splendid year filled with happiness.

Reader - Thank you, and welcome to MBS! I'm glad you stopped by.

CeeCi said...

Bonnie- While I thoroughly enjoyed reading of your millenium switch, I found myself more awed by your response to John in these comments. Class, Ms.Bonnie, graciousness and great style are just a few of the many qualities I have encountered when I have visited your blog home. Yours was the first site I commented on, yours is the first site I visit in the morning, the last I look at in the evening. I look forward to your responses to my comments and am pleased when you comment on my blog. In you I have found a kindred spirit, and as I've said with almost every comment I've posted...thank you. You are a shining star.

Bonnie said...

CeeCi - Thank you! Your praise means a lot to me.

Your comments and suggestions have more than once inspired new features (...and yes, I do recall one suggestion I have yet to publish). I couldn't manage this blog without continuing support from friends like you!

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