Thursday, December 29, 2005

2006 Recap: Bonnie's Greatest Hits

Year end is a good time to celebrate the year's achievements and reflect upon events that have taken place. So it is here at My Bottom Smarts.

Since many current readers weren't around for the early days of this blog, I thought it might be helpful and fun to provide easy links to my favorite real life spanking stories from 2005. Enjoy!

Good for the Gander
The Long Way
Geting to the Seat of the Problem
Leap of Faith
Business Woman's Special
The Silent Treatment
Buzzword Bonanza
The Boat Story
The Talk
Rub in the Tub
Halloween Heatwave
Our Very First Spanking
The Works
Back Forty Love
Afternoon Delight
The Payoff
The Booty Girl Diaries
Make Mine Well Done
How to Ask
How I Spell R-e-l-i-e-f
Return to Rationality
A Toasty Yule
A Slightly Mexican Christmas


Anonymous said...

The story about your first spanking together is so cute!!! And so true - about not being much of a spanking, I mean. Though our first spanking was incredibly fun as well, my hubby was a bit hesitant at first. You know, thinking that he would hurt me. But now, I'm happy to say, he's an expert spanker. As my reddened bottom can tell you!!!


Storm Rider said...

Bonnie, I wish you and Randy a "Happy New Year!" and we'll see you next year sweety!

CeeCi said...

Bonnie- Your blog has helped open my eyes and my heart. Thank you for bringing your talent to us all. Happy New Year to You and Randy!!! May 2006 bring more joy, laughter, love, spanks and happiness to you both!!

padme said...

Happy new year, bonnie. I have loved your blog and all your stories. :) HUGS

wind walker said...

i adore your stories, and i look forward to reading more of them!!

happy new year!!

Janeen said...

Bonnie just stopping in to wish you a Happy New Year, I've loved all of your stories, and can't wait to hear what Randy's creativity brings us next year. ;)

Bonnie said...

Anon - Thanks. That is, quite naturally, a very special memory for me.

I appreciate my expert too!

Storm - Thank you, and the same back atcha!

CeeCi - You are most welcome. I am grateful to count you among my friends.

Padme - Happy New Year to you too. May 2006 bring you unrestrained joy and unbroken happiness.

Wind - As it turns out, I do have more of those real life spanking adventures. In fact, I just retrieved another from the vault.

Janeen - Thank you. I think it will be a fine year for both of us!

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