Saturday, December 03, 2005

Quiz: Which Spanking Implement Best Suits You?

I created a new quiz. I hope you enjoy it!

The Paddle - You may be smug now, but you'll
soon be howling when wood meets flesh. In
truth, you don't despise that searing kiss
nearly as much as your wails might suggest. In
fact, handled properly, that paddle might yield
a pleasure you could learn to love.

Which Spanking Implement Best Suits You?
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rivka said...

*weg* The wooden hairbrush... apparently I need a certain amount of discipline whether we're playing or not, lol! So true.

little one said...

Cute quiz Bonnie, I got the same as you did. :) Thanks. :)

I tried relentlessly to post my comment to this yesterday but it wouldn't let me. :(

Bonnie said...

Rivka - Yes, I could see that description fitting you.

Little - Thanks! I'm sorry you had trouble with Blogger comments. It can be a bit temperamental at times.

CeeCi said...


Fun quiz with scary results! I got 'crops'. Sheesh, my bottom hasn't been touched by anything harsher than the red-devil spatula...which I've cleverly hidden. Do I dare add 'riding crop' to the list I'm making for Santa?

Janeen said...

I got the crop too! Ouch. LOL
Thanks for the quiz Bonnie, your's turned out a lot better than the one I created a couple of days ago. I spent a long time on it, but Quizilla was being just plain rude! LOL

Bonnie said...

CeeCi - Don't worry. It's just a quiz. I suggest you use whatever toys work best for you.

Janeen - Ouch indeed!

I find working with Quizilla is sort of like taking a spanking. It's painful while it's happening, but generally worthwhile in the end. Even a small quiz like this takes a couple of hours to set up. I can't really tell whether it's going to work right until people start to use it. By then, of course, it's a little late to fix it.

Once created, I find these quizzes to be fun to share and fun to take. MBS readers tell me they enjoy them too so I'll probably build more quizzes (and take more spankings!) in the future.

padme said...

Thanks for doing this quiz bonnie. It was cute. I got the hair brush. :)

E., aka CrankyCat said...

Ha -- I got the strap -- my favorite! :-D

tboneslagirl said...

Great quiz Bonnie...

I got the strap too

Anonymous said...

got the paddle..both onthe quiz and Friay night!

Bonnie said...

Shyanne - That fits nicely, doesn't it?

Cranky - Welcome to MBS! I'm glad you stopped, and pleased that my quiz chose well. LOL!

LAGirl - Thanks! You've been quiet lately. I hope it's just a case of the holiday busies.

Anon - Welcome. I guess it's paddles all around.

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