Friday, December 02, 2005

How to Ask*

*Without even knowing you're asking...

Here's a story from my greatest hits collection

I had a nice day today. I worked on several little projects around the house (and even finished a couple). Then I went out in the yard to plant some bulbs. It was an uncomfortably warm afternoon, but I felt I was accomplishing a lot. As I was digging, Randy returned from the store.

He came out to see what I was doing. I was very surprised when he asked me out of the blue if I needed a spanking. My answer was elusive. I hadn't even thought about it. He pointed out that when I go out into the yard wearing such a revealing outfit, I must need something. Now, I understood. I was wearing a big shirt with white lycra leggings underneath. While I was planting, Randy's favorite part of my anatomy was no doubt prominently displayed. Honestly, I hadn't even given it a thought!

My lover guided me inside and right up to our bedroom. He grabbed our teardrop paddle and asked me to bend over. I could tell by the way he was touching me that he was turned-on. So I bent over. He didn't bother to lower the leggings. He applied the paddle twenty or thirty times. His technique was playful, but firm. It hurt, but only a little. All that protection is a rare luxury for me.

At the conclusion of the paddling, we both had the same idea. Now the troublesome leggings came down. I soon found myself lying naked on the bed. Randy took his place beside me. Twenty fingers and four lips explored as we entangled and embraced. By the time he entered me, I was fully ready for his gift. Working above me, his body rose and fell as he delicately plucked every string of my sensibilities. The resulting chords resonated within my soul. I squeezed my eyes closed as waves of bliss overtook me. As I was flying, I felt my lover also reach paradise.

Afterward, we snuggled beneath the sheets. I looked deeply into my husband’s eyes. There I saw contentment, affection, and commitment. He smiled and pulled me closer. We each whispered “I love you” before drifting off into the joy of a late afternoon nap.

I guess I hit a nerve without even trying. Next time, I plan to be far more purposeful!

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Janeen said...

I guess that kind of puts a new perspective on the phrase "reaping the rewards of what you sow". LOL

Don't mind me I have a weird sense of humor.

Very nice story, as usual.

Lisa said...

Sometimes your body knows what you need more then you do. I really enjoyed your story thanks for sharing.

poiesia said...

You wrote: "He pointed out that when I go out into the yard wearing such a revealing outfit, I must need something."

Yay Randy for tuning into your frequency!


poiesia :)

Bonnie said...

Janeen - LOL! I have that weird sense of humor as well.

Lisa - I guess you're right. The funny thing is that I was honestly going for comfort and convenience.

Poiesia - I totally agree. It's all the more amazing when he's tuned in and I'm not! In any case, it was a fun adventure.

little one said...

Wow, great story Bonnie. Like Janeen said... you DID reap what you sowed. ;) And wasn't even aware of that you were gonna. Nothing like instant gratification of reaping what you sow. LOL.

CeeCi said...

Thanks for the story Bonnie. It sounds like you and Randy got what you wanted in spades.

rivka said...

Lol.. wonderful story. :) I love those times when he's the one "tuning in," like y'all said. *G*

Bonnie said...

Little - Thanks. I knew I should have read that seed package! :)

CeeCi - You are most welcome. Hoe, Hoe, Hoe! LOL

Rivka - I'm glad you enjoyed this account. From time to time, I accuse Randy of being oblivious. On this occasion, however, I was the oblivious one, while he definitely was not.

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