Sunday, December 04, 2005

New Spanko Links

I just added a number of new blog links. I must admit that I had fallen behind in this essential administrative duty.

I'm delighted to assist kindred spirits as they embark on their blogging careers. I hope you will visit these good folks. If you find something there that you like, please tell them. I know when I began this blog, I was greatly aided by several major league spanko bloggers like SpankBoss, Tracy, Patty, Aunty, Bethie, and Annie. They gave me links and praise that translated into traffic and credibility. Were it not for their kind generousity, I might have given up on blogging. Now, it's my turn to offer a boost.



Jesse said...

thanks for the link Bonnie. You are such a doll.


CeeCi said...

Thank you for the link Bonnie. I squealed with excitement when I saw, my first link! I feel like one of the big kids now :D

Bonnie said...

Mona - You are most welcome. I know many MBS readers will love your blog.

BTW, I didn't mean to include you with the newbies. Your blog has been around a lot longer than mine. I intended to add your link and even thought I had. I have now remedied that oversight.

I look forward to reading about many more creative nights.

CeeCi - Well then, congratulations! I'm pleased to be your first link. Once folks read your blog, I believe you'll have plenty more.

Storm Rider said...

If it where anyone else Bonnie , I would say that I did'nt have the time, but for you, I WILL make the rounds!

ann regel said...

Bonnie, I appreciate you adding a link to my blog too! I enjoy your comments when you read as well. It used to feel like I was typing just for myself but with the links and counters, I feel like a legitimate blogger!

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