Thursday, December 01, 2005

Survey: Spanking, Sex, and Sequence

Which of the following scenarios best describes your preferred sequence?

Spanking first, then lovemaking
Lovemaking first, then spanking
Spanking during lovemaking
Spanking before, during, and after lovemaking
Why would I mix spanking and lovemaking?
Love me, but please don't spank me


spankergood said...

Hello Bonnie: I'm not surprised that 75%, so far, prefer "Spanking before lovemaking." Wow..what a great poll question. Love your stories, by the way..have been doing more reading of the blogs, than writing lately. The SF story was my favorite. Keep spinning those tails (oops!...I mean, TALES!)..Best wishes, SPANKERGOOD

Janeen said...

I seem to have voted in the most popular column also. I'm too tired for a spanking after sex! (not that it hasn't happened before though) LOL

Storm Rider said...

Spanking first is for-play!
Spanking after, just mor for-play if you can do it again!
Im with Janeen, to tired afterwards!

naughty_one said...

How about spanking first, spanking? ;)

Waiter, I'll take my spanking straight up!

Anonymous said...


It depends on what the Spanking is FOR!!!!


rivka said...

Before, during, and after! *weg* Under the right circumstances of course. ;) Fun poll.

Bonnie said...

Spanker - Thank you for your kind words. I do what I can to make this blog a fun destination.

I figured that spanking before lovemaking would be the most popular answer. That sequence is certainly my first preference. However, I've learned from talking to people that each couple tends to find their own path. Although we all may consider ourselves spankos, what that word means in practice varies greatly.

I really enjoy the polls because, more than anything else that happens on this blog, they shed light on you, the readers. In the future, I would like to find more ways to allow guests to participate and interact. I'm always open to suggestions, especially if they help to make MBS a better place.

Janeen - Yeah, me too.

Storm - William Shakespeare said it best: "The play's the thing." LOL!

Naughty - I believe I've ordered that dish before. It's always best when served warm! :)

Flinch - That's a great point. I'm working on a spanking 101 topic very much along those lines. I wish I had thought to be more specific in my question.

Rivka - I considered including an answer that read something like "all mixed up together such that you can't tell where the spanking ends and the lovemaking begins." But I couldn't think of a way to convey that thought more concisely. Thanks!

poiesia said...

I must be spankhorny. I chose spanking all throughout.

Thanks for sharing. :)


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