Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How Many Spankos?

OK, so how many spankos does it take to change a light bulb?

Count with me please...

That's one to give the spanking,

One to take the spanking and generously share the experience in her blog,

One to write a clever comment recalling a similar spanking,

One to get turned on and base a sexy fictional spanking story on the account,

One to write a cute poem about the implement used in the story,

One to make a fun spanking quiz,

One to insightfully analyze the whole spanking dynamic,

One to wish she had a blog,

One to wish she had a spanking,

One to post an entertaining spanking poll,

One to create a remarkably beautiful spanking picture,

One to encourage the other incredibly talented spankos,

One to speculate about spankings that were, might have been, may be again, or could someday be,

And one to wonder what it was we were trying to accomplish in the first place!

You folks inspire me every day. Thank you!


Janeen said...

LOL, I don't think we have enough spankos!

Lisa said...

I don't know, I think I might need a spanking to help me figure this one out. LOL I agree with janeen not enough spankos:)

Edward said...

Reminds me of another I heard.
How many men does it take to open a beer?None it better be open when she brings it to me or there will be a spanking tonight.Now which paddle to use hmmmmmmmm!!!!!

little one said...

You said: "You folks inspire me every day. Thank you!"

I have to wonder who inspires whom here. :) I would say you're the "influence". LOL.

Cute post Bonnie! I REALLY needed a giggle this morning. Thank you for providing that.

E., aka CrankyCat said...

Hey, waitaminnit... All those spankos, and the freakin' light bulb still isn't changed!

Ever practical, that's me... :-)

Bonnie said...

Janeen - There are more spankos in this world than I ever could have imagined during the dark days before internet. Even now, I am simply amazed by the popularity of our favorite sport.

As we drag spankoism (!) out of the shadows, I have little doubt that more people will come forward and say, "Yeah, I like that too."

Lisa - Couldn't hurt, and we know just the guy for the job!

Edward - Is it really that simple?

Little - Yes, I absolutely meant that. People inspire me in different ways. Some give me ideas. Some make me think. Others leave me in awe with the beauty they create. Still others pick me up with their enthusiasm. Words of encouragement from you and many other friends mean so much to me. This blog was originally for me, but more and more, I do it for all of you as well.

Cranky - Hmmm. I guess we got distracted and forgot. Oh well. I guess we know that that means... :)

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