Wednesday, December 07, 2005

How I Spell R-E-L-I-E-F

I wish I had time this evening to finish the new story I'm writing, but I don't. Here's a crimson classic in the meantime.

I've certainly got a little color in my cheeks tonight. I signed on for a world class tail warming. What I got was all that and more.

Last night, I told Randy what I wanted in no uncertain terms. It had been a week since my last spanking adventure and I was, frankly, going a little nuts. Since our daughter was working until 10pm, tonight would be our opportunity to make up for lost time. As I left for work this morning, he gave me a quick swat with his hand on the back of my skirt. "That" he said, "is a down payment for later." It didn't hurt, but it definitely focused my mind on the events to come.

As usual, I arrived home a couple hours before my husband. To say he works flexible hours is an understatement. I hoped he wouldn't be too late tonight. After all, we had an appointment. As I sat and read my e-mail, my mind was clearly upon my fate. I was ready, or so I kept telling myself.

When Randy came home (a few minutes early!), he found me at the computer. I was doing a pretty lousy job of acting nonchalant. With a musical ring to his voice, Randy said, "Whooooo wants a paddling?" "I do, I do." I replied waving my hand like a fool above my head. With that, he took my hand and led me up the stairs to our bedroom.

He must have known I was in serious need because he dispensed with usual fun and games. He had me stand in front of the bed, bent at the waist. He raised my skirt, and then lowered my pantyhose and underwear. Without any delay at all, he retrieved the tear-shaped paddle from the toy drawer and positioned himself along my left side.

With the palm of his left hand situated in the small of my back, I sensed the paddle being raised in preparation for the first blow. "So, Bonnie wants a paddling?" he taunted. As he uttered the final word, he punctuated it with a powerful swat. "You really need this, don't you?" Again the paddle fell - this time upon the opposite side. If he wanted to impress me with how hard he could swing, I was impressed. Besides, everything he said was true.

He began alternating sides while maintaining an excruciatingly slow, steady pace. All the while, he reminded of my words from last night. "Do you deserve this?" (Swat!) "Yes, I do." (Swat!) After about ten minutes of this banter and batter, I was really, really hurting. But I had made a promise to myself to graciously accept all of the attention he wanted to give me. I could tell from his breathing that he was working hard. If his goal was to leave me totally drained, he succeeded. After a few more solid whacks, finally, it was over.

Without removing my clothes, Randy rolled me onto my back at the edge of the bed. My legs went straight up. He pressed his face between my thighs beneath my half-mast pantyhose. As soon as his tongue touched me, I shuddered with a sexual release that went on and on and on. After a few delightful minutes of this entertainment, he undressed me and took me right on that spot at the edge of the bed. If ever I wanted him more, I couldn't recall the occasion. Come to think of it, at that moment, I couldn't recall a lot of things! It was just fantastic!

Now he's asleep and I'm still awake. Sore doesn't begin to describe the state of my poor bottom. But what you just read is precisely what I craved. Maybe I’m crazy for wanting such a thing. But at least I can find satisfaction in my insanity.

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Lisa said...

Oh How I know those moments. Isn't it great to get what you want. Thanks for sharing.

Edward said...

I know somebody else who likes it with no warm up prep!Of course I'm not saying who.:)

little one said...

Glad you got what you needed Bonnie. :)If this thing we do is insane (which it's then yes, there is satisfaction in insanity. :)

Storm Rider said...

Bonnie , you always amaze me at your writing skills!
I dont know how you do it but when reading it, it makes me feel as if I'm the one spanking you!
It says something for your writing though!
(That is no disrespect to you and Randy, its your writing that amazes me!)

Janeen said...

That was a great telling of the adventure. I especially liked it because it had a discipline feel to it, but that's just more of my perversion showing. ;)

Bonnie said...

Lisa - When ya need it, ya need it. There's just no good substitute.

Edward - Let the record show that I've never objected to a nice warm up. It just doesn't happen around here very often.

Little - Welcome to the asylum. Lunacy loves company!

Storm - I don't mind if Wind doesn't.

Janeen - Thanks. I guess I'm a pervert too, because I loved it.

Gandalf said...

What you received was wonderful because you got what you wanted and needed and Randy enjoyed giving and getting his needs too. YOu are am amazing writer and as a man who is a switch I see both sides -- WOW it just stuns me that you actually get what you want and need. Let the JOY continue and thanks for sharing.

Bonnie said...

Gandalf - Welcome to MBS! I'm glad you stopped by.

Randy and I have enjoyed our life together for more than twenty years. It's a wonderous thing. I encounter many people who are still searching for the right partner, or the right kind of relationship, or the right lifestyle. Many, I think, will find it (or at least a close approximation). Some, alas, may not. I am very aware of how fortunate we are to be able to live out our fantasies through one another.

I'm pleased that you enjoy my writing. There's plenty more coming soon.

BTW, I love LOTR!

little one said...

You wrote: "Welcome to the asylum. Lunacy loves company!"

OK, I'm in!! :) There's also something to be said for satisfaction in perversion too. LOL!

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