Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bonnie's Spanko New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of the year again. It's out with the old and in with the new. Accordingly, I've made a dozen resolutions. As you might imagine, most of them concern the spanko side of my life.

  1. I will remember that Randy is in charge of my spankings

  2. I will bare my bottom and assume the position upon the first request

  3. I will not tempt my husband to remind me that spankings are supposed to hurt

  4. I will stick out my bottom promptly when instructed to do so

  5. After agreeing that I need a spanking, I will not change my mind halfway through

  6. I will give more oral sex

  7. I will not hide hated spanking implements

  8. I will wear more sexy outfits for his pleasure

  9. I will accept all the spankings I deserve

  10. I will offer my body freely for his use

  11. I will continue to explore my submission

  12. I will post my adventures in this blog

So, can I keep these resolutions? Does it matter that Randy bet me a spanking I can't. Either way, I suspect the result will be pretty much the same.

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little one said...

Wonderful resolutions Bonnie. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2006 brings all the happiness your heart desires, and of course spankings abound. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me!!!


Storm Rider said...

ROFLMFO! I cant help it Bonnie, most of what you wrote just cracked me up!
I gotta see how THIS bet ends!

Marcus said...

All of your resolutions sound easy to follow. ;) Just let us know how long it takes to break one. Hehe.

ann regel said...

Your resolutions are cute. It reminds me that I am supposed to be submissive to my spankings. So often I am anything but submissive. That is why I am learning.

Thanks for your list. I may need to incorporate some of these into my own resolutions. There is one exception, however: I WILL CONTINUE TO HIDE THE SPANKING IMPLEMENTS THAT I HATE THE MOST.

A girl has to have limits, right?

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

I'm sure you can make it!!!

Janeen said...

I love your list! I'm chuckled to myself that you also hide the dreaded spanking implements. LOL

I'm still searching for a way to hide busther, but it's so big I just can't find a proper hiding place!

CeeCi said...

Bonnie- Great list, and good luck keeping them all!!:) It looks like many of us are guilty of hiding the implements we dread...The Red Devil Spatula is still secure in it's hiding spot, and when asked where it is...I smile sweetly, but say nothing, which then leads to a longer spanking...Happy New Year, All!

wind walker said...

i loved, loved your list....

i never thought of hiding implements....brilliant!!!

which really wouldn't work for me since he has me bring him the implements...but still....that sounds so cool....

good luck with your resolutions...

Bonnie said...

Little - Thank you for the lovely holiday greetings. I wish for you the very best of everything in the new year.

Anon - Thanks, and welcome to My Bottom Smarts!

Storm - I'm pleased that I entertain you. I don't really know precisely how the bet will end, but I suspect it may involve me staring at the carpet! (Is that a spot? Ow! Hey! Wait a minute...)

Marcus - I'm waiting for the final tally, but I think I have already broken one. I plan to argue that they don't officially go into effect until January 1st.

Smart - Hide while you still can!

Sea - I appreciate your confidence. Some of these, like #6, are pretty easy. A few of the others are going to be a challenge.

Janeen - Have you considered the fireplace?

CeeCi - You know, there's nothing worse than an unclean spankula. I find the best way to clean them is to place them in the very bottom of the dishwasher next to that little wire thingy.

"Smell? What smell?"

Wind - I don't think I would try hiding implement if I were you. I picture Storm just finding something worse.

rivka said...

Rofl.. loved your list, you have to let us know how the bet goes! *G*

jade said...

Dear Bonnie,

I apologize for cursing you for these resolutions that my beloved beau decided would be good for me to resolve to, also. I do not hate you and I do not think you should have never been born. Please forgive my insolence. These comments earned me three trips across his knee with the dreaded bath brush, as I am stubborn and slow to give up my foolish pride.

These are good resolutions that I will accept openly and honestly and strive to the best of my ability to acheive. I wish you luck in acheiving them as well and health and prosperity in the new year.

Thank you very much for your blog and for these resolutions, which are wonderful insights into appropriate behavior.


jade said...

Rats! I can't leave well enough alone. I earned a 4th spanking with that brush and it broke! At least something good came out of this. Well, other good things came too....

Bonnie said...

Rivka - Thanks. You can be sure I'll let everyone know about my progress.

Jade - Oooh. (cringe) So sorry. Broke a bath brush? That can't be good.

Under the circumstances, I can hardly blame you for whatever you might have said. I never expected my resolutions would be applied to anyone else.

I hope your good things continue as your bad things recede.

Lisa said...

I like your goals and some of those happen to be mind too. I look forward to reading your blog in 2006.

Bonnie said...

Lisa - Best wishes to you and Edward in 2006!

jade said...

Well, mostly it's all in good fun! My fault for emailing my beau the link to your resolutions! ;) Still, I'll be standing at the computer for a few days....

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