Sunday, November 06, 2005

Story: Lynne’s Resolution

This is the fifth installment of a continuing story. If you're just joining us, it might make more sense if start at the beginning.

Lynne’s muted voice was barely audible above the din created by air rushing past the cabin window at four hundred miles per hour. She leaned toward her husband to prevent her words from being intercepted by other passengers just a few feet away.

“Thank you, honey,” she said quietly, but with conviction. Mark wasn’t precisely certain for what she was grateful, but he smiled and gently caressed her shoulder length russet hair.

She placed her head against his sturdy shoulder. It wasn’t much of a pillow, but to Lynne, it felt good to be close, even aboard a cramped aircraft. This was her new husband, companion, and soul mate. He now knew her mostly closely held secret. Better still, he didn’t recoil or run. Mark was neither intimidated nor disgusted.

He didn’t fully understand, but after the past few days, maybe she didn’t either. What was this genie they had released from its bottle? The spankings awoke within both partners a carnal hunger they barely knew they possessed. Lynne smiled at the prospect of years of exciting sexual experimentation as she snuggled closer to her dear spouse.


“Oh, I was just thinking…”

“Should I be worried?”

“No, on the contrary. You should be pleased.”

“OK, I’ll bite. What exactly were you thinking?”

“Well, I shouldn’t really say too much with all these people around. But…”

“But what, Lynne?”

“But I think we need to buy a paddle when we get home.” The word paddle was mouthed more than spoken. Nevertheless, her message was received.

“I have no idea where to purchase such a thing.”

“I’ve seen some nice looking ones on the Web.”

“So, you’ve been planning this spanking business for quite some time?” Mark’s tone revealed not accusation, but curiosity.

Lynne looked around nervously at the blatant public mention of that most closeted buzzword. So far as she could determine, no one had overhead Mark’s faux pas.

“Not planning, so much as dreaming…” Her voice tailed off toward the end of the sentence almost suggesting the dream was still in progress.

“When should we use this new acquisition? Just before lovemaking, or other times too?”

“Use it when you want to turn me on, when you think it will help me, or when I ask.”


Lynne spoke quickly now, firing words like bullets from a machine gun. “Absolutely. I recognize this subject is all new to you. But I’ve had years to ponder it. I’ve always been interested in you-know-what. Now we’ve tried it, I am totally hooked on that feeling.”

Mark chuckled, “Yeah, I can tell.”

“So if we buy that, um, implement, would you be willing to use it?”

“Lynne, if it brings the kind of exquisite pleasure we enjoyed this week, feel free to bring home the entire paddle factory.”


“What’d I say?”

“Never mind.”

While this honeymoon trip was incredibly memorable, it was exhausting as well. Lynne yearned to simply sleep in a bed again. Mark would have been satisfied to find just one restful position in the narrow coach seat. Seeing him struggle, Lynne reached over and began to rub his muscular back. She knew her man was uncomfortable. Her massaging hands transferred the boundless affection she felt for her lover. Lynne resolved to fulfill his every need and make real his fantasies.

After all, Mark had granted her fondest wish. The genuine experience was more intense than even her vivid imagination could have foretold.

“Thank you, honey.”

A grin crossed Mark’s handsome face. “You’re welcome, love. All you need to do is ask.”

(The end, at least for now…)

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wind walker said...

awesome story!!!

i loved it!!

tboneslagirl said...

Thank you..... Wonderful job!!!

little one said...

Loved it, loved it, loved it. Another great one Bonnie. :) Thank you!!!

padme said...

Very good story bonnie! Thanks. Your a really good writer!

Janeen said...

Thank you Bonnie. It was very good. I know you said it was based on the truth, I have to say the transition was very smooth, our first few spanking attempts were awkward, and did not have the desired effect. It took us some time to feel comfortable enough to enjoy ourselves. I admire that your characters seemed to ease right into the transition.

Bonnie said...

Thanks, everybody. I haven't written much fiction in recent years. My professional work is strictly non-fiction and I always feel more comfortable in that realm. In any case, I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it.

Janeen - The backpacking elements of the story are based upon a trip we took years ago. The characters, relationship, and conversations are fictional.

Incidentally, I had a specific objective when I wrote this story. Most spanking fiction seems to portray female characters as lacking emotional control, common sense, self-reliance, and/or any understanding of their own needs. Frankly, these one dimensional characters don't remind me of the spanko women I know. I wanted to present a capable, intelligent young woman who willingly chooses spanking and submission. Her reward is greater fulfillment and a more complete relationship.

Most couples do experience bumps in the road, but this story is basically a romance. I sought to highlight this couple's figurative and literal voyage of exploration.

I have an account I wrote about the first time Randy spanked me. I think it's pretty funny. I'll dig it up and post it this week.

Have a great week!

Storm Rider said...

Very well done Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,
I found your site a couple of days ago and have just finished reading all of your posts. The words that you write express so many of my feelings. Thanks! This story was great.

Bonnie said...

Storm - Thank you. I know you are aman with high standards, so praise from you is to be treasured.

Anon - Thanks, and welcome to MBS. I'm glad you found words here that are meaningful. I created this site to share my thoughts and feelings with the world. I send my text out into the ether. I know this page is read by more than a thousand people per day, but only a tiny small fraction provide any feedback. It's good to hear sometimes that my stories strike a resonent chord with my readers.

I encourage you to stay tuned, because there is more to come.

Lisa said...

well done bonnie, I really enjoyed this story. It reminded me of why I asked to be spanked. Yes it is a bit of a process for us to figure out what works best but at the same time a whole lot fun. I currently have a wish list of spanking toys that I want in my toy box now.

Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed the subject and want to add this comment; spanking also is valuable between married couples for punishment when consentually agreed between man and wife. acts which upset the mate can quickly clear the air with getting a real old fashioned treatment administered otk, bare, using a hairbrush. it works and sure beats long drawn out arguments followed by hours of silemce. try it!

Handsdown said...

This is an absolutely wonderful, masterfully written, totally romantic adventure that leaves the reader knowing that the ending is really just the beginning.

Two cheeks up for this one.

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