Monday, November 28, 2005

Spanking 101: Choose Your Implement

Most couples begin their spanking adventures using the implement that nature supplied us. The hand, quite conveniently, is the ideal first implement. It’s portable, difficult to lose, always ready, comparatively safe, and requires no cover story. Better still, a human hand is more intimate than any inanimate implement could ever be.

Unfortunately, hands are also delicate and ill-suited to administering severe spankings. Spanking implements spare the hand while treating the recipient’s bottom somewhat less charitably. For a serious spanking, an effective implement is a practical necessity. The purpose of this article is aid neophytes in the evaluation and selection of spanking implements.

As we consider implements, I believe it is important to recognize that there are few absolutes. Some implements tend to yield more severe damage than others. However, those same serious implements, in the proper hands, can be used to generate a very erotic effect. At the same time, even novelty spanking implements can be used to deliver a very serious spanking.

In addition, recipients vary in terms of their preferences and sensitivity. Their ability to absorb a spanking may depend upon many factors beyond the implement selected and the severity of the spanking. A responsible spanker will adjust his approach accordingly.

For the purpose of categorization, I divide implements based upon their flexibility and the sensation they produce (sting versus thud). A flexible implement is one that bends when it strikes the bottom. A belt is one example. The noise produced is a distinctive crack. It causes an intense burn. A rigid implement, such as a paddle, tends not to deform upon impact. Its impact makes a concussive thwack sound.

A stingy implement works primarily at the skin level to generate warmth, redness, and immediate discomfort. A thuddy implement, in contrast, works primarily upon deeper tissues causing a persisting ache and possibly bruising. By considering these two characteristics, we can classify spanking implements.

As you can see, common implements fit a wide assortment of situations and requirements. Here are my brief impressions of each of these implement types:

Cane: Very stingy and very effective. Can cause nasty skin damage if used carelessly or excessively.

Switch: The cane’s country cousin. The irregular surface makes cuts and abrasions even more likely.

Slapper: A small, thin leather paddle-like implement. Stiffer than a strap, but more flexible than a paddle. Leaves recipient’s bottom bright red and stinging. A personal favorite.

Belt: Can be glorious or hideous depending upon usage.

Strap: Many sizes with varying effectiveness. Mostly sting.

Single tail whip: Not for newbies. Can easily cut the skin. Serious marks.

Hairbrush: Classic domestic discipline implement. Good mix of sting and thud. Works well OTK. Plastic hairbrushes with rubber domes are useless for spanking. Look for solid wood.

Bathbrush: Similar to hairbrush, but longer handle generates a more intense strike.

Leather paddle: Different sizes and shapes available. Delicious blend of sting and thud.

Wooden paddle: Best thud. Various sizes yield different intensities and work in different positions. Be careful with holes.

Flogger: Can be light or heavy depending upon design. Nice change of pace.

There are few simple answers. The best way for couples to determine what works best for them is through experimentation. Start slow and build up the force gradually. During such tests, it is especially critical that the spanker be aware of his partner’s reactions and welfare. Once you are both familiar with an implement and the spankee’s reaction to it, the spanker can feel more free to swing away.

Have fun, but please be safe!



little one said...

Another insightful piece Bonnie. Wish I'd had you when I was a "newbie". :) Have a great day.

Bonnie said...


My sincere hope is that these articles will help some folks who are just beginning the journey.


dwcmike said...

Very useful summary. I imagine I will ask that my wife buy a slapper as a Christmas present for me, but probably it will be me buying the item. I will put another link to this article for people to read.
bottoms up

Edward said...

Thank you yes you have helped us.I'm just learning how to do this for my wife.

Janeen said...

I love your spanking 101's they are always so well written, I can tell a lot goes into them.

I know they help many couples who have the interest but don't know where to start.

CeeCi said...

This "newbie" truly appreciates your words of wisdom. Thank you so much for the 101's. btw, another "newbie" thing, I've added you to my links list, just figured out how yesterday.

CaneMaster said...

Great web site I really enjoyed looking at it. If you folks are ever looking for new spanking toys or canes check out

Enjoy the season

Dave said...

I am very new to spanking and wanted to say thank you for your assistence. My finance told me of this site and it has become required reading. Again, ty muchly

Anonymous said...

this information help me to initatei spanking for pinishing consentually when needed. we sometimes oreviously wasted hours of unpleasant arguments abd silence getting nowhere to living a happy life. once the plan was put into use the misdoing was handled wiyh a hairbrush turnung the bare bottom red. painful bit quick is the solution. try it.

Lele said...

What about a spatula? (or as I prefer to call it, The Splatula). It's made of plastic; one side is concave and one has the handle protruding.

It produces quite a sting and burn, although I wouldn't call it a flexible implement. And unless used with continuous force, doesn't leave deep damage.

Just out of curiosity, where would you classify it?

Anonymous said...

Economical and fun implements include drumsticks, plastic hangers, kids' plastic bats,
plastic drapery rods, bungee cords,
fishing rods. I found that electrical cords and wire hangers hurt too much and leave deep purple-black welts. Wooden hangers result in more of a thud than a sting. Plastic hangers are great:superb stinging and juicy red marks
without bruising or real damage.
And don't forget wet towels like in the swimming locker room at the public pool, but only
if your partner has great aim.
My pattern of yells- 5 lick cycles:
1. ow that hurts
2. ow that stings
3. ouch,ouch, ouch- that kills!!!!
4. yeow my ass!!!!
5. aohhhh please no more!
I cry if I want to cry. Generally, I won't force the tears but I won't fight them either. Some sincere crying is cathartic.

sixofthebest said...

My favorite spanking implement to be used on a woman's bare bottom is the cane. That's why and how I chose my name.

Jack Jill said...

Dear Bonnie
Your site is just a treasure trove of information!
Good info for DD newbies. Learned alot from positions and implements!
Will be back for next lesson soon!
Thanks for sharing all your expertise with us.
Jack's Jill

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