Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Poem: Spank Me

I know it's pretty early for poetry, but I couldn't sleep.

Spank me when I lie in bed
Spank me when I don’t
Spank me when I talk too much
Spank me so I won’t

Spank me when I’m a good wife
Spank me when I’m bad
Spank me well my whole life
Spank me ‘til I’m glad

Spank me with your leather strap
Spank me with your wood
Spank me lying ‘cross your lap
Spank me as you should

Spank me when I’m a sweet gal
Spank me when I bitch
Spank me when I’m your best pal
Spank me, scratch my itch

Spank me on my rosy rump
Spank me in the yard
Spank me, I’ll try not to jump
Spank me really hard

Spank me in the upstairs hall
Spank me in the dirt
Spank me with toys big or small
Spank me, make it hurt

Spank me soundly through and through
Spank me ‘cuz I’m brave
There’s something that I need from you
…and it’s not Burma Shave!



little one said...

LOL Bonnie, that was too good!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

dwcmike said...

Love your poetry. Most people who have the need to be spanked by their loved one can relate to the poem completely. I will send a copy to my wife, giving you credit, with only the change of gender from female to male.

Storm Rider said...

LMAO! I wonder what Santas giving you for X-Mas?

shhhh said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for that.

padme said...

Great poem bonnie. :)

Bonnie said...

Little - Thanks. This was a bit of fun to liven up an otherwise dull week. If Randy's last phone call is any indication, things around may get very lively very soon!

Mike - Please use this poem as you please with my compliments.

Storm - I seriously doubt I'll have to wait that long!

Shhhh and Shyanne - Thank you. It's funny. I didn't even start out to write a poem. I just sat down at the computer and the words began to flow.

Lisa said...

Thank you for that wonderful poem. Every bit is true.

Janeen said...

Very good poem, I can't even think that early in the morning let alone come up with something so clever. LOL

expei said...

omg i have trouble even thinking let alone poetry and spanking peotry too - canfeel the burn

wind walker said...

if this was a song, it would be many ladies theme song of choice!!

this was an excellent poem. i totally related to every verse!!

spankergood said...

Beautiful!!!! Love that poem, Bonnie. Hit me BABY, one more TIME!...(sorry, Britney! couldn't resist!)..Your poem gave me a CHUCKLE today. Just wonderful.

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