Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fifty Everyday Spanking Implements

I joke about Randy being an innovative spanker, but he truly is. Last night, I bet him that I could name fifty everyday items with which he’s spanked me over the years. As you see below, I won the bet.

Randy’s Fifty Everyday Spanking Implements
  1. Bath brush
  2. Belt
  3. Billiard cue
  4. Bungee cord
  5. Canoe paddle
  6. Cribbage board
  7. Cutting board
  8. Dildo
  9. Dinner plate
  10. Dog leash
  11. Draw rod for blinds
  12. Driving glove
  13. Flag pole
  14. Flyswatter
  15. Frying pan
  16. Garden hose
  17. Golf club
  18. Hardback book
  19. Lint brush
  20. Lubricant tube
  21. Luggage strap
  22. Magazine
  23. Mixing spoon
  24. Newspaper
  25. Nutcracker
  1. Paddle ball paddle
  2. Paint stirrer
  3. PC ribbon cable
  4. Pepper mill
  5. Ping pong paddle
  6. Plank
  7. Plastic hairbrush
  8. Plastic soda bottle
  9. PVC pipe
  10. Salad spoon
  11. Scrub brush
  12. Slipper
  13. Spatula
  14. Tennis racket
  15. Tennis shoe
  16. Towel
  17. Tree branch
  18. Trowel
  19. TV remote control
  20. TV tray
  21. Wall hanging
  22. Washer outlet hose
  23. Wooden hairbrush
  24. Wooden hanger
  25. Yardstick

The payoff will have to wait for the weekend, but it promises to be something special!



wind walker said...

that's a fun bet to win!!

very creative!!!

Storm Rider said...

A TROWEL!!! My hats off sweety! Thats right up there!!

padme said...

lol. Wow, what a list bonnie...
sounds like you've been spanked with almost everything....

Bonnie said...

Wind - Wait until you hear what I won!

Storm - Yeah, it was a garden trowel. Fortunately for me, I was wearing jeans at the time.

Shyanne - I don't think for a moment that Randy has exhausted all of his ideas. He continues to surprise me.

Janeen said...

OUCH! I'm rubbing my bottom as I read these. LOL

A billiard Cue? Please share that one with us sometime. ;)

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

Olala... this is a non stop ass beating!!!! I wonder what clour you are right now.... Wow!!! Impressive list for me who never got spank more than 5 to 8 slaps with the hand...;-)))

Bonnie said...


These items run the whole gamut from frightening to freaky to ridiculous. The cue stick episode happened in a friend's basement many years ago. We were there to watch a movie. They had a pool table. The cue sticks came in two pieces that screwed together in the middle.

While the friends were upstairs preparing a snack, Randy decided it would be fun to grab the smaller half and use it on my posterior like a cane. He bent me right over the table. Had our friends come down the steps at that moment, I don't know what I would have done. He only stuck my bottom five or six times, but it was plenty effective.

Later in the evening, Randy made a point of noting in front of everyone that my pants had somehow picked up some blue chalk on the seat. (Sigh) That's why I love him, I guess...

Bonnie said...


Fortunately (for me), it took Randy twenty plus years to accumulate this list. In fact, many of my most serious spankings came courtesy of designated spanking implements (like paddles) that aren't on this list.

For me, the effectiveness of a spanking depends more upon the mind of the spankee than then the actual physical spanking. I've had hard spankings that had no meaningful effect and comparatively gentle hand spankings that totally changed my mood.

Ideally, the best spanking is the one that provides maximum benefit with minimum damage. I see the pain as merely a necessary byproduct of bigger objectives such as bonding, communication, and emotional release. I sometimes wish I could achieve that contented state without the pain, but it just doesn't work that way, at least for me.

CeeCi said...

That's quite the list...and in alphabetical order too. No wonder I enjoy reading your posts. I'm curious about the 'flag pole'. How'd Randy get it out of the ground? I have visions of "Stars and Stripes Forever."

Anonymous said...

What? No pick axe handle?

Bonnie said...

Ceeci: Yep, I got it with Ole Glory. It was a small flag of the type used to decorate graves. The shaft was probably between two and three feet in length and maybe a half inch in diameter. Randy held the flag part and used the pole end to toast my bottom. It hurt more than I would ever have suspected. There's just nothing like fireworks for Independence Day.

Anon - Nope, but he did tease me with a spreader bar device he made.

closetfreak said...

great shopping list

RedNU said...

At first I was impressed, but as I started going down the list I had to sit here mentally going "yep, tried that...tried that...that one too...yep..."

Won't say I didn't get a few untried ideas from it though *evil smirk*

Gotta fill in the gaps by having Randy use a plastic hanger and plastic spoon (oversights, I'm sure). I also recommend he find the dowel rod section in Wal-Mart and experiment with various diameters for added variety. Phone cord (careful to guard against cutting the skin though) and the starter pulley belt from my car also proved to be a surprise spanking find (think dog leash, only rubber so it stings a bit different...conveniently comes already doubled over for easy home application...)

Bonnie said...

Closet - Thanks, and welcome to MBS!

Rednu - I think Randy has a fine supply of clever spanking ideas. At least he never seems to be at a loss for objects he can use to roast my rear.

We've played with rubber toys before. You're right. They provide a different (read: extra painful) sting.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Lisa said...

Just recently felt the heat of the bath brush, Oh my I don't think I want my hubby to see some of these other on my list YIKES. Thanks for sharing your list.

dwcmike said...

This impressive list assures you that your bottom can be spanked at any time when it is merited, or just for the hell of it.
I was truly impressed by your response to Jo, which in essence are my thoughts on spanking. The spanking solves the problem, gives a release for the emotions, and results in better communication, bonding, and a far deeper and stronger love for my wife.
My wife has not yet started to experiment beyond a few very effective kitchen implements.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bonnie, any good tips for someone who wants to give their boyfriend a toasted bottom? He told me he never had a spanking before and wants to know why only I have all the fun. I feel for him and I want him to have this wonderful experience, but I think it might prove to be a bit difficult considering he is bigger than I am. If I wiggle a little bit he can hold me, I'm not to sure I can hold him quite as steady.

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