Monday, November 14, 2005

Free Range Fantasy

Our friend Janeen has placed on the table a fascinating offer. She would like readers to share their favorite spanking fantasies. From the fantasies submitted, Janeen and her husband, Will, will select several to re-enact. She will then post on her site a written account complete with photographs!

I think this idea sounds like great fun for everyone involved (especially Will and Janeen). I encourage spankos to send in those wild scenarios.


Storm Rider said...

Bonnie, Im staring at that pic and I dont know wether to be excited or hungry? What is the pic of sweety? (I have a rotten veiwer at work)

Bonnie said...

Storm - That's a misty forest morning, colorized to match the decor. In my twisted mind, you can't have a good fantasy without a little mist.

Feel free to be excited, hungry, or confused as the mood strikes!

I hope your back is improving.

padme said...

I've already submitted my fantasy (and Master Anakin's) to Will and janeen...big smile

I can't wait to see what fantasies they decide on...

Janeen said...

Thanks for the help Bonnie, I'm hoping to get some juicy fantasies to share with everyone. ;)

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