Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Payoff

I mentioned last week a friendly wager between Randy and me. I bet him I could name fifty everyday items that he has adapted over the years for use as spanking implements. He thought about it for a moment and then dubbed the proposal preposterous. There was simply no way there could be fifty. He accepted my wager. The stakes, as you’ve probably guessed, involved spankings. If he won, he could paddle me silly with any piece of lumber he could manage to hoist to his shoulder. However, my reward, if I won, would be a first class good girl spanking with all the trimmings.

Well, I did name fifty and posted them here. There was some discussion about whether I could count both plastic hairbrush and wooden hairbrush. I pointed out that not only were these two separate implements, we’ve have a lot more than just a single wooden hairbrush over the years (in fact, we’ve broken more than one!). Eventually, Randy conceded that I did indeed have fifty legitimate examples.

Friday was our designated night. I had hinted earlier in the week that I expected something special. Actually, it wasn’t exactly a hint (because hints don’t register with most guys). It was perhaps more like a suggestion. Randy, true to form, played it cool. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re due to get your butt beat,” he said, sounding absolutely serious. You don’t live with someone for well over two decades without learning when they’re bluffing. He was bluffing, or at least so I hoped.

On Friday evening, I arrived home before him as usual. I puttered around with housework, answered some e-mail messages, and scanned my favorite blogs. There was no need for me to be nervous, but I was. This was supposed to be a spanking I wanted. This was my husband who I dearly love. Why on Earth should I feel so ambivalent about it? I had, at that moment, more questions than answers. Finally, I sat down and watched some television until Randy returned from work.

“Hi honey!” he exclaimed as he emerged energetically from the basement. He wore a silly grin that spoke volumes. He was ready to play and I had better get ready. I mumbled something about maybe wanting dinner first, but I didn’t have an opportunity to finish the thought. He swept me upstairs to our bedroom.

We disrobed in record time. Randy sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned me to join him. I lowered my torso down upon his lap. He adjusted my location, no doubt to assure an optimal spanking trajectory. I was in the classic OTK punishment position. All that remained, I thought, was the actual spanking itself.

Randy, however, had other ideas. He didn’t begin with a brisk smack, but rather started by rubbing and kneading my gluteus maximus. As he massaged, he told me how beautiful he thought my bottom was. As soon as I began to wonder what might be next, his fingers strayed into my crevice. These were fingers that knew well all the pleasure points of a woman. My response was as involuntary as it was inevitable. Before long, I was lustily riding his fingers. My breath was short and quick. Without benefit of a single spank, I was charged up and ready for action.

Only when I started calling his name did my Prince Charming begin spanking me with his firm palm. The swats were hard, but nicely spaced. I was able to savor the sizzle briefly before the next whack arrived. Periodically, he would stop long enough to check my state of arousal. Each time, he praised me for the conditions he found. “I absolutely love it that you crave this.” There are many responses I could have offered, but for once, I had nothing to say. I was too caught up in the spicy sensuality of the spanking and a sexual longing that was growing without bounds.

Randy spanked deliberately for another ten minutes or so. He punctuated many of the swats with a hard squeeze afterward. When he decided my session had reached completion, he reached between my legs and instructed me to climax for him. His insistent rubbing took me there and back. I grabbed the bedspread tightly in my fists as my entire body quaked with orgasmic release.

He next rolled me off, stood up, and positioned me on my back with my stinging bottom right at the edge of the bed. His hands pulled my ankles into the air and far apart. He next stepped between my legs and pulled me toward him. In an instant, his rigid manhood was within me. This position is superb because it allows Randy to deliver strong, deep thrusts. It didn’t take much of this vigorous pounding before I again found myself drifting into that misty paradise. Randy finished soon after, punctuated by a deep moan of satisfaction.

Exhausted, my man fell on top of me and we rested there for several minutes. Eventually, we decided to snuggle under the covers. His gentle caresses and whispered words made me feel thoroughly loved. Ultimately, we fell asleep in our romantic embrace.

In gambling, as in life, I sure got lucky!

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padme said...

Hot story bonnie! :) Thanks for sharing.

Janeen said...

That sounded fun, are you looking for other things you can bet on now? LOL

Lisa said...

Puts a whole new meaning to betting in my book. Man what a hot night, one worth winning in my book.

dwcmike said...

Great hot experience. Now I eagerly await reading the bad girl story, because at some time you will be that bad girl. :>

little one said...

Awww, what a beautifully hot story Bonnie. Sounds like fun to me!! Thanks for sharing. :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Bonnie said...

Shyanne - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my tale.

Janeen - We bet about things from time to time. I may be adventurous, but I'm not foolhardy. There is a limit to how much risk I am willing to accept.

Lisa - Thanks. It was very hot. Randy refers to this game as "You bet your ass." That's pretty close to the truth.

Mike - Bad? Moi?

Little - Thank you. It was definitely fun. He had more juicy dialog than I recorded, but I was in a mental place where I honestly can't recall exactly what he said. Of course, Randy can't either. Oh well.

Thanksgiving was good, albeit tiring. Happily, it's over (and now, on to Christmas!) :)

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