Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Polls are Open

Bonnie's Blog Survey
What you like like to see on My Bottom Smarts?

Erotic spanking accounts
Erotic spanking fiction
Discussion of spanking in relationships
Discussion of spanking techniques and implements
Discussion of submission
Other erotic discussion
Discussion of regular life events



Bonnie said...

Thanks, everybody! I appreciate your interest and your input.

For the time being, I'll keep giving you more of the same. If you have any specific requests, write them as a comment and I will try to accommodate them.

Linda said...


Iim not sure you'll get this since it's January 2006, BUT I just found this awesome blog and began reading it from the beginning. You're wonderful and I love all that you have sahred with us so far. I cannot possibly choose only one of the options for this, so I felt compelled to write. I choose all of the above. You write very well and I love reading everything you have written.

Thanks for your time and effort.


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