Sunday, October 02, 2005

Anatomy of a Spanking

Sometimes I grow tired of the delivering the usual spankologue. This time, I decided to provide a different perspective. There is only one other meaningful viewpoint on my spankings. I wrote the following story in my usual format. Then I gave a copy to my husband, Randy, to get his thoughts and impressions. We talked about it and then I added his insights. I hope this story is fun for you! I certainly was for us.

On Friday evening, Randy came home early (for him anyway). He knew I wanted to play based upon an earlier conversation. Our daughter was out of the house attending a school function. He caught me in front of the computer. "Are you reading those spanking blogs again?" he inquired. Obviously, I was. "Does that mean you're thinking about spanking?" I told him he was correct. How was I going to hide a thing like that? He asked me to accompany him upstairs. He intended to apply a paddle to my behind.

He walked behind me as we climbed the steps. All the way up, his hands were attached to the seat of my jeans. He says the sight and feel of my bottom are a tremendous turn-on for him. When we arrived in our bedroom, I promptly disrobed. There seemed no cause for procrastination. I was ready for whatever. Randy says he loves his aggressive, sexy wife. As soon as my clothes were gone, I began on his. Down came his pants and underwear. With this, I used my mouth to demonstrate my level of interest. Randy thought this move was positively mind-blowing (that's really what he said!).

When he regained his wits, he removed the tear-shaped paddle from the toy drawer. Randy likes this paddle because he can hit hard without doing serious damage. This is a result of both its lighter weight (as wooden paddles go) and relatively large surface area. It also yields an impressive “thwack!” sound when used for its intended purpose. I’m quite familiar with its spicy blend of sting and ache. He sat on the bed while I lay across his lap. We both like this position. It's intimate and it's comfortable. He took the paddle in his right hand and then momentarily laid it against my bare skin. No turning back now, I thought. Randy paused briefly to admire the view and to heighten my anticipation.

He started out with a flurry of hard swats. No warm-up here! The sheer intensity startled me. Randy wanted to get my attention. It worked. I howled and twisted as the paddle strokes fell. He encircled my waist with his left arm to eliminate any possibility that I might escape the growing burn. After a while, he gradually eased the hectic pace. Just as I was beginning to think I was doing OK, he went at it with full power again. He said he likes to lull me into dreamy complacency and then snap me back to the reality of a stinging bare bottom spanking. Despite the rapidly rising temperature in my aft, or perhaps because of it, I was by this time becoming very aroused. A few more really hard swats and suddenly it was all over. Randy has a knack for knowing when I've had enough. He says he bases it on how I breathe (strange, but true).

Randy tossed the paddle to the floor and lay on his back on the bed. Instantly, I straddled him. As I bounced up and down, he grabbed two handfuls of my inflamed cheeks. The resulting stimulation pushed me over the edge. Pleasure and pain blended like coffee and cream until I could no longer distinguish them as discrete sensations. In that moment, I embraced both feelings as one. We made love for quite a while, not quitting until we were both totally drained. It was a sensual banquet and we didn’t miss a course.

Randy had an extra spring in his step on Saturday. You can believe that I too went though the day with a smile on my face. Except, of course, when I had to sit down!

I hope that story hit the spot.

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Scarlett said...

Very nice story, I found your blog through a blog search. Being a spanko myself I love to read about other's experience in this kink. Thanks for sharing...wishing you both a wonderful new year of spankings!


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