Friday, September 30, 2005

The Inside-Out, Backwards Massage Spanking

Here's your Friday dose of spanko fun!

One evening recently, Randy and I were discussing the intrigue of massage spanking. I read about this phenomenon on a friend’s web site. He decided we should join the fun and, as he so often does, added his own special twist.

Our daughter was safely away at a school activity. We pledged to ignore the telephone, the doorbell, the pager, and anything else short of a major earthquake. It was play time! I had endured a long, stressful week and a good, hard spanking was precisely what I needed to set my mind right. Rather than begin with the requisite smooching and caressing, Randy suggested we get naked. He didn't have to tell me twice. I was prepared for a spectacular evening in the bedroom with my husband. Frankly, I was ready for almost anything.

I suppose most people so inclined would employ the massage as a prelude to a nice, firm spanking. Randy, of course, had to arrange it the other way around. At his invitation, I willingly placed myself over his lap as he sat on the edge of the bed. I recall thinking "Oh goody! I'm getting spanked." He began to rub my bottom with the back of our dogleg hairbrush. This is a surface with which I am very familiar. Its solid wooden back is very smooth and feels cold, even while my skin is still at room temperature. "Yep", he promised "You're in for a real smart tanning tonight." He continued to rub as he described in detail the gifts I was about to receive. "I hope you have some work you can do standing up tomorrow. You sure aren't going to want to sit." By this time, I was ready to meet my fate. For once, though, I had the good sense to keep my mouth shut.

"I believe it's time to turn this poor, under-appreciated, pale backside a happy, rosy red" Randy finally decreed. With that pronouncement, my spanking began. I'd love to tell you about my slow, gradual warm-up, but there wasn't one. The first swing and all that followed were healthy and vigorous. I was so surprised by the intensity that I even momentarily contemplated invoking my safeword early on (and I virtually never use it). I held my tongue instead. I'd been waiting quite a while for this moment. I didn't want to miss out on any of it!

For those who have yet to try it, a spanking with a hairbrush is a remarkable experience. The stinging is intense as is the heat generated by the sudden impact of wood against flesh. Make no mistake, it hurts a lot, in some ways more than most paddles. But there is also a certain spiritual component to it. I found my thoughts amazingly transported away from the pain and into a sensual, sexual realm. In this place, I felt only the desire for greater intimacy.

When Randy put down the brush, I was wriggling atop his lap and moaning with longing (and yes, more than a bit of posterior discomfort too). He positioned me face down on the bed. When I heard that telltale buzzing sound, I knew he had activated my favorite sex toy. I parted my legs to welcome the toy. Rather than deliver it directly, he took the time to skillfully apply it to a favorite external site. After several minutes of this joy, Randy proceeded to insert the toy in the obvious manner. I loved it! How could this feeling get any better? I was about to learn.

Randy began to massage my entire body. He started with my temples and worked slowly southward. He paid special attention to my neck since I often store tension there. My back was next. He began lightly using just fingertips. Gradually, he increased the depth of his rubbing by using first his fingers and then his palms. These were knowing hands, learned in the ways of a woman's pleasure.

The feeling was truly a strange juxtaposition. The relaxation his hands were producing throughout the upper half of my body provided a stark contrast to the tingling excitement left by the brush and, more immediately, the buzzing within. As soon as Randy's interest wandered below my waist, the focus changed. He began first rubbing and then lightly slapping my glowing, crimson cheeks. My breathing was reduced to an anxious pant. Now, there was only one way to completely satisfy me. Fortunately, Randy had the same idea. He raised my hips and removed the toy (for a change, he remembered to turn it off!). He replaced it with my all time favorite. I was dizzy with excitement. Two passions merged into a symbiotic renewal of love's promise. Fulfillment was ours.

Sometimes I don't realize how hard he spanks me until later. This was one such occasion. True to Randy's forecast, sitting the following day was quite an adventure. But, looking back, I am grateful for every resonant word, every scorching swat, every tender caress, and every precious moment. Though I wouldn't have wanted any more, I surely couldn't have been satisfied with any less. Stress, what stress?

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Loved reading your story Bonnie. You are a lucky woman. :)

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