Monday, September 26, 2005

When It Rains...

Here's another happy spanking memory...

It's been one of those weeks. Randy and I, it seems, have barely seen each other since last weekend. Either I had to be somewhere or he did. Either he was asleep or I was. When we were both around at the same time, so was our daughter. In our brief conversations, we raised the possibility of a private encounter. However, it just didn't happen, until last night.

I was delighted when Randy arrived home well ahead of schedule. Our daughter was attending a school activity. This was the perfect opportunity!

We both immediately recognized our good fortune and hustled upstairs like a pair of teenagers left at home alone. I figured that we didn't have too much time. To speed things along, I took the initiative to remove my clothes. I expected Randy to follow suit, but he didn't. Men! He instead retrieved some implements from our toy drawer. Next, he sat on the edge of the bed and I took my position over his lap. It was spanking time!

He began with our tear-shaped paddle. At first, the whacks weren't too hard. As he progressed, Randy gradually built up the intensity. Within a few minutes, he was really whacking my bottom. I knew better than trying to cover the target with my hands, but I was sorely tempted. Then, abruptly, he stopped.

"Are you done yet?" he inquired. His voice had a playful ring.

"No, I'm not done" I said in an annoyed voice. How on earth could he think I was done? There was no rubbing, no caressing, and most importantly, no lovemaking!

"OK, let's try this" said Randy, in a helpful tone. With that, he exchanged the paddle for the heavy wooden bathbrush and quickly put it to work. On top of a well-paddled bottom, each swat from the brush burned like a flame. I tried to explain that this wasn't exactly what I meant, but I'm sure my words made little sense at that point. Ouch! Every firm stroke from the brush shocked my crimson skin. Employing a snapping motion with his wrist, Randy positively roasted me. Yet, the blows continued to fall against my chastened rear. By the time he stopped, I was jumping and bouncing on his lap.

He helped me up and I helped him out of his clothes. I knelt before my lover and attended to his satisfaction. He was suitably impressed.

Then he positioned me on the bed and made love to me from the rear. Despite my painful derriere, we had a great time. The after-effects of our little adventure have been quite evident all day today. I adore that feeling!

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