Sunday, September 25, 2005

Good for the Gander

Here's an oldie but goodie...

I recently advised a friend that if she wanted a spanking, she should ask for it. That, I thought later, was easy for me to say. It wasn't my bottom in the line of fire. Well, to make a long story short, I decided that I needed to accept my own advice and to ask for a tail warming tonight. It has been more than a week since my last encounter with the paddle and my stress levels were spiking. In my mind, I was overdue.

I have asked for spankings many times before. However, I usually hint at it or use a pre-arranged signal. Tonight would be different. When Randy came home, I was in the kitchen. I wore nothing but one of those pink thongs he loves to stuff in my underwear drawer. As soon as I heard the sound of the garage door opening, I took my position. I placed a pillow along the front edge of the kitchen table and bent down over it. I reached over and grabbed our heaviest wooden hairbrush from the table and placed in the small of my back. There I waited. One minute. Two minutes. Three minutes. I thought, "What could he possibly be doing in the basement?" Finally, I heard the sound of my lover slowly trudging up the steps. When he opened the door from the basement, he was staring straight at my business end.

"Well, look at this!" he said almost chuckling, "I can't imagine a more appetizing sight." With that he removed the hairbrush from my back. Instead of bringing it down on my carefully displayed flesh, he set it on the table. At this point, I was wondering what he was going to do. I didn't have to wait long. He slid the thong aside, spread my cheeks and skillfully applied the best of his lips, tongue, and teeth to my exposed sex. I lost it. He had done it again. He managed to turn my own special surprise back upon me twofold. I further parted my legs to facilitate his overtures. Within a minute, my Prince Charming had me screaming and I hadn't even received a single swat (yet).

I was frantic. I was so turned-on. I wanted more loving. I wanted my spanking. As you've probably guessed by now, I wasn't disappointed on either count. I was still panting when the first blow from the hairbrush landed. It sizzled. The second hit on the opposing side. Wow, that was hard! He placed his left hand in the middle of my waist and yanked the thong tight again. Suddenly, he resumed with a relentless pace. As I lay across that cold table, I came to realization that the cozy little spanking I planned was turning into a world class rump roasting. He delivered that hardwood hairbrush about thirty times on each cheek (I know this because he is watching me write this story and I asked - *I* was certainly in no frame of mind to keep track!).

Sometimes when my bottom is absorbing a particular effective spanking, I wonder why on earth I subject myself to all of this pain. It's a passing thought, however, quickly displaced by another flood of passion and longing. As is his practice, Randy spent extra time and effort on the lower slopes of my buttocks. He once told me that if it doesn't hurt when I sit for at least a day afterward, he has failed in his duty. There would be no such accusations on this night. I recall thinking "I wonder if anyone will notice if I bring a pillow to work tomorrow?" Finally, it was over. As much as I enjoy receiving a vigorous spanking, I really didn't want any more of that brush.

I started to get up when Randy gently eased me back down onto the table. He slid my thong down, around, and off. I gasped as he mounted me. My body offered no resistance. Here I was having sex with my dear husband on the same spot where moments ago he had lit up my tail with that infernal hairbrush. Each thrust brought a rush of pleasure and a throb of pain. I adore those feelings and the man who gives me both at the same time.

Afterward, we took a shower together amid further play. Anytime we get to fooling around, Randy can't seem to keep his hands off my derriere. On this occasion, he found it to be even more responsive than usual. Every time he touched me there I nearly jumped a foot. But I did I ask him to stop? Not on your life!

Well, that's the tale, blow by blow as it happened. I got everything I asked for and more. Boy oh boy, did I get it!

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Anonymous said...

Wow girl i can just see your pretty ass bent over that table,with the hair bush on the small of your back! its no wonder your hubby got a little behind in his play? a great story! BOB

Anonymous said...

Hey great story. Short and erotic.

Anonymous said...

Got to the point, good story. I would love to have been there to see it.....

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