Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Spankos' Night Out

I’m pleased to tell the story of Randy's latest surprise. It was one of his best efforts, and that's a pretty strong statement.

On Friday night, Randy told me not to plan anything for the following day. He said only that he had a surprise. I pressed him for details, but he responded with a smile and an arched eyebrow. Well, that sent my imagination into overdrive. I knew from experience that he was capable of executing some pretty exotic plans. What would it be? Often, I can glean a hint. This time, I hadn't a clue!

About mid-morning Saturday (while I was on the computer), Randy asked me to pack a suitcase. We were going on a trip! I was to pack two sets of clothes - one very dressy, one very comfortable. I was intrigued. I did it and threw in sleepwear, swimwear, and a whole bunch of other assorted stuff. Twenty plus years with this guy have taught me that I had better be prepared for anything.

We left after lunch and headed north. A few hours later, it was clear that we were entering the downtown area of a large city. We checked into a fancy hotel. The corner room was positively palatial - wood, marble, and a beautiful view of the city! I was impressed. I hugged and kissed him. This was a fun surprise. Before we moved too far down the road to romance, Randy told me that it was time to get ready for dinner. I put on a black dress with pearls and matching earrings. Randy wore a charcoal suit with a white shirt and gray checked tie. I thought we looked pretty good!

Randy took us to an upscale Mediterranean restaurant. After a tasty mixed greens salad, we dined on sautéed lobster and white wine. It was delightful. For dessert, there was this dark chocolate monstrosity. I am at a loss to describe it, but it was so delicious. What a great meal! I'll bet we were in the restaurant for two hours. Surrounded by luxury and comfort, we talked about anything and everything.

As we were leaving, Randy produced a pair of theatre tickets. We were going to a play! Into a taxi we climbed and away to the theatre we went. He just loves to surprise me. Surprises like these I'll take anytime. The seats were great and the performance was very funny. Afterward, we returned to the hotel.

I wasn't about to let such a great evening go unrewarded. Before he could strip off my clothes, I undressed him first. He offered no resistance. I knelt before him and demonstrated the depth of my appreciation. As soon as he regained his wits, the fun began in earnest. He pulled from his suitcase a small bag and placed it on the bed. He sat next to it then helped me down over his lap. For a change, he was naked and I was still mostly dressed. He pulled up my dress and slip then slid down my pantyhose and underwear. I shivered with anticipation as I felt a cool breeze against my carefully positioned rear.

From the bag Randy removed not a spanking implement, but a small marital aid. This is the kind that looks like a part of the male anatomy and serves essentially the same purpose. He applied it externally (to my delight) for a couple of minutes. Then, he inserted the little buzzer. Next, he pulled my underwear way up so it would hold the toy in place but expose my cheeks.

Just then, our leather slapper appeared. For those unfamiliar with this implement, it is semi-rigid and shaped like a small, thin paddle. It works right at the surface to generate an impressive sting, but does little serious damage. By this time, I was prepared for anything he wanted to do to me. He employed the slapper on my bottom with great gusto. I yelped and howled, but I enjoyed every exciting moment. The spanking went on for quite a while. The slapper made a great, resounding smack sound each time it impacted on my skin. The combination of stinging, heat, and buzzing within drove me wild. When he finally finished, I was completely out of breath and completely out of control.

He didn't make me wait long for the sex I now desperately craved. Within seconds, the vibrating toy was replaced by my dear husband. He worked quickly and efficiently to relieve any residual tension. I wanted to squeeze him and never let go. After the lovemaking concluded, we snuggled until we fell asleep.

The morning held a playful spanking, more lovemaking, shower games, and a nice brunch. Then we checked out and drove home. All in all, it was tremendous surprise! I don't call him Prince Charming for nothing!

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Wow Bonnie,

Sounds like you 2 had quite the erotic night.


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