Wednesday, September 28, 2005


It's my birthday today! Alas, cruel fate dictates that I must spend it alone this year. I'm sure we'll schedule a make-up date, but for tonight, all I have are happy memories from birthday spankings past. Here's a favorite!

Forty-One Candles (Generate a Lot of Heat)

He did it again. Randy completely surprised me last night. I actually thought I had an advantage this time because he had tipped off when my birthday spanking would happen. Not so. He took the proceedings in a direction I never could have predicted. He both respected our tradition and started a delightful new one. This morning, I'm definitely smarting, but I'm very happy and feel quite fulfilled. Here are the particulars...

Randy had instructed me to be home from my shopping trip by 4:30 in the afternoon. He was as insistent about this as I ever recall him being about anything. I wasn't certain what he was up to, but I figured it had to do with my birthday celebration. Although my birthday isn't for more than a week, he often holds the celebration early in hopes of heightening the surprise. This celebration is generally marked by repeated and forceful contact between the dreaded Mother of All Paddles (MOAP) and my bare bottom. It's by far the hardest paddling I receive all year. When I figured out that yesterday was to be the day, I was very concerned about taking one swat per year from MOAP. Nevertheless, I was determined to go through this ordeal in the name of tradition. Besides, I was itching to learn what crazy scenario Randy had arranged this time.

I arrived home just a little after 4:30 (but pretty close for me). I walked into the house filled with worries about the events to follow. Could I handle all the pain? Would he know when to quit? Would I? Might I be too tender for work on Monday? Could I be so sore that I lose interest in lovemaking (which is, of course, the whole point)?

Randy greeted me with warm hug and a soft kiss. He whispered in my ear words that generated a shiver of anticipation. "Happy Birthday, Bon. Tonight is your night. Let's enjoy it to the fullest." With that he guided me up to our bedroom. He asked me to shower and get dressed because we were going out to dinner. Now that sounded like a good time. He went downstairs while I prepared for the evening.

I was just applying the finishing touches to my makeup when the doorbell rang downstairs. I heard Randy answer the door. He had a brief conversation with someone and then the door closed again. From the bottom of the stairs my Prince Charming called, "C'mon, Bon. It's time to leave." I gathered my purse and wrap (why are restaurants always so cold?) and headed downstairs. Randy complimented me on my appearance. I had selected a little black dress about which he always raves. I took his arm ready for a night of adventure.

Instead of walking down to the basement where our garage is, we walked right out the front door. To my astonishment, there, in our driveway, sat a giant limousine. Randy grinned and said, "Our ride's here." The driver, a woman who looked to be about thirty, got out and opened the door for us. She was dressed in a uniform that appeared to be more designed for a man. She seemed very serious about her duties. Into the back we climbed.

Once we were settled, the limo pulled out and onto the road. Randy reached over and popped a cassette tape into the built-in deck. It was that spanking tape he had made! Next, he popped the cork on a bottle of champagne that was conveniently on ice nearby. He poured each of us a glass. By this time, we were flying down the freeway, apparently headed toward downtown. As soon as the champagne had begun to make me giggly and talkative (I don't drink often), Randy quickly moved to the next phase of his plan.

He operated the remote control to raise the partition between the driver and passenger compartment. Then he asked me politely if I had a tissue. When I opened my purse, I shrieked with surprise and delight. He had slipped a wooden hairbrush in there! For a moment we stared at each other. He looked at me with sly determination. I looked at him with cautious lust. Dare we? If we gave it a second thought, it was a brief one.

Moments later, I was lying over his lap across that broad bench seat. Up went the dress and slip. Down came the pantyhose and panties. At that moment, Randy paused. I lay there, bare bottom exposed, prepared to accept the hairbrush. He said, "The spanking you are about to receive is in honor of your forty-first birthday. I love you with all my spirit. This is a gift I offer to you, my beloved wife, as a tribute to your many years of loving partnership. I want you to relax and completely enjoy it."

Upon uttering the final word, the hairbrush seared my left cheek. "One" said Randy. He never counts, but he was doing it this time. I had little chance to evaluate his enunciation before a second blazing swat hit my right cheek. He delivered the full forty-one, alternating sides and counting as he went. He had that wicked wrist action working. It hurt an awful lot in a stinging sort of way. By the end, I was thrashing around in a dance of pain and lust. It was very thrilling to get spanked in such a public place. I knew no one could see through the tinted glass, but we could certainly see them.

Rather than letting me lie there and massaging my bottom (and other locations) as we normally do at a time like this, Randy lifted me up and told me we were almost to the restaurant. I did my best to fix my clothes and makeup. Sure enough, the limousine stopped in front of the door of a very fine French restaurant. This was a fancy place. The driver jumped out and opened the door. As I stepped out, she asked with a concerned look, "Are you OK?" "Yes" I answered, "I'm very happy" without a twinge of embarrassment. She then smiled for the first time and wished us a pleasant dinner.

When we entered the restaurant, the Maitre d' led us to a select table by the window. We did the whole routine - appetizer, salad, entree (I had scallops, Randy had fish), and dessert (chocolate mousse). Everything was excellent. I was uncomfortable in my seat, but it certainly didn't detract from the experience. During dinner, I asked Randy about the driver. He told me he had briefed her in advance about what would happen. He said she had trouble believing that I would willingly accept a hard spanking. He told her that if she had any doubts, she should ask me.

After dinner, we returned to the limousine. We had another glass of champagne. Then Randy informed me that the spanking wasn't over yet. I asked whether he knew something I didn't. "I am only forty-one," I said. Then he caught me on a technicality. With MOAP, both cheeks take every whack. However, with the hairbrush, one side had received only twenty and the other twenty-one. We were only half finished. Not wanting to mess up a wonderful evening (and recognizing I deserved it), I agreed.

Soon I was in the classic OTK position again. The second set hurt far more than the first. Randy smacked my sit spot over and over. I know I made a lot of racket, mostly "ow's" and "oh's." It was still better than MOAP. Finally, it was over. When I returned to my seat, I jumped as I made contact. Suddenly, I wanted to jump him. I was turned on by the first round yet managed to settle down. This time, there was going to be no turning off my desire. I started to unzip my lover. He stopped me gently and informed me we were home.

I went inside while Randy settled up with the driver. As soon as he walked in the door, I pretty much attacked him. He responded, but I could tell he wasn't quite into it. He looked me in the eyes and "Bon, aren't we forgetting something?" "No," I responded. I didn't want to hear about any more clever detours. I wanted my husband to make passionate love to me for my birthday, period. He escaped my embrace and ran up to our bedroom. Now we're talking, I thought. I followed. He went into the closet and returned carrying the MOAP. "No way," I said. "I took my birthday swats, double in fact!" Randy said only "Bend over, Bon. You still need one to grow on." My bottom really hurt, but I granted he was right.

I took the opportunity to remove my clothes. There's nothing like the sight of a naked wife to return her husband's thoughts to where they should be. I definitely distracted him, but eventually, he placed me in position to be paddled. My feet were on the floor, my elbows were on the bed, and my poor red bottom was high in the air. He tapped my bottom once with the paddle to measure his swing. Then he pulled it all the way back. BOOM! It sounded like a cannon and felt like 1000 bee stings. I hopped and rubbed in a vain attempt to stem the pain. Ouch!

At long last, we came to the part of the evening I like best. Randy helped me back onto the bed and situated me on all fours. After stimulating me with his mouth, he took me from behind. He offered a delightful mix of aggressiveness and gentleness. It took a while to satisfy my voracious sexual appetite, but my lover made it happen. When we finished, I was absolutely limp. I had spent all my emotional energy. We lay in bed and just snuggled before going to sleep. What a night!

That's my story. Looking back, I can hardly believe it all happened just last night. Then, of course, I do have a very sore derriere to remind me. This is a memory I will treasure for a long time. I wonder how he'll top this next year?

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Monty said...

I am so glad to have found you today. Sept.28 is also my birthday! You had a better 'present' than I did.

I'll be back.

Monty said...

And, a very happy birthday to you too!

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Monty. And a belated happy birthday!

Robert said...

thanks bonnie my wife enjoys your story.

Baron Awl said...

Thanks for relating that tale, Bonnie! The 28th of September is my birthday, also, but I've never been able to celebrate it in quite so memorable a fashion as this.

Julie said...

Luckiest Chick EVER!

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