Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Long Way

Here's another treasured memory for your reading pleasure...

My dear Prince Charming and I had planned a fine adventure for last weekend. As you probably know by now, while my plans sometimes go astray, Randy's always seem to land right on target. This weekend was no exception. In fact, my target is still a bit tender.

We had tickets to see a football game on Saturday night. Randy’s itinerary had us traveling to the destination city on the evening before the game. It's usually about a three-hour drive (depending upon the traffic, weather, and orange barrels). We wanted to have time on Saturday to help Randy's mother with some household tasks before the game.

Late Friday afternoon, as I completed our final preparations, Randy informed me that he was going to paddle me. Since we were staying with his mom, he said he didn't know when he'd get another chance (I should know better by now). With but a moment's hesitation, I marched up the stairs to the master bedroom, our usual spanking locale. He followed immediately behind me, no doubt admiring the object of his affection.

No sooner had we reached the top of the steps then Randy began wildly pealing off my clothes. I just stood there speechless (no kidding!) as my clothing was quickly separated from my body. When he ran for the toy drawer, I was left wearing nothing but two socks and my bra. He retrieved the round cutting board paddle. This thick wooden implement burns mightily as it's applied and leaves behind a relentless residual ache. I was due for a serious tail-warming.

As I walked slowly into the bedroom and toward my fate, Randy beckoned me forward. "There's no sense in postponing the inevitable. It's time for me to punish your bottom." He stood before me with the paddle in his hand, dangling at his side. He reminded me of a gunfighter ready to draw. As I was about to learn, his swing was as steady and accurate as ever.

My dear husband placed his left foot upon the corner of our bed and extended his leg. Next, he guided me down over it. I was bent forward, but still standing. He placed his left arm around my waist. I wasn't going anywhere. In this position, his right arm had more than adequate swinging room.

The whacks began almost immediately and accumulated quickly. I, quite naturally, expressed discomfort (though not necessarily displeasure). If Randy's intent was to leave me sore for the weekend, he was certain to succeed. The paddling was brief, but intense. So was the lovemaking that followed. While I would just as soon have luxuriated over both, my partner had other ideas. As soon as we finished, his focus turned to the drive ahead.

The trip was relatively uneventful. I felt the burn the entire way! At one point, Randy saw me squirm and has the audacity to inquire whether I was still sore. I just gave him a dirty look that told him that he should know the answer to that question. We arrived at Randy's mom's house in time to talk for a while before bed. On Saturday, we went out for breakfast and then attacked the day's chores.

As scheduled, we went to the football game on Saturday night. The stadium looked really nice, but our team lost. Nevertheless, we had a very good time. I can attest that the seats are every bit as uncomfortable as those in the nearby baseball stadium.

We had originally planned to return to my mother-in-law's, but decided earlier in the day to head home instead. The thought of a free Sunday was too good to pass up. Randy, rascal that he is, took a different route. Most people would just use the freeway, but Noooooooo! He just had to give us a late night tour of rural America. As you have no doubt already guessed, he found a particularly secluded spot to stop the car.

It was a misty night and the air was heavy and still. Far in the distance, I could hear the horn of a locomotive. There was no moon. All was dark. After more than twenty years with this man, I knew well what would happen next.

It was about 12:30am when Randy selected this particular patch of country. He removed our favorite hairbrush from the glove compartment and instructed me to bare my bottom. Down went my jeans, my underwear, and my resistance. He guided me right across the hood! While the cool air tickled my exposed skin, he talked for a while about what was about to transpire. He carefully enunciated each time that he said the word "spanking." Yes, that was precisely what I was about to receive. I love it when he draws it out like that.

Then, suddenly, the spanking was underway. Again, he didn't rush. If he was in any hurry to get home and go to bed, he didn't show it. He varied his delivery. He would give me a few quick, hard whacks and then pause to rub. I soon became very turned on. Eventually, he decided my color/heat/texture/dampness/panting/whatever was about right. Then down came his pants! He took me right there on the car! It was kind of rough, but I was definitely into it. For a brief moment, I almost forgot where I was. I started to get rather, um, vocal. Randy had to ask me to kindly keep it down. Just then we heard a distant dog barking. We decided to conclude our romantic interlude.

When we got back in the car, my head was spinning. Typically, Randy said he wanted to go to sleep. That wasn't an option. I asked him to drive. My poor seat just couldn't stay in one place for another two hours. We made it home and fell into bed, exhausted, but satisfied.

On Sunday, we slept in. After I had been up for a while, Randy wandered into the computer room. "Come here," he said. His voice was firm but not harsh. "Uh oh," I thought as I followed him. He sat on the couch and laid me face down across his lap. I was so surprised, I didn't even think to resist as he lifted my nightgown. Although I was situated in the classic over the knee position, he didn't spank me. Instead, he rubbed his big, rough hands all over my bottom. As his hands made contact with my skin, it triggered poignant memories of his most recent visits. After several minutes of this delightful caressing, Randy helped me up. We shared a passionate kiss and returned hand-in-hand to our marital bed.

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