Thursday, September 29, 2005

Twenty Five Sexy Things

Here are twenty five sights, sounds, objects, thoughts, and experiences that really light my lamp.
  1. The palm of my lover’s hand

  2. Being touched lightly on the back of my neck

  3. A man’s white dress shirt draped over the back of a chair

  4. A semi-public swat on the seat

  5. Packaging for a new love toy at the bottom of the bedroom wastebasket

  6. The secret thrill of wearing a thong beneath a casual skirt

  7. My breasts gently cupped from behind

  8. My man’s hand carelessly resting on my thigh as we sit together

  9. Knowing glances

  10. Hearing the words “Assume the position”

  11. Butterflies in my stomach

  12. The sound of a leather belt being pulled through belt loops

  13. A kissed earlobe

  14. A paddle sitting on the dresser

  15. A planned night at home together

  16. Sharing a tub

  17. The “Do Not Disturb” sign at a hotel

  18. Intimate Surprises

  19. Code words

  20. The “Look” from my lover

  21. An unexpected embrace

  22. Everyday items that can be used as implements

  23. Wearing his shirt

  24. Waiting for the inevitable

  25. Sitting down the day after a really great spanking

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