Sunday, January 21, 2024

A New Year Brings Change

As I’ve described, Randy and I settled into a comfortable routine where we are both mostly working from home. Spankings that once had to be carefully scheduled have become frequent and impromptu. We enjoy this arrangement where at almost any moment I can be invited to flip my skirt or hoist my nightgown for a hearty dose of stinging correction. I can defer, and sometimes I do, but it’s exciting to know that my next paddling might be just around the next bend.

But I get cold. The climate where we live is lovely for part of the year, just not this part. The long billowy skirts I wear are cool and comfortable all summer long. But come the rainy season, they don’t insulate me from the cold.

Back in November, I complained to Randy and he went into problem solver mode. He ordered me three new pairs of jeans. Nice, except they didn’t fit. I could have told him that. So back they went and he sent me on a mission to find those same jeans in a store. I eventually found the appropriate size and brought them home.

This style is notable because there are no back pockets to impede the forceful contact of spanking implements. The color is dark indigo, which to me is the original color of jeans. They fade with time and wear and washings to become soft and comfy.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that my dear husband had plans beyond just protecting me from the cold. Once before, he tried to see if he could create a pair of my jeans where two spots on the seat were far more worn than the rest of the pants. He loves the idea of sending me out into the world with jeans that scream, “I get spanked right here!” But last time, he became impatient. He used drastic measures like sandpaper and bleach. This didn’t create the organic look that he wanted and those jeans were eventually discarded.

The experimentation has begun again. Randy discovered that implements like canes and straps seem to distress the fabric more than the paddles he normally relies upon. I get a layer of fabric to protect my butt from the falling flails, but he has taken the opportunity to turn up the intensity. You needn’t be concerned, dear reader, that I am being deprived of my thorough spankings. I feel the burn.

So far, my legs are warmer and so is my bottom. The jeans are starting to wear in the desired fashion and I’m beginning to think this plan might work. Randy really wants to send me out shopping or to the library sporting distinctive marks both inside and out.

So I guess we’ll see.


Mark said...

What a wonderful idea Bonnie, I look forward to hearing if he is successful (and being a lech), seeing a picture of the ultimately distressed jeans!

Sage Blum said...

Hope it works.
Speaking of protective coverings, how do spankers usually protect their hands? My vanilla partner is hurting his hands spanking me. I do buy implements and he uses those but he wants to use his hand a lot too.
And does anyone know, if I have oil or cream on my butt, it's supposed to sting more?--But does it make the spanker's hands sting more too? I don't want to risk having him give up on doing it.
I'm so new to this that all of this is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...


Cane-IAC offered a "spanking Buddy" for the hand. I made a similar one myself from leather.

As for Bonnie's jeans, has he tried wrapping sandpaper to the cane when he is "distressing" them?

Sage Blum said...

Thanks, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and Randy Bonnie! For some reason this only just came up in my blogroll!

I absolutely love Randy's idea lol. He always comes up with some goodies lol. I will be very interested to hear how well his plan works. At the very least it's great that you now have warm legs as well as a warm butt ☺


Marie said...

I love being spanked in jeans and it never occurred to me it would distress them...I suppose if it's often enough. I mostly enjoy being strapped over jeans but it just doesn't happen often enough (IMO lol - my husband is much more interested in my bare bottom!) I got a good laugh out of this.

Hermione said...

What a cool way to break in new jeans. I was unaware that they came without rear pockets.


Bonnie said...

Mark - I think it worked pretty well. He wanted me to have a pair of jeans where the seat is worn in just those two certain places. I was a fun experiment.

Sage - You ask a wonderful question. This is a topic about which I don't think I have ever written, and I should! Thank you.

Short answer: My dear husband would tell you that this is what why we own paddles.

Anon - We have and enjoy several Cane-iac products, though not the buddy. He tried sandpaper (though not wrapped) last time and he decided that the wear didn't look "natural."

Roz - It turned out quite well. Those jeans have two pale oval shaped areas right where I sit. Anyone who is familiar with spankings should recognize the telltale pattern, but it could conceivably be normal wear.

Marie - This was a fun test. I enjoyed it, and I've been wearing the jeans sometimes.

- Hermione - This style has been around for years, pretty much unchanged. I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that Randy is a huge fan.

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