Sunday, September 12, 2021

Randy and Bonnie at the Movies

I convinced my dear husband to have a conversation for the blog on the topic of spanking videos. This post is an edited transcript of that discussion.

We have watched spanking videos for decades – from the grainy VHS SLP rip-off tapes sold at high prices by roadside porn shops to today’s streaming 4K splendor. These videos, almost entirely M/F, provided inspiration, entertainment, and occasional laughs. Along the way, we’ve each developed some preferences and today, we would like to share them with you.

Bonnie: What makes a spanking video enjoyable to watch?

  1. First and foremost, I want to witness a real spanking. By that, I mean I want to see the woman get whacked hard and repeatedly on her bottom. I want her to react proportionately to the spanking being delivered. No academy award performances in response to a light hand spanking. Also, I don’t want her to lie motionless as though the spanker is flogging a side of beef.

  2. I like to see the spankee’s bottom at some point during the proceedings. Is her skin turning red? Are there any visible marks? Does she have cute dimples like Bonnie’s? Does her bottom undulate with each new strike?

  3. How does the spankee react to the pain? Does she squirm or kick? Does she try to cover? Does she submit at some stage? Or is she kind of into it?

  4. I like the vocalizations that document exactly how much pain the spankee is feeling. Does she ask the spanker to please stop or does she just yell, “Ow!”

  5. Here’s a weird thing I love to see in a video - When a woman drops her pants or raises her skirt to expose her bottom in preparation for a spanking and it’s already red and sore looking. I realize this happens because studios routinely shoot multiple scenes with a model in one day. But in my twisted brain, she’s a bad girl who is getting it again.

  6. I like when the woman is beautiful, but that isn’t essential. It can be more interesting to watch an average woman get a spanking. When I see this, I think that unlike those lovely models, maybe this person is not being paid. If she is accepting a hard spanking because she loves it, that makes her hotter that any shapely twenty year old.
OK, what about you?

  1. I know you particularly appreciate the physical whacking part, but my focus is usually inside the heads of the participants. I know those stories aren’t real, and sometimes they are downright preposterous, but they set the stage for me. Why is this woman being spanked so hard? How would I feel if it were me? I want to be able to place myself in the role of the one being punished and imagine what that would be like.

  2. I like stories where loving couples share spankings. When they embrace and kiss afterward, that’s very appealing. When Shadow Lane began, their mission was to make people feel good about being into spanking. That message really resonated with me.

  3. Spanking is my kink, but I have an extra special fondness for corporal punishment scenes. I crave these sorts of scenes, both in videos and in our personal lives. The more classic ritual, the better.

  4. I want to see faces. How is the spankee reacting to what is happening to her? Is it agony, panic, fatigue, or resignation? Or maybe, best of all, she’s into it! Her expression tells me more about the effect of the spanking than anything occurring out back. And what of the spanker? Is he serious, determined, or pleased with his efforts?

  5. I want to believe these people care about each other. I recognize they are probably hired hands doing a job, but I think part of that job is to convince me otherwise. Show me why I should believe.

  6. Finally, I have had the pleasure to know several brilliant spanking models through the blog. It’s a joy to watch their work.
What do you dislike?

  1. Anything hokey. Contrived scripts. Outrageous overacting. High school cheerleaders with huge tats. Spankees who appear to be bored porn stars after a quick buck. Spankers who are merciless bastards. Sets that look like someone’s garage.

  2. I don’t like to watch spankers who do it wrong and spankees who don’t seem to know the difference. They hit too high or out on the hips or ignore the lower slopes entirely. Or they strike in one spot again and again and don’t even it out.

  3. Teaseware. Don’t show me thirty seconds of a spanking in hopes of luring me to a pay site. If I choose to subscribe, it will be based upon your body of work, not one truncated snippet.

  4. Questionable consent. Some videos originate in developing countries. That’s fine. They have beautiful women too. But in some cases, I have to wonder about the working conditions for the models. Are they able to fully consent? Are they fairly compensated for their work?
And you?

  1. I dislike seeing spankings that are excessive. Those brutal Eastern European videos from the nineties kept me from even considering a cane for years. At the other end of the spectrum, a spanking video needs to include at least one good spanking.

  2. As you mentioned, I want to see authentic reactions. Not screaming murder over a few light slaps nor being the proverbial slab of meat.

  3. I agree about the need to see some indication of consent, especially if there are sexual elements. Without it, I don’t want to watch and I don't want to pay for it.

  4. Degradation is a huge turn-off for me. It’s one thing to scold in the context of a discipline scenario. It’s quite another to tell a woman that all females are inferior and deserve to be abused. That’s a message that no one needs to hear.
  • These are our spanking video preferences. What are yours?

    Hermione said...

    I don't actually watch videos, as I prefer the written word. However, I would like to see otk M/f spanking on the bare, with some genuine reaction from the spankee and scolding by the spanker.

    I would not consider watching anything excessive, like the 90s European caning scenes you mention above. No whippings please!


    Roz Harrison said...

    Hi Bonnie, I love this conversation! We have watched clips in the pat but not for a long time. I can't get past the face the couples are actors/models playing a part with no real connection to each other. I like there to be a connection.

    I agree with many of the points raised by both of you. Consent in particular and I also wouldn't want to view anything excessive.


    Rich Person said...

    I typically don't watch videos. I prefer still pictures, where I can make up my own scenarios.

    I like a good connection to sex. So, I like to see at least some parts of the spanking where the subject is bared. This speaks to vulnerability and submission.

    I want to believe there's full consent. It's always hard to tell from anything that comes over the Internet, but at least make the situation believably consensual.

    I find degradation a turn-off. The person receiving the spanking isn't inferior because they are on the receiving end. Of course, the spanking may be punishment for bad behavior, and there may be scolding, but misbehaving doesn't mean the person is inferior.

    And I agree that there's content that's obviously gone too far. Spanking shouldn't be harmful to anyone. Painful, yes; harmful, no.

    Simon said...

    I'm always concerned about some of the films from Russia and Eastern Europe. They always seem to be rather more severe than the majority of British and American films and I'm not always convinced that their rules are as strict as ours. For this reason the only films I buy freom there are by Spanking Server and when it was going Lupus. The reason being that I know that Pandora Blake, Nicki Flynn (when active) and Amy Hunter when she was on the receiving end have appeared in their films and I assume that they were happy with the working conditions etc.

    Anonymous said...

    I like to watch videos where there appears to be a connection between the spanker and the spankee and I like both M/F and F/M. I like role play where you know that it is not really a punishment spanking. I really like birthday spankings with solid spanks delivered in the spirit of fun. I prefer over the knee, hand spankings delivered to the spankee's underwear covered then bare bottom. I like when the spanker delivers a combination of hard spanks to the spankee's sit spot and the fleshy parts of their bottom. I also like it when the spanker rubs and pats the spankee's bottom and when it really looks like the spanker is enjoying their task. I also like when the spanking is over the spanker gives the spankee a swat on the butt and sends the spankee to the corner where the spankee stands and rubs their throbbing red bottom. I also like when the spankee sits on the spanker's lap and they hug. I also like when the spankee after the spanking sits down and immediately jumps back up and rubs their well spanked bottom.

    O and P Spanking Stories said...

    Yes, a big no no for excessive videos, and tattoos.

    Bonnie said...

    Hermione - You mention a fondness for OTK spankings. I'm of two minds about this, which probably reflects my own experience. When the spankee is well supported and not dangling in the air, I love it. But when it's awkward and she appears to be in danger of falling off, I worry about unscripted injuries.

    Roz - Thank you! The conversation was a lot longer but I cut it down to promote readability. In spanking films and in every style of acting, the best performers are those who can make you forget they are performing. That's the magic of theater.

    There is no substitute for consent. I don't worry about this with the major studios. I have no doubt that their scenes are discussed in advance or at least an understanding is reached regarding limits. It's the amateurs and those in developing countries where I wonder sometimes.

    RP - I too like a connection between spanking and sex, but such scenes are rare. My theory is that spanking content producers are reluctant to cross the line into flat out porn. But that's a guess.

    We steer clear of the nasty stuff. It must be someone's thing or it wouldn't exist, but please no. There are a number of studios that produce consistently high quality spanking content and we tend to favor those videos. With that said, sometimes the smaller PPV folks can tell a compelling tale.

    Simon - We each have our own tastes, of course, but even those Lupus films you mention seem squicky to me. Seeing someone whipped until they are bloody is just too much for my eyes.

    Anon - That connection can absolutely make a video performance. It's something I look for.

    You also mention corner time. I'm not particularly fond of spending time in that position, but in a video, it can be just the perfect capper.

    The hugging afterward and really any sign of romance makes everything better for me.

    Brigitte - I don't care whether the models have tattoos. Many young people do now. But if this is supposed to be a school spanking scene, let's cast someone who looks the part.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Bonnie thank you for your kind comments on my comments. It is always nice to be heard. If you are interested I would love to make a paddle for Randy to spank you with. Do you have an email address so I can contact you?

    Rich Person said...

    Bonnie, Do you ever secretly fantasize about being part of making a video? What scenario would you like for your video debut? How long would the action last? If you don't mind telling us...

    Minielle Labraun said...

    I love reading this. I have certainly evolved in my desires through my lifetime. I love reading stories because of the fantasy. I also get upset with brutality. Some fantasy scenes are not my cup of tea but in a story I can skim….watching may turn me completely off.
    I love the idea of punishment… and real….however I feel there needs to be a fairness aspect and acknowledgement from spanker if not fair…. Unless it just IS as part of story or scene. Being turned on and getting onto the sex etc is part of it… but sometimes I love the yin an yang of being mad or upset…. Resolved though.

    Minielle Labraun said...

    And…. Meant to say with vids as well….. otherwise it seems silly.

    Bonnie said...

    Anon - I have an email link at the bottom of this page. It is labeled Ask Bonnie.

    RP - Randy video records and photographs many of our spankings, but the content ia just for us. We don't do anything for the camera that we wouldn't do anyway. That's good enough for me.

    Minielle - I too have very specific tastes in terms of what I want to see and what I don't want to see. One word can convince me that I don't want to read or watch any further.

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