Saturday, July 17, 2021

Keyword Chaos: Midsummer Night Version

Below you will find a list of search terms that people used to reach this blog. We added some comments just for fun.
  • am I a spanko – Yes

  • ass destruction – Those weapons were discovered in our bedroom

  • benefits of spanking wife – Too many to list here

  • bonnie my bottom smarts – Reader, mine does too

  • bump rump hump – Another one swats the butt

  • choose your own spanking stpy – Dictionary defines STPY as short tons per year

  • glowing red bottom – If I could learn to walk backward, maybe I could see where I'm going at night

  • i was paddled in a cheerleader's skirt – You and a whole bunch of other cheerleaders

  • most embarrassing spanking – Clown puppets? Really?

  • painful spanking positions – They're all painful. It's a spanking!

  • positions to spank wife – Chairman of the board goes first

  • spanked celebrities – My favorite new show

  • spanked in high waisted white cotton panties – You've been comparing notes with my spouse

  • spankied for charity story – Could you please pass the spankies?

  • spanking animation – Watch how the hand goes up and down

  • spanking cyoa story – Cover your own ass?

  • spanking etiquette – No swats until we've been properly introduced

  • spanking on a train – Conductor, I think there's a fire in the caboose

  • spanking101thebook – I'm waiting for the motion picture

  • take a spanking quiz – Question one: Does rattan float?

  • talk about spanking fantasy – Fun with the naughty milkmaid

  • the bored housewives spanko club – Imagine the initiation ceremony

  • top 10 spanking positions – I wonder which are the bottom ten

  • violation of procedures spanking – They're so strict here
That's all folks!


Fondles said...

The comments were hilarious! Thanks for sharing

Roz said...

LoL Bonnie,

You keywords posts are always hilarious, and your comments priceless.


morningstar said...

I love when you do these posts I always have such a good laugh. I love your answers!!!

Erica Scott said...

"Reader, mine does too."
Thank you, Miss Eyre! I nearly spewed my coffee over that one. :-D

Hermione said...

"Does rattan float?" My project for today is to find the answer.


Minielle Labraun said...

Just love when you post these! Makes my day!


Sorry to be so off-topic, but I thought that you might like to know that Red of Consensual Spanking, is blogging again, for your next "In with the new" post. The blog is called Consensual Spanking Second Edition and it can be found at


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