Saturday, May 23, 2020

Introducing the Spanko! Podcast

I recently discovered the excellent new Spanko! Podcast which I believe many MBS readers will enjoy. The creators are a group of five delightfully dedicated spanking enthusiasts located in Cleveland, Ohio. I've listened to two episodes so far where they provide introductions and ponder the choices faced by spankos in isolation.

I liked hearing the discussions that arise from a diverse group united by a common interest. Each member has a different life story and that shapes their perspectives. I know a little about Eric because he has a Twitter page and used to publish a very good Tumblr. I've also followed Ana (aka Karina) for a number of years through various sites. Sky, Sunny, and Lizzy are new to me, I think.

I look forward to listening and learning more from this clever, fun group!


Roz said...

Hi Bonnie,

Thank you for letting us know. It's so great that this exists.


Hermione said...

hi Bonnie,
They sound like a very interesting group of people. Thanks for sharing.


Bruno y Mia said...

I humbly offer you my blog with 100% real stories with my submissive girlfriend

Joe said...

Thanks Bonnie they sound great. Should be a lot of fun.

maraleia said...

This podcast is fantastic. Thanks Bonnie. I hope this makes its way to itunes and spotify and other platforms.

Bonnie said...

Roz - I agree. It's a great concept. There were spanko podcasts in the past, but it seemed as though they never lasted very long.

Hermione - You are most welcome.

Bruno - I'll take a look. Thanks.

Joe - I hope you enjoy it.

Maraleia - Yes, I really like these people. I just listened to the third episode. For newbies, hearing their personal definitions of common spanko terms is like having a really knowledgeable friend walk you through our culture and jargon.

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