Sunday, January 12, 2020

Dressing for the Occasion

Happy New Year, everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, Hermione asked the following question at brunch:

Do you have special attire the spankee is required to don before a spanking? If so, is it used regularly, seldom, or only on certain occasions?

I wrote a brief response befitting that venue, but my full answer is a bit more involved.

My husband Randy loves to dress me (and undress me) for spankings. He calls it “opening the gift.” The themes he selects are variously exciting, fun, silly, sexy, and outrageous. Sometimes, one or both of us lack the time or energy to pursue this activity. But when we can, we explore the boundaries of our respective roles as spanker and spankee.

Another essential aspect of our play is the capture of our festivities through video, audio, and photography. Randy creates and curates this content just for us. His equipment and techniques have become more sophisticated over the years. Watching my spankings later allows me to better appreciate the detail he invests in coordinating his patter, choice of implement, and the delivery of the blows with my spankee persona. I can immerse myself in my role and experience a spanking that feels real.

I will wear (or not wear) almost anything to fit the circumstance. I am pleased to indulge his fascination. As long as I get my spanking and all of the adult fun that follows, I'm all in.

I started a list of outfits I’ve worn recently when I answered Hermone’s question. With Randy’s help, I compiled this more comprehensive list.


Naked – What could be more natural? He loves my curvy body and I love the feel of his touch. When the transition from carress to spank arrives, it is deliciously welcome.

Bra and thong set – He probably doesn’t notice that the top and bottom match, but he definitely appreciates cute lingerie. There’s a good reason why I own 100 pairs of panties.

Bad Girl

Cheerleader uniform – Who doesn’t want to paddle the misbehaving cheerleader? Several years ago, I bought a real cheer uniform, complete with pleated skirt, sweater, and matching brief. This is great fun, but it requires a bit of preparation.

Naughty schoolgirl – I found a very short pleated wool tartan skirt and coordinated sweater. This skirt is so short that the crests of my hips and the lower half of my bottom are exposed. I pair it with a little white bikini panty to draw his eye. I get exactly what a naughty girl deserves.


Skirted business suit with slip, stockings, garter belt, and heels – Plenty to unwrap here.

Similar outfit with pantyhose – I’m not sure why Randy is so fond of pantyhose. Maybe it’s because I used to wear them all the time and he has good memories.

Girdle – Our child of the sixties remembers a time when women wore big white heavy Playtex control briefs. Randy thinks they’re hot, so I get hot bottom while wearing a girdle.

White nylon briefs – Yeah, granny panties. I’m qualified to wear them and I do. Randy likes the look. Despite the full coverage design, they provide precisely zero protection against spanking implements.

Sexy Wife

Bikini swimsuit – For several practical reasons, I wear a one-piece suit in public. At home, however, I dance for my sweetie wearing a small bikini. Sometimes, he will have me get my suit wet in the shower before the main event.

Form-fitting blue jeans – This is my go-to look, and that’s a mixed blessing. It’s great that my husband thinks my favorite comfortable jeans look sexy. However, there are times when looking sexy is not my top priority. I have to wear something!

Leggings – This is 2020, so there must be leggings. Randy likes me to wear white, beige, light gray, or pale pastel colors that are sufficiently translucent to reveal my thong lines. Wearing these around Randy is like waving a red flag in front of a proverbial bull. The only question is how long he will spank before those leggings get peeled off.

White shorts – Shorts are good. Short shorts are better, especially when they expose the bottom of my bottom. You know, the part that gets punished.

Short nightie and thong set – I just love a warm, snugly bedtime spanking, maybe OTK with a yummy leather implement. If I can dress for this nocturnal discipline, that’s even better.

A reader asked me recently whether I thought that wearing some of these outfits felt demeaning. My answer would be a resounding no. Spankings are how we fulfill our mutual desires. If I dress as someone other than who I am, that’s a part of our exploration together. Spankings are like pizza. Even when they’re bad, they’re still pretty good.


Roz said...

Hi Bonnie, I enjoyed reading this. That is a great selection of outfits. I love that you and Randy have so much fun together with dressing for the occasion and also recording it. Interesting comments about watching a spanking afterwards.


Fondles said...

I need to tell BIKSS about that 100 panties thing. He thinks i have way too many. And i don't even come CLOSE to 100.

morningstar said...

thank you for sharing an in depth list of spanking outfits. Funny when I played publicly I had a closet full of spanking outfits! now not so much they are stored away safely in case the opportunity presents itself for public play again. Now that Sir Steve and I can play privately his favourite outfit is "naked and bent over the bed" thank you very much !!! suits me perfectly :)

Enzo said...

Hi Bonnie - Thank you for sharing all this in detail. I think it is great and shows that you are both mutually into it.
BTW, I found that reader's comment that you mentioned ('...whether I thought that wearing some of these outfits felt demeaning") rather odd in the context of your (and these other like minded) blog(s). Everyone has individual tastes and limits but it just struck me as out of place (-?).

O&P Spanking Stories said...

I love cheerleading uniforms, but it shouldn't be too short...
I am posting an Eilean Beithe inspired story ;)

Rich Person said...

That's a great list and an inspiration. I always appreciate your thoughts and descriptions of your experiences.

My question is whether you find that spankings or paddlings over a girdle feel different than ones on the bare. If they are different, in what way?

O&P Spanking Stories said...

Eilean part 1 and 2 already posted, part 3 to be posted this Saturday. Eilean Beithe (Gaelic for Birch Island) was a website created by Alex who rented a Scottish castle to play shool with women friends...

Hermione said...

What a delightful array of outfits, and every one works!

I can't imagine being photographed or videoed while being spanked, but who knows? I might like it id we tried it.

Thanks for opening your closet for us.


Bonnie said...

Everyone - Thank you for your comments. Randy and I wrote down every favorite spanking costume we could recall. We somehow left out another longtime favorite. I have a little white pleated tennis skirt with matching sweater and briefs. I dug that one out last night with predictable results.

Roz - Watching our play as if we were uninvolved voyeurs is still an odd experience. After a spanking, I remember a few of the highlights, but much of the detail is washed away by waves of agony, lust, and joy. To view it all again through different eyes is re-imagine my own reality. Maybe I should write a post about this too.

Fondles - Randy cannot even complain about how my panty collection no longer fits in a single drawer. He bought most of them! He'll find a style and want to see how I look wearing them (and then pull them down and...). Being a guy, he can't ever buy one or two of anything, so he gets eight or ten pairs including every color available. My drawer runneth over.

MS - We definitely love that one too!

Enzo - I think people approach the blog with different values and experiences. A wife who is spanked by her husband is outside most people's known world. As they seek to understand, it's natural and welcome that they ask questions. I am happy to bring clarity and hopefully comprehension to my readers, especially the new arrivals.

B - Randy totally agrees about the cheerleader uniform. Thanks for the heads up about your story.

RP - Thanks. Yes, getting spanked over a girdle is quite different a spanking over panties or on my bare skin. A girdle provides a lot of protection. I think of it like wearing armor. When one wears a girdle, it compresses the bottom cheeks to create a hard surface that is not displaced upon impact. This tends to limit both pain and damage. My husband knows this, however, and likes to compensate.

Hermione - It takes some getting used to. It began for us many years ago with him taking a Polaroid photograph of my bottom after every spanking. Then it was audio recordings. Finally, he decided he was a videographer too. Now it's just a part of our fun. I bought him some studio lights recently as a gift and he could not wait to test them!

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