Sunday, October 06, 2019

Meme: How well do you know your significant other?

I adapted this meme from Hermione who get it from Ronnie who borrowed it from PK.

Name a food he won’t eat?Brussel sprouts.
You go out to eat; what would he drink? Flavored seltzer if they have it or soda water.
What’s one thing you do that just about guarantees you’re getting a spanking? Just one? There are so many! Today, I wore leggings.
What is his nickname for you? Bon or Bon-Bon.
What is something he likes to do? Playfully swat my bottom in public places.
What is his favourite store? He’s not much of a shopper. If he buys something, it’s probably online.
When he is on the phone, who is he talking to? Someone from work.
What are his favorite shows? Comedies, news, sports, or sci-fi/fantasy – Silicon Valley, SNL, Rachel Maddow, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, NFL Red Zone.
What’s his favorite implement? One that hurts!
What would he never wear? Jewelry other than his wedding ring.
What’s his favourite food? He has lots of favorites, but let’s go with gang pa-nang gai (Thai sweet curry chicken).
If you could change one thing about your significant other, large or small, what would it be? I’m way beyond the point of trying to change him. I simply have to love him as he is.
What is his favourite sport? NFL football (Go Seahawks!).
What is something that you do that he wishes you didn’t? Procrastinate.
What could he do all day long and not get bored? Watch NFL Redzone on Sundays.
How does he like his coffee? He’s not a coffee drinker.
How long have you been together? Since Methuselah was in short pants.
What is your perfect world for yourself and your relationship ten years from now? I hope we’re both healthy and enjoying a good life together.


Roz said...

Hi Bonnie, I enjoyed reading your answers and learning a little about Randy.

Love his nick names for you and am with him on brussel sprouts lol


Hermione said...

Aww, come on, Brussels sprouts aren't so bad when they're halved and sauteed in butter.


PK said...

I definitely agree about the Brussels sprouts! Also about watching Rachel Maddow. Sounds like you know him well, but I knew this long ago. You two are perfect for one another.

ronnie said...

Bonnie hi,

I enjoyed reading your answers. I'm with Randy on the Brussels sprouts.


Bonnie said...

Roz - Thank you. We agree on those vile little nuggets of horror.

Hermione - I will gladly share all of mine with you from this day forward.

PK - Thanks. We definitely have a lot of common values and interests. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Ronnie - As my Millennial daughter would say, "I know, right?" :)

Emerging Lurker said...

I’ll second the Go, Seahawks!

Terpsichore said...

very nice :-) Hugs

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