Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Keyword Chaos Version 2019-1

It's been almost a year, so we have a massive backlog. Here are some search terms that people used to find this blog:
  • 12 days of Christmas spanking – ...And a switch cut from a pear tree

  • 1950 spanking implements mummys knee – Punishments in grainy black and white

  • 20 REASONS WHY HUSBAND SPANK WIVES – If his wives like it, who cares about the other 19?

  • a bottom for a top spanking switch paddlings – Swing your partner, dosey doe

  • a cross knee spanking blog – A cross knee is a fearsome thing

  • a down right bear butt spanking – Leave that bear alone!

  • a professor and maryann bdsm blog – Have you ever been spanked with a coconut?

  • aaah spanking Sarah – Sarah likes!

  • academic study erotic spanking – Ow! Now that’s statistically significant.

  • adult caning spanking talk – Are we talking or are we caning?

  • adult spanking blog truck – Sort of like a taco truck with the burn in back

  • adult woman lifts her skirt for a caning – No sense wasting this on kids

  • Adult woman spank bare bottom nude for bad driving – Bare = nude, right?

  • all danger babe central spanking tubes – Danger Babe is my favorite superhero.

  • all sites with severe paddled and caneing to tears real pain spanking – OK, got it

  • all spanking positions – Every single one

  • anal research – Crappy science

  • Ankle grabbing for spanking at school – This is going to hurt

  • are playful spanks between couples ok – If it brings joy, it’s right

  • ariel anderssen anal hook – Ariel is such a good sport

  • armless chair spanking – Take that, you wicked chair

  • Ass grabbing and spanking blog – Something for everyone!

  • Assume the position spanking over a chair seat – Yeah, I know the drill

  • aunt sue spanked us bear bottom – Enough with the damn bear

  • aunty inpanty – Jeannie in bikini

  • bad girls get a strapped bottom for being saucy – Naughty Hollandaise!

  • bottock spanking advantage – I’m sure there’s an advantage, but I don’t know what it is

  • bare bottom spankung – Everybody was spankung fu fighting

  • bare bottom toasted with dads belt – Toasted belt smells like sneaker

  • bare bum spa king – With all due respect, Sire, I’m not getting in that gross hot tub

  • bare traps sandals roanna – Huh?

  • beautiful bottom spanking tumblr – Yes, Tumblr should be spanked

  • belt spank hands on hips fucking her doggie style – Is that even anatomically possible?

  • belt welt bare fanny – cane pain sore fanny

  • bend over these pillows for your spanking – Actually, I prefer those pillows

  • best spanking position – The one that works

  • Big bottom spankings – OK, here we go

  • big butt syndrome spanking – Yeah, I’ve got a terminal case

  • Big rump spanking – Managed like a civil engineering project

  • blue bottom spanking – Red roses for a blue lady

  • Bonnie being spanked – Yes, that definitely happens

  • bonnie spanked while wearing a thong – I was also wearing a smile

  • spank bonnie big bubble butt – OK, I have a big butt

  • spank bonnie big butt – My big butt gets spanked yet again

  • spank bonnie big round rump plump big bubble butt – I am not ashamed of my curvy body

  • spank bonnie large bottom – A rear by any other name would still get whacked

  • spank bonnie padding round rump plump bubble ass – Here comes the paddle

  • spank bonnie round rump plump bubble butt – Must we?

  • spank bonnie round rump plump bubble butt with heavy wooden paddle – Hey, that thing really hurts

  • spank bonnie thick bubble ass with heavy wooden hairbrush – Thick bubble versus heavy hairbrush

  • spank bonnie thick bubblebutt – Flattery will get you nowhere

  • spank bonnie thick hips thick round rump plump thick bubble butt ass padding – Leave my hips out of this!

  • spank bonnie thick hips thick thighs and thick round rump plump thick bubble butt – Easy on the thighs, OK?

  • spank bonnie thick round rump plump thick bubble butt with a heavy wooden paddle – Didn’t we already do this?

  • spank bonnie thick thick round rump plump thick bubble butt butted round – Double thick?

  • spank bonnie thick thick thick large bottom – Hold on, this is getting personal

  • spank bonnie thick thick thick thick round rump plump thick bubble butt – 5x thick, really?

  • boyfriend spanks me but doesn't take my pants down – I’ll bet he will if you ask

  • brat spanker in cincinnati – What's with the turkeys?

  • Bratting out for a spanking – She earned it the old fashioned way

  • brides behaving baddly – Newlyweed speling knot soo gudd

  • bubble butt girl spanked story – We love butt girl stories

  • cable wire spanking videos – That cable is pure evil

  • canning ass in standing position – We’re going to need a bigger mason jar

  • capsaicin on butt for spanking – Ben Gay flay day

  • cheer captan paddled at school – Everybody likes cheerleader spankings

  • CHEERLEADER SPANKED TILL BUTT TURNS RED – Rah rah raddle, spanked with a paddle

  • cheerleaders paddled – Lift that pleated skirt, lower those cute little briefs, drop the pom-poms

  • cheerleaders spanked – Been there, done that

  • im your little bitch cheerleader spank – Whatever, get in line

  • mother spanked cheerleader – Yeah, mom and everybody else

  • paddling cheerleaders – This is a very popular subject

  • schoolswatscheerleading – This cheerleader paddling thing is a major kink

  • spanked cheerleaders – Flip that skirt

  • spanked woodshed cheerleader – I picture team pennants on the wall

  • Spanking cheerleader camp – Preparation for competitive spanking

  • stories about cheerleaders paddlong – This has gone on way too long

  • choose your spanking – If you choose to bend over his knee, go to page 128

  • College girl getting her buns burnt with the paddle – Not all education occurs in the classroom

  • competitive bare butt whipping – That’s a five from the Bulgarian judge

  • couples birthday spanking – Candles are just the beginning

  • Court judge grown woman to be spank barebottom nude as discipline – This is a very specific fantasy

That’s enough for now. More to come!


Windy said...

Quite clever, Bonnie, and funny! I love "We're gonna need a bigger mason jar!" and "this is getting personal!" and "rah rah rattle!" I liked all of them, but those gave me the biggest laughs! Great post! Hugs, Windy

Roz said...

LoL Bonnie, these are hilarious and I love your comments. It's amazing how people find our blogs lol


Hermione said...

All roads lead to Bonnie! Looking forward to D-G!


Terpsichore said...

it all leads back to you. :-) Hugs

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