Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Hello 2019

Happy New Year, everyone. Let's hope 2019 will be cheerier than last year.

I've been busy cleaning blogrolls in the wake of the recent blogpocolypse on Tumblr. It is a very long and very sad job. At one point, I had to go ask Randy for a spanking to help deal with the sorrow of so many dead and wounded blogs. Countless thousands of hours of bloggers' work is now lost in the name of corporate decency. But we are rebuilding as we always have.

I know a number of former Tumblr bloggers have relocated or are trying to relocate. I am delighted to add these new links to our blogroll. Just leave me a comment or send an email and point me in the right direction.

Here's a spanking meme I found on one of those dying blogs.

Panties or bare bottom? Why not both?

How many times have you been spanked? Over 2000 (we really love it)

How often are you spanked? At least once per week

Are you currently getting spanked? Not at this moment, no

Dream spanker/spankee? Randy and me

Favorite clothing for a spankee? Depends upon the scene

Do you switch? Nope

Favorite spanking position? OTK at the edge of the bed

Most hated spanking position? Diaper

Favorite implement? a soft, flexible leather paddle

Most hated implement? Anything that breaks the skin

When was the last time you got spanked? Last night

What was the last thing you got spanked for? New Years

Do you have a preferred pairing? (M/F F/F F/M M/M) Randy and me

What is your favorite thing to do for aftercare? Um, sex

Do you have a favorite spanking artist? Wolfie

Do you have a favorite spanking writer/author? Too many to choose just one

An aspect of spanking that you like to see in fantasy but would hate in real life? Serious bondage

Well, that was a fun little diversion.

May your year be bountiful and filled with joy, contentment, and peace.


Roz said...

Happy New Year to you and Randy Bonnie, I hope 2019 is a wonderful year full of health, love and happiness. Great meme, enjoyed reading your answers.


NoraJean said...

Happy New Year, Bonnie! ... nj

Windy said...

Thanks for all the hard work you do for blog land,Bonnie. You really do help people find like minded folks! Happy New Year! Windy

Hermione said...

Happy NEw YEar Bonnie. It's sad to see the Tumblr blogs go. I enjoyed many of them, but some were far too graphic for my taste.


ronnie said...

Happy New Year Bonnie. Yes sad to see so many of the Tumblrs go. I'm the same as Hermione, some of them far too graphic for me.


Blondie said...

What a great meme. Happy New Year Bonnie!

Erica Scott said...

Happy 2019, Bonnie. It's always good to see you. ♥

Katie said...

Happy New Year to you and Randy, Bonnie! :) That is sad about the bloggers/Tumblrs that were lost. I never tended to venture there/don't know much about it all, but would be so disappointed if that happened to me. I hope that they recover/rebuild for the new year! Wishing them well!

Fun to read your meme answers! Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog with the help of Meredith. This is a great first post - I feel like I know a wee bit about you already. :)

Terpsichore said...

wishing you a wonderful 2019! :-) Hugs

Bonnie said...

Roz - Thank you!

NJ - Happy New Year to you too!

Windy - You're very welcome. I love to serve our community.

Hermione - I hear you. As you know, I've long grappled with where the line should be. For example, if a blog's content is 90% relevant and appropriate, but 10% potentially objectionable, should I link it? I sometimes err on the side of inclusion. Other times, I find myself rejecting a blog over a single word. I have conclude that there is no simple answer. So I continue to muddle through.

Ronnie - Happy New Year to you too!

Blondie - Thank you!

Erica - Happy New Year. Great to see you!

Katie - Some Tumblr blogs have stayed and tried to comply with the new rules. Others have relocated. Most, however, have simply disappeared. Long term, I'm not certain what the effect will be. I just wish it didn't need to happen.

Shell - Welcome! I look forward to discovering your blog.

Terps - Thanks. You too!

Daniel Delany said...

Hi Bonnie! Long time lurker & fan of your blog. I have a brand new F/M-oriented blog called The Venus and Cupid. thevenusandcupid.blogspot.com I would be honored if you'd add it to your blog roll. Thanks for the amazing content and resources you provide. Cheers, Daniel

Florida Dom said...

Great to see that in 2019 you are still blogging. And getting spanked.


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