Friday, January 20, 2017

Keyword Chaos!

These are some of the search terms that people use to find this blog.

  • bonnie spanks – No, I don’t

  • build a better spanking – Now there’s a worthy project

  • butt sex love – How about butt sex OK if we must?

  • cheerleader paddled – The pleated skirt somehow attracts polished wood

  • greyhoundsowner – What does this look like, a dog blog?

  • hairbrush spanking – Ouch!

  • i want to spank her – OK, what does she want?

  • iwontbenice – Well, that’s quite an introduction

  • my bottom smarts tumblr – Are you kidding? I haven’t time to update this blog

  • paddled over jeans – We love our traditions

  • secret spanking – With all that racket, how secret can it be?

  • sound of spanking – Hello redness my old friend...

  • spank your partner – Allemande left and a dosey doe...

  • spanked with a cod – Gladys vowed to never again date a fisherman

  • spanking 101 the book – I’m waiting for Spanking 101: the Motion Picture

  • spanking in the shower – Water + bare bottom + bath brush = Good clean distress

  • spanking miss chris – I think that’s the other way around

  • spanking olympics – Let the competition begin

  • stress relief spanking – One of the necessities of life

  • tawse leather strap devil tail stingy bdsm discipline punishment – This is a very specific kink

  • theonlylivingboyinnewyork – Whaaaat?

  • wife cornertime – I’ve spent time in the wife corner


Roz said...

LoL Bonnie, these are funny and your comments add to it. It's always fun to review search terms.


Hermione said...

LOL! Kissing the cod is an old tradition in Newfoundland, but being spanked with one? Never heard of it.

I'm so glad this feature is back. Keep them coming!


Leigh Smith said...

Some of these are hysterical and needless to say most of them are beyond me.

Cat said...

LOL Bonnie...these are too funny and your comments make them hysterical! The 'cod' one still has me shaking my head. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

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