Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bonnie's Mailbag

So you know it's been almost exactly a year since we last dug through the old mailbag? I probably deserve a paddling for letting it go so long, but we'll leave that solemn ceremony for another day. Let's see what we have...

Comment: Love your sexy juicy ass

Response: My first thought was, "I'm not juicy," but then I looked up the word.


juicy (comparative juicier, superlative juiciest)

1. having lots of juice
          a juicy peach

2. (of a story, etc.) exciting, interesting, or enticing
          I do not keep up with all the latest juicy rumors.

3. (of a blow, strike, etc.) strong, painful

I hadn't heard the third definition, but it accurately describes last night's percussive entertainment. So I guess I might have a juicy ass.

Question: really love your sexy sadddlebag hips- ever get spanked there?

Response: Not intentionally, but we've had leather straps wrap on occasion. Strikes out there are not fun. Also, we want to avoid hitting my hip bones. I plan to use them for many more years.

Question: May I copy the links from your blogroll into mine?

Response: The twin blogrolls are the biggest draws for My Bottom Smarts. Our team spends several hours each week maintaining them - finding new spanking blogs, adding them, making updates, and trimming closed or private blogs. What you see is the product of years of careful attention. Blogrolls have long been a differentiating factor for MBS and they brought in a lot of regular readers. People came for the blogrolls and then stayed for the content.

With that said, I don't mind if you find blogs you enjoy and link them. I find links on other people's blogrolls so the reverse is to be expected. Should you discover a blog that's new, relevant and good, I'd love to hear about it. But I prefer that people not copy the entire blogroll and then present it without attribution.

Question: I've never been spanked and it may be that spanking just isn't for me. I've tried it on myself, which I realize isn't really the same. The first whack or two or three hurts in a really arousing, sexual way, but then it just starts really hurting. So my question is whether over time, the arousing/sexual pain begins to last longer, e.g., does it take longer for the enjoyable pain to turn into plain old pain? Or is it that the enjoyable pain ends just as quickly, but the spankee gets better at dealing with the plain old pain?

Response: As my husband reminds me, a spanking is supposed to hurt. And it does hurt, a lot, every time. Each of us responds to pain differently. Some people, me included, process the pain of a swat on the bottom as being pleasurable and arousing. Maybe I've come to associate that spanking sensation with sexy fun. Or maybe I'm just wired to enjoy being spanked. Either way, the connection is definitely there. Other people, however, feel nothing but pain.

In terms of the progression of a spanking, there is a point beyond which it's no longer pure enjoyment. There is a moment when I think it's all more intense than I want or need. As the spanking then continues, I am confronted with the unavoidable realization that he is in control and I am not. I have to make a conscious choice to stay and accept whatever he chooses to give me. For me, deliberate submission to a hard spanking is at least as sexy as the spanking itself. The feeling of release that ensues makes all of the pain worthwhile and even welcome. I gain a happy glow that stays with me longer than the sting on my bottom. But your mileage may vary.

Comment: I wish to chat about spamming my wife.

Response: Are we talking about the former Nigerian oil minister, cheap Rolex knock-offs, or wang enlargement pills? I'm sure she'll be surprised and thrilled by your romantic gesture.

Comment: I do admit I really like your butt in the picture.

Response: I do admit I know when you post a picture of your bottom on the Web, you're going to get these comments.

Question: anal ssex?

Response: Go back in your cave.

Question: I live in the Tampa, FL area...will you be in this area in the near future.

Response: (1) No, (2) I don't do hook-ups, and (3) why would you think it's OK to send this one line proposition to a woman you don't know?

Question: hello could you help I am just starting hard core training would love to learn to endure hardcore pain how do I prepare my self please reply

Response: If we are talking about spanking, receiving regular spankings will toughen your bottom and allow it to endure longer, harder sessions, but it doesn't really change the pain. I am not familiar with "hard core training" so I'm not sure I can give you much more than that.

Comment: Bonnie, you have a fine bottom given to you with a second purpose to be spanked, I know as we are similar. Spanking in the right relationship can be a positive healthy activity

Response: Thank you. Randy also claims that my bottom was designed to be spanked.

Question: Maam I am writing to you as a fellow spankee,. Like your profile and site and your Pic. As a single man in need to have a regular Domme Spanker, I am devastated over the loss of my Spanker a pro Dom, who split with me and just wanted to ask if you might know a woman who could possibly meet with me...

Response: I don't know how to find a domme, but you might want to start by posting a message in the appropriate forum on FL.

Question: You don't write much anymore about your husband really toasting your butt? Are you still being sponked?

Response: What a wonderful word! Sponk = Spank + Bonk. Yes, we still sponk just about every week. I look forward to those occasions all week long.

Comment: nice ass Want to know you better

Response: I guarantee that you never to get to know any woman better if your first two words are "nice ass."

Comment: Great Bottom Yes Bonnie mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Response: OK, that's slightly better, but not much.

Comment: I have more pictures on my profile if you're my friend. How are you?

Response: Considering that your profile picture is a schlong, how I am is not inclined to see any more of that. We already have one of those at our house and it's still quite serviceable.

Question: Do you walk out in public in a short skirt or dress right after youve been spanked?

Response: I have and I would do so again if Randy asked.

Question: My husband has been spanking me for about two years. We both enjoy it a lot. My question is that my bottom doesn't stay red very long anymore even though he is still spanking me just as hard and it still hurts. Why is this?

Response: I am glad you and your husband have enriched your relationship in this way. Everyone's physiology is different. Some people mark a lot and others almost never mark even after a severe spanking. With that said, as we experience regular spankings, our bottoms tend to toughen up and mark less. I've definitely observed this. I like to have some visible marks that I can rub and admire in the mirror. To me, those fond remembrances are part of the whole spanking experience. I guess we have to enjoy that warm blush while it lasts.

That's it for this time. Have a great weekend, everybody.


A. Lurker said...

Hi Bonnie,
Reading the last couple of new posts felt like a visit from an old friend who is in town for a while after having moved away a long while ago.

I know you got too busy to write but that's OK coz I got too busy to read! :-) Funny how I always thought that I'd have more free time when the kids grew up and left home but it's quite the opposite. Don't know if it's because there's more to do or if it's because the usual stuff just takes longer to do as the years pass. Wondering if it's the same for you?

Nice to hear from you again!

Cat said...

Hey Bonnie...thanks for sharing a bit of your mailbag,,,ya have to wonder about some of these people don't ya.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Hi Bonnie, it's so great to see you post :) Enjoyed reading this and loved your answers. The mind does boggle at some of these!


sixofthebest said...

Yes, Bonnie, you do deserve a warm bottom warming from your ever loving husband, for not updating your wonderful blog. And yes, I am pleased that he still gives you a knickers down spanking. I also just passed my 82nd birthday, which made me a 'spanko' for about 70 years. I love your 'spanko' mail bag. And yes,I might had your "BOTTOM, is TOPS.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

It's just like the good old days! I always enjoyed reading your mailbag posts, so thank you for sharing some of the good ones with us.


Bonnie said...

R - As one empty-nester to another, I totally get it. There's just a lot to do!

Cat - I've wondered about these people for years. Where do they come from? Are they normal guys who just get weird on the internet? Or are they professional creeps all the time? I wonder about such things.

Roz - Thank you!

Six - Wow, happy birthday!

Hermione - You're very welcome, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your thoughts and observations. Your personal insight and experience is appreciated :) Please post more often if possible.

aliesha purinton said...

Wow spanking by your husband . My bf has threatened to spank me but never as there is few things I should be over his knee for.

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