Monday, November 04, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch

Our question this week dealt with having to sit on a hard surface after a spanking. Here are your thoughts.

Mr BB: It depends upon the Spanker/spankee (or HoH & TiH) and what is decided beforehand. If the spanking is for disciplinary reasons and a spanking for a similar infraction didn't work as it was meant the previous time, adding more intensity and including something like "sitting on hard surface," corner time, or writing lines can be a useful progression of discipline without going past a spankee's tolerance level.

Dragon's Rose: It doesn't matter why my bottom was spanked. We are too busy making love to worry about sitting on a hard surface.

Grand: Hmmm. Devious. I need to consider doing that to my spankee.

River Wild: I don't recall it ever having been planned that way, but it's happened a few times incidentally. Most recently, I was spanked with the hairbrush and then the belt. It ended up being quite intense and I was very sore afterward. My husband insisted about a half hour later that I go with him to a local football game where I had to sit on a hard, cold metal bleacher bench for nearly an hour. Being the sweet man that he is, he allowed me to fold up my blanket and sit on that for the last hour (also because my squirming was bugging him!).

I have heard of "punishment panties." which are undergarments lined with sandpaper. OUCH! I guess that would make it much worse.

Roz: This isn't something we do as part of the spanking itself, although I usually end up sitting on the floor later on.

Punishment panties? Ouch!

Belle L: No. There's no punishment afterward. Always gentleness.

Darren: Good girls are usually, ahem, 'rewarded' for taking their spanking well. However, sometimes, J has to endure a little deferred gratification. We take a trip to a smart local cafe for coffee and cake (which she loves), but this requires her to sit on a hard wooden chair. The sight of her first gingerly sitting her hot bottom down, then trying hard not to squirm in company adds another dimension to consensual chastisement.

Hermione: Not intentionally, but since we eventually sit down on hard chairs to have dinner a few hours after a spanking, I usually have an uncomfortable (and very quick) meal. The sting is usually still there at breakfast too.

Ronnie: This isn't something we do, although P sometimes spanks me before we go out for a meal at a certain restaurant that has hard benches.

Sarah Thorne: It's happened, but it's not a common ritual. There have been times when a very rough or uncomfortable surface has been deliberately chosen. The heated seats in our vehicle are very uncomfortable after a spanking!

Erica: I have strong feelings about this (what a surprise!). When the spanking is over, it should be over. It's time for aftercare; time to be nice. Hard chairs, sitting on rice or other lumpy surfaces, capsaicin cream -- BARBARIC!

Michael: It has happened but is very rarely. Once when Season and I were indulging in a bit of role play and after I spanked my naughty schoolgirl, she had to sit bare bottom on a wooden chair and write lines while I supervised and continued her scolding. It was something to the effect of "I misbehaved and was a very naughty girl." This was a very squirmy scene that resulted in "Happy Endings" for us both. :-)

Mr X: How about no sitting allowed for a while? Standing in the corner or standing up with hands behind her head would be a good punishment for a bad girl.

Bonnie: Randy likes to watch me squirm. That's the only explanation I can provide. It's not that he commands, “Here, you must sit on this rock.” Rather, he decides to deliver a stinging spanking immediately before we go out to dinner and the theater. At this time of year, I'll probably wear pantyhose beneath a warm wool dress. I stay nice and toasty, except for my bottom which feels crazy hot and sorer than ever. At that moment, I wonder whether anyone would think I was insane if I were to escape to the ladies room and fan my rear with a program. Of course, he just smiles and helpfully inquires, “Trouble sitting?” Um, yeah.

The only consolation is that I know he will make things right when we return home.

Thank you for joining in our brunch conversation!

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