Sunday, November 24, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Nov 24

Our topic this week was preferred time of day for spankings. Here are your thoughts.

Fondles: I don't often get spanked in the morning because BIKSS and I usually only have evenings together. I suspect he'd be more energetic about morning spankings. If we lived together, it's likely that's when he'd be more inclined to spank.

As it stands, evening spankings work for me because they help me feel connected and after a long (and sometimes stressful) day, it's exactly what I need to calm down and find ME again.

Bob B: As a spanker, it does not matter the time of day. If I am fresh and alert and maybe planned the spanking, then I would feel sorry for the bottom. If I am very tired, the thought of it peps me up and invigorates me. I have been known (when younger) to get up in the middle of the night and administer a spanking. That spanking, of course, would be partly instigated by my better half, knowing what would be coming if she pushed me in the right direction.

To sum up, I can not get enough of spanking.

Kia: I think I am more reflective and emotional at night. Therefore, I would be more receptive to spanking then, whatever the reason.

Plus, I am just not a morning person. Then again, that may make it a better punishment.

Dragon's Rose: Any time of the day is good for me. If I am hyper though, I tend to panic and that ends with a safe word.

Katherine Deane: I'll take a spanking any time of the day, but I actually do better when it is administered after a long tough day and I am tired.

Hubby spanked me in bed last night because I was crabby and tired, and not reciprocating his attempts at snuggling.

His dominance helped me release the tension from the day. Even better, I got to go to bed with a nice warm bottom!

Kenzie: I think it does have to do with the type of spanking, but I think for the most part I'd go with night.

George K: Anytime is OK, although the type of spanking does make a difference. For whatever reason, all of my birthday spankings have been done in the daytime. However, if given the choice, I would choose night time.

Lea: I like mostly all spankings but if I was really tired or just waking up, I'd probably be a bit more grumpy about it. I LOVE bedtime spankings though. Something that warms me up nicely but also winds down and lets me relax will put me right to sleep.

Roz: I think it does depend on the type of spanking to a degree, but overall, I'd say evening probably works best for me.

Ronnie: I would agree with others. It depends on the spanking, but generally for me daytime is the best.

Hermione: If it's bedtime and I'm really tired, then I have no interest in being spanked. I'd rather have one when I'm alert enough to enjoy it. Afternoons work best for both of us.

S.: Prefer when I am just waking up, to find myself rolled over on to my tummy, nightdress pulled up, and a quick slapping given to my upturned bare cheeks, leaving me glowing and tingling and ready to face the new day.

Anastasia Vitsky: There's nothing sweeter than a sound spanking at bedtime. Peaceful dreams, complete relaxation, and a morning wake-up of pure contentment.

Prefectdt: Both are good, but I prefer fresh and alert. I like to "fly" because of a spanking and being alert helps me get my mind in the right place for this.

Loki_Darksong: When I am spanking someone, especially my wife, I like to be up and alert. It is safer as to not cause any mistakes and far better to enjoy what I am doing.

When I am the one getting a spanking, it depends on the situation. At parties and events, I prefer to be awake and aware. When in the company of my darling wife, during the day, I like to be fully awake for everything. At night though, a good spanking while tired feels so relaxing.

Bonnie: Both scenarios have their unique charms. The one time of day when I don't want a spanking is early morning. I usually wake a couple of hours earlier than Randy and this is my time. Fortunately for me, he has no desire to spank then either.

Thanks, everyone, for joining our brunch gathering.


Jenny said...

My question and I didn't even have time to comment. Oh well, I'll add a comment later in the week.

Natasha Knight said...

I forgot to answer. Nighttime for sure - I just feel sexier then. Also, the kids are in bed... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bonnie!
That was fun!!
See you next week!

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