Sunday, October 06, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 6

Our question this week was whether a spanking can be relaxing. Here are your responses.

Hermione: Yes indeed. It's just what I need to unwind after a hard week.

Curtis: Yes, depending upon the type of spanking. There are spankings I give where my female partner can lie over my lap for more than an hour and I have on a rare occasion received a similar one.

Six of the Best: Speaking for myself, when I am spanking a woman on her bare bottom. I find that enjoyment most relaxing indeed. Most heavenly relaxing, it's like floating on air.

Prefectdt: And the simple answer is Oh God Yes!

I can get so high on endorphins, from a well-executed spanking, that it can take hours, if not the rest of the day to come down and I get very relaxed. I even get a reduced pulse rate after a good spanking, most times.

Dragon's Rose: Yep, it sure can be relaxing. But I find a gentle flogging to be more relaxing, though my definition of gentle may not be the same as yours.

Enzo: Yes! very much so. I am the one giving the spankings and it is very relaxing for me. It is my solace!

I have explained it better here.

Belle L: The time after a spanking can be very relaxing, but I'm not relaxed during. I'm either wanting it to stop, or wanting it to lead to other things. The desire is not relaxing.

S.: It depends. If I am draped over D's lap, and he is pat-a-caking my bare cheeks, with his hand, it is very relaxing. But that soon turns exciting and needs have to be satisfied. On the other hand, being bent tightly over with bare bottom on high, to be dealt with by a big paddle or cane, is certainly not relaxing at all.

Anon #1: Sometimes it's the ONLY thing that will relax me.

Ronnie: It does depend upon the type of spanking I'm getting, but generally, yes, it can be very relaxing.

DelFonte: From my perspective, the more I relax, the less pain I feel, then in turn, the more I want. By the end, I am very relaxed. If I resist or struggle, that's a different story.

The Refined Dominant: Absolutely, a spanking can be relaxing. I feel wonderful after I've spanked my Ella.

Simon: Relaxing, painful, exciting, humiliating and erotic. The great thing about spankings and related activities is that they can be all of these sometimes at the same instant.

Anon #2: I find that dreaming about getting a spanking is very relaxing. While I'm being spanked, I'm not usually so relaxed. We are rather new to this, however, and I'm getting more relaxed lately. I'm finding the whole ritual soothing and comforting. Maybe that's because I'm getting used to it, and because he only uses his hand. I'd like to branch out with other implements, but he isn't ready to take that step.

Tori: The spanking itself is only relaxing if it's not done for punishment. After a punishment spanking is relaxing.

Bonnie: I agree with Ronnie and Curtis that it depends upon the type of spanking. Some spankings are relaxing by design, like a very brisk massage. More often, the spanking itself is not relaxing, but the enduring effects certainly are. After a really good spanking, I feel limp, almost liquid. It's a peaceful place I look forward to visiting.

Thank you all for participating in our brunch conversation!

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River Wild said...

I think a spanking could be relaxing, if done gently. I don't get gentle spankings, they always hurt terribly from the first swat to the last. However, they do sometimes thoroughly wear me out, from the exertion of willpower not to move, and from crying. So sometimes AFTER a spanking is over I get very relaxed :)

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