Thursday, September 26, 2013

Salon Article: Coming Out About Spanking

I enjoyed reading this article in Salon. It's a coming out story of sorts, but this time it's told by a man.


R&K - Our journey in DD said...

Hi Bonnie,
I read the article and I'm so happy he found someone to share his life with that is willing to embark down this path with him. It would be nice if this would be more acceptable but I'm not sure if I would come out of the closet. I would have the same fears as he does.

maryanne said...

bonnie, thanks for posting the article. i so enjoyed it. a fabulous read. :) i'm not sure i could come out of the closet, either. maybe someday.

Hermione said...

That was very interesting, Bonnie. I had read a condensed version of that article, but the expanded version has me wondering, as Emily did, why he needed to go outside his marriage and spank other women when his wife was quite happy to be spanked by him.


Dragon's Rose said...

Love the story. I have to agree with the author though. There is something about being spanked by someone else. Hmmmm. It is even better when Dragon participates to. For some reason my public scenes always seem to draw a crowd.

sixofthebest said...

I read the article on spanking that you directed me to in Salon. Yes, like most of us 'spanko's', I had a guilt feeling at first of enjoying this legit sexual erotic satisfying fetish. But in time overcame it. With everlasting results to this very day.

Cali Mom said...

Very interesting article Bonnie - thank you so much for sharing it.

Enzo said...

Interesting article form the seldom heard male perspective. Thanks for sharing. I have to agree with the author that to come out and state that you like to spank women is misunderstood and heard by most as "I like to abuse women" which is not the case. He is so fortunate to have found a partner who is supportive and understanding and who was willing to try; so much so that she seems to enjoy being spanked now. To find such a partner is still such a rare case in my opinion and treasure to hold on to and appreciate once found.

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