Sunday, September 22, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sept 22

Our question this week dealt whether we think people in a public setting might sometimes be able to detect a freshly spanked bottom. Here are your thoughts.

Curtis G: Not since childhood.

Ana: That can be part of the fun... Or punishment, if it's a punishment one. :)

Reece Seever: Not in exactly that context, but I have felt something close to it in two situations. First, early on in our DD relationship, I was very nervous about anyone finding out, and I was still in that early-stage where the change in our relationship was keeping me on pins and needles all the time. One morning, my wife called me at work and asked offhandedly how my schedule looked for the day. I told her I wasn't too busy. She said that was great, because she wanted me to drive home at lunch. She instructed me that I was to be there by no later than 12:30, and that I was to go directly to our bedroom, get out her tools, strip and get in position for a spanking. This was to happen as punishment for something I had done a few days before. I did as instructed, and it did worry me that people would wonder why I left by myself in the middle of the day. I proceeded home, where I did as instructed and was given a very sound spanking and strapping. I drove back to work and spent the afternoon sitting on a very sore bottom and wondering whether anyone would see that I was sitting gingerly. But, I was not seriously concerned that anyone would associate it with a spanking.

One context where it is a concern, however, is when I workout in the morning after a spanking the night before. It is always hard ensuring that when I get into and out of the shower, no one sees the marks from the night before. As far as I know, no one ever has.

The Refined Dominant: I love the feeling of no one knowing that my darling little slave's ass is red from the spanking when we go out.

Welcome, RD, and thanks for joining us for brunch!

Lea: I don't realistically think that people would be able to tell that I've been spanked (unless I'm out with other spankos who of course recognize the seat shifting!). But sometimes I do wonder whether anyone notices how I'm moving or blushing.

Spanked Simon: I'm not someone who winces when sitting or wriggles around following a punishment session, so on the whole, I wouldn't think anyone realises. Sometimes, though, she has mentioned my sore bottom in a restaurant or similar place and although she always says it very quietly, I always blush and worry that someone might have heard. Once a young woman sitting at the next table might have heard and she did give me some very odd looks during the rest of the meal.

Hermione: I have often wondered what people might think if they only knew. It isn't a fear, but more of a turn-on for me.

S.: I once earned a sound spanking with a paddle, just before going out to dinner. During the drive there, the smart was cooling down a bit, but the tenderness starting, so that when we arrived I was not too happy about seating myself down with the other four, who were, I thought firmly vanilla. It had been a hard spanking, and I could not help fidgeting my poor bottom on the hard chair. Finally, Jane our hostess, asked whether I was OK.

What the hell, I thought, and with all four of my cheeks blazing, I muttered, "Yes, but David has just given me a good spanking." She gasped in surprise, "Ooh, how thrilling, do let's see the damage." In for a penny, I thought, and stood up, hoisted my skirt, for them to see my burning bottom, barely covered by tiny panties. They whooped with delight, and Jane's husband Tom said, "You'd better join the club, Jane," and in a trice, she was over his knee, skirt on high, and getting a a good spanking, although only with his hand, before being allowed up to sit fidgeting beside me! The other girl, Pat, was spared a spanking, but next day she told me that when they got home, her Tony took a switch to her bare bottom, which caused real sitting problems for some time!

Prefectdt: I've done a lot of sitting and uncomfortable shuffling on trains after being spanked and wondered if anyone had worked out what had happened. In some respects, I kind of liked the idea that some of them had.

Fiona: We've never unwittingly tipped anyone off, but periodically, Sir will throw intentional comments like "good girl" or spank me playfully as I pass by or tug my ponytail. But they are always very intentionally done. I do wonder what many would think if they had any idea of what happens behind closed doors.

Ronnie: I do wonder whether people in the restaurant notice how I keep shuffling in my seat and also wonder if they ask themselves why.

Bonnie: I do wonder how much friends and strangers can deduce simply from body language. Could they know? I can't confirm it, but I cannot dismiss the possibility either. So I worry even as I fidget. Rational? Perhaps not. But it's a part of the experience of being spanked.

Thank you all for participating in our community brunch. Next week, please be sure to join us as we celebrate two special occasions by turning our brunch conversation bottoms up.

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