Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In with the New: Summer Downpour Edition

Here's your new supply of great spanking-oriented blogs... Enjoy!

1001 Spanking Fantasies Photoblog
A Firm Hand
A New Perspective
Dame Tigress (F/x)
Diary of a Nymphette
Favourite Things
Ganduri Ascunse
I Spank U 4 Fun
Miss Sassafrass
New Twist After All These Years
NSFW Discipline Drawings
Red and Sore
Spicy Viking
The Use of Corporal Punishment
What She Wears to a Spanking

General Spanking
DD Blogs
Ds/BDSM Blogs
To the new members of our community, I bid you welcome. If you would like some blogging tips and suggestions, try these. In any case, we're delighted that you're here!

To everyone else, who are we missing? Are there great spanking-oriented blogs out there that we have yet to find? If so, I'd love to hear about them. Please send me an e-mail or leave a comment.


Sassafrass said...

Thanks for the warm welcome and the link on your list. I'm excited to read over the 70 tips and I hope you'll pop over to check out the blog from time to time. I can use all the advice I can get, Thanks again.

MrBBSpanker said...

Welcome to all the new bloggers!

I have my reading list for the weekend!

# MrBBSpanker

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