Sunday, May 19, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 19

Our question this week dealt with whether we ever used spanking as a bargaining chip in any of three scenarios: (a) to resolve irritations, (b) in exchange for something desired, or (c) as a tool for reconciliation. Here are your responses.

Prefectdt: No, I have never done any of these. I would be willing to see if numbers one and three would work if the situation ever arose.

Elle: I never felt the need to do any of these. But I wouldn't rule it out in the future. :)

Dragon's Rose: That is part of DD, but only part of it. Spanking is used to resolve conflict and end disagreements. And there is nothing like a makeup spanking after a tense moment. It brings us closer.

In exchange for something I want? Only if it breaks a rule and after the fact, not before.

Hermione: We don't do any of these, because spanking for us is just for pleasure. But I would be willing to try number two, for something that Ron wants. It wouldn't work the other way around, because spanking is always what I want.

Joeyred: I have never done any of these. Most of my spankings are just for fun.

Roz: As part of our DD relationship, we do from time to time use spanking as a way to reconcile and resolve a circumstance that has occurred. It helps us clear the air, resolve any remaining feelings around the issue and reconnect with each other. It also helps to reinforce our roles within our relationship after such an event.

I have never been spanked in exchange for something I want.

Marie Pinkerton: One and three also seem to me to be more DD than what we do. Number two, yes, switched up a bit. Like Hermione, I'd offer spanking for something my husband wants. For example, I get spanked and he gets some oral.

Sunnygirl: None of the above.

Free Spanking Photos: I really love boots and every year when winter is coming, I exchange spanking for the precious object! I think in my case, the second option can be applied perfectly. LOL

Lily: I wouldn't say we've actively done any of these three things. Although Daddy has turned it around and used it as a bargaining chip for me, so I suppose number two is the best answer. It normally comes in the form of trading a spanking for an orgasm. I'll get to have one if I take a spanking afterward, but if I choose not to (like that would ever happen), then no spanking but no 'O' either. It doesn't happen that often but it's fun when he makes me bargain with him. :)

S.: Number two once. There was a really wonderful dress. I really wanted, but it was very expensive. D said,"OK. It'll cost you a dozen with my big paddle on the bare." I did not stop to think. I just wanted that dress. A moment later I was bent over my dressing stool, skirt up, knickers down, and remembering just how much that big paddle hurt. I stuck it out, just! But I could not sit until the next day, when I went to get the wonderful dress. When I now wear it, my bottom tingles with the thought of what it went through.

Loki Darksong: My wife and I have dabbled with this, but not in any great detail. It is something for us to really explore in the near future.

Kurt: We have done all of these, with one and two not infrequently, and a notable occurrence with the third one. We are always 'tweaking' our relationship, as it's extremely important to us, so we invented what we call 'Better Living Through Compensation'. This is a trade off that can be for anything that is an irritation or is just an 'I Want' that isn't worth arguing over. LOL These are things that usually just fly under the radar. The compensation can be whatever the other one wants, though in my case, it's usually spanking her! But it could be washing her car, taking her out to dinner, or whatever.

I should also mention that we also spank and paddle for fun and excitement! It's sort of fun to do the 'compensation' thing too.. Maybe someday I'll share the third scenario. LOL

Bonnie: I don't recall using number one. We are more likely to talk through genuine differences, even if they are small ones. Number two goes on all the time. Randy is the Monty Hall of spankers. He loves to work a deal, especially when my bottom is the prize.

The third option is rare, but it has happened. If we have make-up sex, I can guarantee that a good spanking is a part of the program.

Thank you, Kurt, for suggesting this question, and to all brunchers for sharing your insight!


Jenny said...

Sorry that I missed the weekend window for commenting. Option (a) would be a possibility when we play around with Dd (not often, and mostly 'play'). We don't really fight so Option (c) is out. I'm with Hermione and Marie on Option (b). At times I've suggested trading a spanking for me with oral for him. (Don't tell him that I'd do it anyway. I need to get my spankings anyway I can!) He is always surprised that I don't like to ask for a spanking, but he has no problem asking for oral rather than allowing me to 'offer'.

Red said...

Bonnie: Also sorry I missed this post... We have used all three
A) Cindy spanks me, usually small but effective for minor irritations, that I then try hard not to repeat..
B) reminded me of a spanking Cindy agreed to for being able to spend the evening reading a book while on a cruise.. (I wrote up the post for tomorrow)
C) when I really screw up I get spanked...
D) for fun.. you forgot this choice...
bottoms up

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