Sunday, April 21, 2013

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Apr 21

Our question this week was whether the traditional OTK position is overrated and over-represented in videos and fiction. Here are your responses.

Reece Seever: I think the symbolism associated with it is compelling and a turn-on, but it just does not work very well, particularly in F/M relationships and where the spanking is for punishment. It does not provide enough room and movement to develop a really punishing swing. After trying it several times, my wife gave up and we now do not use that position at all.

Country Spanker: Mrs. CS is short and we don't have a low enough chair for her to go over my knee with her toes on the floor, and she hasn't the confidence to balance on my knee. However, having me sit on the sofa or on the bed with her laid over my knee is her absolute favorite.

Terpsichore: I love being over the knee for play. It makes me feel close and intimate with my spanker, my husband, and since he usually he uses his hand, that position lends itself very well, especially when comfortable on the couch or on the bed.

Joeyred: OTK is my favorite position as a top or bottom. Nothing equals laying over the knees of a female top.

Chelsea: We use over the knee for warm-ups (mainly) and it works well, but if the entire spanking were conducted over the knee, I think it would eventually get really uncomfortable (physically).

I can understand why people like over the knee, and why it's effective (it does really help to prevent moving around), but I do think it's a tad bit overrated. Over the lap, however, can provide a similar effect to over the knee, but is more comfortable.

Julia: I think 'traditionally' OTK means the spankee has to support herself with arms off the floor, right? Well, we never do that. DH likes me close when OTK, so he sits on the side of the bed, with me lying on his lap on the bed.

Hermione: It's an uncomfortable position to be in for a real life spanking, but nothing beats it as a turn on in fictional stories.

Mr. BB: OTK is most often talked and written about for a reason. It's the position thought of first and evokes the most emotion when the word "spanking" is seen or heard.

The OTK position can be achieved in different ways, it doesn't have to be uncomfortable. Experienced spankers will experiment with different variations, positioning, placement, padding and knee positioning.

It's worth the time and patience to find which variation of OTK works best because the closeness and contact make this position the most intimate. It's also a wonderful position to begin aftercare before bringing your partner up into your arms. :)

Dragon's Rose: I love the OTK position. It provides constant contact that just isn't there with other positions. However, we don't use it for punishment, only for the fun spankings. That is one way we separate the two.

Six of the Best: Although “over the knee” spankings are traditional, there are other interesting spanking positions. If one uses the cane, over a bed, chair, table, or bench is much more to my liking.

Fred Bloggs: You mean there is another position? Who knew!

Mistress Erica: When a new prospective submissive comes to visit me, I almost always put him over My knee while I'm wearing My boots (or my suede ankle boots). I find that it gets them in the right mindset from the beginning. I also like them to stand at the side of My bed, bent over from the waist with wrist cuffs on and stretched out to receive My hands.

I like both positions when I am receiving spankings too... especially face down across the bed!

Sunnygirl: I agree with Hermione. It is an uncomfortable position IRL, but great in fiction. I find across the lap where I am supported at both ends offers the contact and is more comfortable for the one being spanked.

Minelle Labraun: I think over the lap anyway that is possible is nice because of the contact. OTK just sounds so much better.

Ana: I think OTK is terribly impractical for all but the shortest of spankings, unless the spanker is a good deal larger than the spankee. Even in that case, a modified version (such as upper body on the bed for the spankee) is often more practical.

But the threat, "I'll turn you over my knee!" is one of the most delicious shiver-inducing threats in the history of spanking. :D

Marie Pinkerton: The writer in me loves OTK. The history of it, the mental mindset, the intimacy, everything. -- It just works wonderfully in fiction.

In reality, it's not that comfortable, especially if either in the couple is a mite robust. The spanker can have problems with angles, and the spankee can have issues staying in position. That doesn't mean I don't yearn to be over my husband's knee though!

Stormy: My husband almost always uses OTK. Or OTL. It works for us, and other positions are anxiety producing for me. I need the security of being held by him, and he can hold me in position.

He prefers it too.

Darren: OTK is my partner J's favourite position. She loves the intimate body contact, especially for a prolonged spanking session.

It's always on the sofa though. There's no way this would would it worked for us (or J's back) draped over my knees.

Once over my lap J can wriggle and squirm as much as she wishes and it's easy to clamp her wrists behind her back. It's even easier to part her thighs for extracurricular activity while in situ!

Janey: I am tall so can support myself at both ends when OTK. However, it is uncomfortable and although we have used it, it is rare. I do like the sound of the threat of being turned OTK and I like the closeness to H which can be achieved with some support of the bed too. I think that H doesn't use it enough!

Our Bottoms Burn: While I feel it is overrated and over-represented, so is anything that gains mass appeal. I am not a fan of it, but it is "demanded" by a lot of bottoms. I will say that a flurry of swats with a hairbrush while OTK yields quick results. Perhaps results is what made the position so popular?

Loki Darksong: I do not feel that the OTK position is overrated nor overused when it comes to spankings. It is the single most identifiable position known worldwide. When someone, regardless of gender, is placed in that position, there is no mistaking of what is about to take place. Over the knee is the signature move of the spanking world.

Now in regards to being comfortable, that depends on many factors. The general size of the couple involved is the main issue. Not to forget that "Over the knee" is not exactly what the words imply. While the knee is mentioned, it's the lap that many spankees find themselves across. Once there, it is easy to find ways to make the person being spanked comfortable. One does not have to limit themselves to traditional imagery when it comes to this.

Abby Williams: I'm working on an OTK story right now. The reason it's OTK, unlike most of my stories, is that it's a comfort-spanking story, about Mr. W taking care of me and helping get my mind off my worries. I think our feelings on this position match what I'm reading here. It's perfect in fiction, but is not the most practical. We use it for warm-ups and for closeness. Our position is altered because I am not great with balance, but I am excellent at wiggling. He sits on the edge of the bed and I straddle his right knee (he's left handed). The upper part of my body is on the bed. This gives him full access to my bottom, while providing the stability and closeness I crave. I'm hoping to finish that story and get it posted today. I've had an out-of-sorts couple of weeks! It's good to be back in the headspace and in the blogosphere. :-)

Welcome back, Abby. I look forward to reading your story!

Wilma Rubble: I suppose OTK in the traditional sense doesn't happen that much. Over the lap does, almost exclusively here, with the exception of punishment spankings. OTL, feels like a couples event as opposed to something being 'done' to a person.

Prefectdt: I have to admit that I prefer being bent over a table/desk or laid out flat rather than OTK. This is for my own spankings and those that I want to see in spanking videos.

Anon: It's a really traditional position, but there are lots of others that are appropriate for different situations. Lying across a lap works very well for moderate punishment while the diaper position is right for serious misbehavior. The choice of implements also influences which position should be used.

Cole: While it is traditional, it is not at all practical for us. OTB or over the lap are much more comfortable and realistic for our purposes. I think the focus on the balancing act would mess with my mind! LOL

Bonnie: My answer, like many others, is no, but yes. If we're talking about the spanker sitting in a straight-backed armless chair and balancing the spankee on his or her lap, I will agree that the fantasy is generally a lot better than the reality. But there's more to the story.

With a slight modification, that being moving the setting to a couch or bed and thus supporting the spankee's upper body, this over the lap spanking position can be fantastic. I love the physical closeness and feeling of control. And it pushes all of the same corporal punishment fantasy buttons. When I hear or read the word “spanking” out of context, I picture myself draped across Randy's lap in just this manner.

The other advantage of this position is that the transition from spanking activities to post-spanking activities is easy and natural.

I guess my answer to the original question depends upon how strictly one interprets the term OTK.

Thank you, everyone, for another great brunch!


Anonymous said...

A late reply. If one had to commit to one pose for ever, definately - OTK. With my S bent over my one thigh only, and my other leg clamped across the backs of hers, , my left hand holding her's in the small of her back I can hold her firmly, with her bottom perfectly offered to spank as long and as hard as I want. When I have raised it to the sting I think she needs, my exploring hand can delve easily between her spread cheeks D.

Anonymous VII said...

OTL is our favorite for warmup and/or light erotic stimulation. From that we often move to a bigger event, which most often is the long paddle used with various positions, depending on the number and intensity of the swats. For light play ( = first stage of foreplay), she typically wears tight pants or shorts and does the "cutie-pie-pose" - legs together and knees slightly bent, hands on thighs above knees, back arched downward, shoulders high, looking sraight ahead. For serious erotic, she wears panties or a thong, spreads the legs, grabs hold onto or below knees, arches back downward, looks upward (usually at top of bedroom doorframe) to give bottom a lift. Knees may be either slightly bent or locked straight. For the hard bare-bottom swats needed for conscience-clearing or stress relief, she grabs the ankles with feet apart about shoulder width and looks forward. Whatever regimen we follow, we go back to OTL for aftercare, including light genital teasing, that can last for half an hour or more. That's always done on the edge of the bed so that we can make the transition into snuggling, cuddling, and well-you-know (!) after the crushed ice has melted in the ziplock bags, the aloe vera gel has been applied, the towels are damp, and the lubricant has gone on.

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