Thursday, February 21, 2013

Words of Basdom

This post is dedicated to our good friend, Bas. Here are a few favorite moments from his visits to MBS.

"When deciding to implement TTWD, we have to decide which one of us is being spanked by the other one. No real reason that this should not result in a 50/50 division for F/M and M/F. But all men are sissies and terrified of being spanked (I can certainly speak for myself), and they will do anything to make sure they end up with M/F." July 28, 2012

The above quote is my absolute favorite!

"Is it really only 7 years ago that the "World as we know it", started? How does it feel to be a world changing force?" September 25, 2012

The man certainly doesn't give half a compliment. I appreciated his very kind words.

"Bonnie, You must have spent an impossible amount of free time for our community." November 13, 2012

If I actually were a world changing force, I think I'd make the planet turn slower so days would be longer and then we really could have an impossible amount of free time.

And from New Life in DD comes this pearl:

"In July of this year, I spent a long time staring to a few colourful words on a red background. There it was: My new life on Bonnies site. What an honour! Now my site really existed! Bonnie says so herself." October 23, 2012

The legitimacy and wisdom of Bas' words never needed validation from me, though I was pleased to be able to offer some encouragement in those early days.

Bas, I join the rest of our community in wishing you comfort, happiness, and health.


Minelle Labraun said...

Bas our man of the day! We are so lucky to be able to visit all these fine blogs celebrating 'Spankful For Bas'

I do think that first comment is perfectly Bas!

MrBBSpanker said...

All above are wonderful examples of Basdoms :)
Happy Spankful for Bas Day everyone!

Anastasia Vitsky said...

I adore that first quote, too! It is SO quintessentially Bas...all Hohy and masculine-ish and then with such a sweet disarming self-deprecating candor that touches my heart.

Happy Spankful for Bas Day!

Cat said...

Hi Bonnie...I'm having so much fun visiting around reading all the "Basdom's". Thank you for pulling these together.

Happy Spankful for Bas Day!


PK said...

Yep I think that first quote says it all. Many of us felt real the first time we saw our names' here.


Wilma Rubble said...

I can see why your first quote is your favourite. If someone wanted to get to know Bas in one quote, that would be a good one to read.


Rogue said...

He's just great. Isn't he great! I just think he's great... :)

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