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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sept 30

Our topic of the week was birthday/anniversary spankings. Here's what you had to say.

Ana: Congratulations, Bonnie! So many wonderful milestones. Don't forget to include your 13 million hits a while back, too!

My favorite is very tame and very childish, but I love a good old-fashioned birthday spanking machine. I am not sure why only children get to have this fun. I would love to be at a spanko birthday party and be given this birthday treat. If you don't know what a spanking machine is, it's when your friends stand in a line facing you with their legs spread apart (now don't let your mind go to dirty places!). Think of a caterpillar with lots of legs on each side. Then you crawl on hands and knees (I said stop thinking dirty!) underneath everyone's spread-out legs (I said... Oh forget it, I give up!) while they spank your bottom as you crawl through. Depending how slowly you go, it can *really* sting! I imagine if it were a spanko version and people used things besides their hands... even more ouch.

Thank you, Ana. I remember playing that game! Actually, we just this week passed 13.5 million, but that's not much of a milestone.

Sunny Girl: Happy Birthday Bonnie. It's a day late, but better late...

My very first blog post, nearly a year ago, was about my birthday spanking. It opened up a whole new world for me.

Six of the Best: Congratulations, Bonnie, on your 55th birthday. Speaking of numbers, I would love to drive on Route 66, with my favorite lady, singing that tune. Then stopping the car, I would order her to bare her bottom, and give her 6 plus 6 with a cane on her naked rear end. Her 'Oohs', and 'Ouchs', would be music to my ears. How's that for a fantasy?

That's certainly one way to get your kicks.

Hermione: Happy Birthday, Bonnie, and may you have many more.

I started my blog on my birthday four years ago, and I regard that as a very special gift to myself. We have now instituted the tradition of a birthday spanking and that makes each birthday a very special occasion.

It seems there are several of us who started blogs around our birthdays. I always thought mine was a coincidence. But perhaps not...

Fred Bloggs: 55, that's gonna hurt!

I like the birthday spanking ritual and this year was the first time for a while that I did not indulge. My birthday was a few days ago. I was too busy and no one was around to share it. Oh well; there is always next year. I am fast approaching the big 60!


Thank you, Fred. I can confirm that fifty five swats does hurt, especially if the spanker doesn't count accurately!

Emen: Happy Birthday, Bonnie, and many, many more.

I got my first birthday spanking this year when I turned 59. That's a long time to wait. :) It was a self spanking directed by my online top, and the first time I heard his voice on the phone. So these are treasured memories right there.

It was greatly a comedy of errors. The "woodshed" I had chosen for privacy was about 120 degrees inside. I was a dripping ball of sweat from the second I stepped inside and a lot of my focus stayed on not dropping the ridiculously expensive phone that is my lifeline to him. I was afraid to put it on speaker (due to privacy). He couldn't hear me and I couldn't hear him. My implements were the quietest I can find so he couldn't hear them.

But we're good friends first and foremost, so we stumbled and sweat through it. And it was the time of my life.

Ronnie: Happy Belated Birthday, Bonnie.

My favourite birthday spanking was one I had four years ago. P bought me two bunches of roses, one for my vase and the other one he spanked me with.

Prefectdt: Happy birthday, Bonnie.

I have never had a celebratory spanking, but I often fantasize about getting a birthday caning, actually on the day of my birthday, from someone who really means it. I'm not holding my breath for it to happen though.

Lady Koregan: Happy Birthday indeed!

A few years back, I gave Lance a girl for his birthday. I can't say it's my very favorite memory, because each of my partners and the way we've celebrated our milestones are dear to me and I hold them all equally in my heart, but this one was very special.

Lance is the switchy sort. I'm not, so in order to let him express that aspect of himself there's occasionally a third party in our mix. There was spanking, and flogging, a bit of bondage and a few other interesting things.

It was the first time I saw him in "Top" mode. I was pleased, impressed, and delighted with how well he worked, and how seamlessly we worked as a team. Since it was his birthday, I let him have most of the fun.

After she went happily on her way, we had some private fun of our own, with him back in his usual submissive role. But that's a story for another time...

Our Bottoms Burn: Our best to you for a great 55. We say we are too old to have birthdays or to remember how we may have celebrated them.

Mick: Happy birthday, Bonnie.

My favorite birthday spanking was the first one I gave to Lynda on her 47th birthday. I pretended to lose count on the 46th stroke.

Curtis G: Happy Birthday. I hope it was a warm one.

For the past several years, I've been trading birthday spankings with a friend. I give her spankings on her birthday and I am the recipient on mine. For her birthday, she likes me to give her the number of spanks for the day, month, year age and one for good measure. That meant more than 2011 spanks. I, on the other hand, take mine for my age on each cheek which, at my age, is many. We both hand spank OTK.

My earliest memory of getting a birthday spanking was from my stepmother for whom I had a bit of an oedipal complex. I encouraged her to give me a birthday spanking.

The first birthday spanking I witnessed was in the second grade when my very pretty teacher, picked up one of my classmates, put him over one knee while leaning against a wall and gave him a birthday spanking. This was the first time I connected, subliminally and in how I felt, spanking with sex and that event started my lifelong connection in reality and fantasy with spanking.

SpankCake: Happy Birthday, Bonnie! And cheers to the 350th brunch!

I have yet to receive an adult birthday spanking, but when I was growing up, if you were lucky enough to have your birthday land on a school day you got to go through the spanking machine. Basically, all the students would line up in a single file, legs apart. The birthday kid got to crawl in between while the students spanked them as they went through!

I think I just figured out why I'm such a spanko! :)

Loki Darksong: Happy Birthday, Bonnie, my fellow Libran!

My birthday is next Monday, with my 26th anniversary of being in the S/M scene four days later. One of my best birthday memories took place on my 21st birthday. I had celebrated it at Paddles that year. I wound up in a scene with two lady tops who I knew. It was an D&D-styled roleplay, with me as a interrogated prisoner being whipped and spanked for a very long time. But what came after that scene really made that night special.

If I remember correctly, Michael announced to the whole club that it was my birthday. The announcement led me into getting a birthday caning on top what I had gotten earlier that evening. That was incredible! I wasn't even secured down for it. And the best part was that it was the first time that I ever experienced the 'tender when you sit' feeling after a scene. Plus, it was the first time that I ever had welt marks on my backside, which is difficult due to my skin color.

That night is one of my most cherished memories!

HS: Happy Birthday Bonnie...
Congrats on all the milestones.

I hope to have the following dream fulfilled for my birthday next month...

I'd like to play with two tops at same time and be spanked 55 times with each toy by each lady. It should be quite a birthday spanking...

Be well and continued thanks for keeping up the blog.

Lea: Happy birthday, Bonnie!

I've had a few good birthday spankings in the past. One year, I got one swat for each year with EVERY implement I owned, which was quite a few. This past month I was spanked in time to the top singing happy birthday to me which was sweet.

Jenny: I often dream of a birthday spanking. I like the idea of one of us counting the strokes and knowing where the finish line is. I imagine that for my birthday I would get my age (40s) and that I would have to take the spanks for his birthday, too (about the same). It would be fun knowing that once we could find some "alone time" - after presents and cake, etc., I'd be receiving a fairly hard, but sort of silly spanking. Maybe I would pretend to resist a bit, just to add to the fun.

I guess anniversary spankings would be the same. Anniversaries would be only a few years, so maybe we'd do a minimum of 12 each year until we reach 12 years. We may be too old for spanking by the time we get to 13 years!

Yes, I get to be the recipient on Randy's birthday also.

Charlotte: At the age of 21, my friends gave me a surprise party. At midnight, my eyes were blindfolded and I was tied to a coffee table in the middle of the dining room. The girls started swatting me with a wooden paddle. Then the boys continued. I was given 21 swats, which seemed endless.

Bonnie: Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes. We had a fine celebration. I wouldn't say it was our all time best, but it is still fresh in my, um, memory.

My husband, Randy, prides himself on coming up with exotic birthday spanking scenarios. He tries to surprise me with something I didn't expect and wouldn't have imagined. This year, the surprise wasn't the location or situation, but rather the pure sexiness.

When he arrived home on Friday, he asked me in “that voice” to go upstairs to our bedroom, remove my clothes and wait for him. I was my birthday so I had some clue about what was going to happen, or so I thought. Whatever he was doing downstairs took a long time and I was cold, so I got into bed.

My next conscious thought was wondering who was calling me. I had fallen asleep. Randy was beside me and as naked as I was. He led me down the stairs and into our living room which was now illuminated by a dozen or so flickering candles. He sat on the couch and eased me across his lap. This is a position with which we are very familiar, but to be both naked and in the living room was kind of a new twist.

He spanked me with his hard hand. There were no implements. There didn't need to be. It was just his skin and my skin. As has become traditional in our birthday spankings, he lost count and I received a lot more than the expected number of whacks. But it was a good time and my complaints were mostly in fun. After we finished with the spanking, other adult activities ensued. This was a excellent birthday.

Thanks, everyone, for joining in our birthday/anniversary brunch!


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Sorry I am late in wishing you a wonderful day, so I am glad to know it was, and you survived the annual birthday spanking!!!! heehee! xxxxxxxxx

Kaelah said...

A belated happy birthday, Bonnie! Sounds like you really had a wonderful birthday spanking. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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