Monday, October 01, 2012

In with the New: Harvest Moon Edition

Here is a wonderful new group of blogs to explore and enjoy!

A New Road
Ever Insatiable
Generally Spanking
Jade Cary, Romance Author
John's Spanking Pics
Musings of a Red Bottomed Girl
My So Called life as a Submissive
My Thoughts and Such
Patricia Green Books
Peaches' Daddy
Spanking a Naughty Princess's Blog
Spanking Bobbi Jo
Spanking Wallpaper
The Bedroom Submissive
The Invitation
Welted Bottom (F/M)
Who me? Ya you!

General Spanking
DD Blogs
Ds/BDSM Blogs
To these new members of our community, I bid you welcome. If you would like some blogging tips and suggestions, try these. In any case, we're delighted that you're here!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the linkage love, Bonnie :)

I was showing my darling your comment and surprise of surprise he knew who you were immediately :) I believe his words were, "Yes, she's a good one to know."

Well then. It's quite nice to know you! I look forward to poking around :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finding me and linking up!
~miss insatiable

Hermione said...

Spanking Wallpaper? Really? This I have to see! I hope they have screensavers too.

This looks like one of the best lineups yet!


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