Sunday, September 09, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Sept 9

Our topic this week was rhythmic spankings. Here's what you think.

Joeyred: LD spanks me to the beat of a different song each time I am spanked. It could be from the Beatles or even Metallica.

Ana: This is a fun (and funny) topic. I guess it applies more when you're using implements that take a lot of strokes rather than a few concentrated ones (hand/paddle versus belt or cane, for example).

I would say no. Sometimes, I have been known to try to sing a song in my head to distract myself from what's happening. But it never works. :)

Riley: Every now and then, in jest, he will spank with a rhythm, but that's only when we're being totally silly! Usually, there isn't much of a beat, he just does it as he sees fit. Sometimes, that's quick and rapid and in other situations, it's slow and deliberate.

Hermione: Ron often uses this technique, usually with a light, narrow implement like a cane, or something like a shoehorn that makes a lot of noise. He is fond of Jerry Lee Lewis, and I often feel my cheeks are "Great Balls of Fire." He sometimes makes me guess what song he is recreating. Other times, it's just a steady rhythm. It's always good for a laugh.

Playful Little Brat: I like this topic! I don't think I've ever been spanked to a certain beat or anything like that. I do think it could be fun for a playful type of spanking, to have the spanks go along to the beat of a favorite song. I can't wait to read everyone else's answers. :)

Red: Cindy does not follow any pattern, but I will forward this link to what I expect will be many wonderful ideas that we can then talk about. Well done, Bonnie! As a reward, may you be spanked this weekend.

I've already been quite well rewarded, but thank you.

Bleuame: Oh, those are great names for techniques! :o)

My husband, Horace, thinks it is a wonderfully amusing to beat out rhythms on my behind, especially with wooden implements. Truthfully, I'm not particularly fond of this method and, at times, I find it grates on my nerves. There have also been occasions when Horace spanked along with or in time to a song in the background.

Dragon's Rose: My Dragon is a drummer. He sets the rhythm of the paddle to what ever music is playing in his head. As long as it doesn't have a lot of bass drum in it, I am OK with it.

Prefectdt: No, I have never been beaten to a beat (groan). It's an interesting idea, though. It might be worth a try, perhaps to something classical, such as the 1812 Overture perhaps.

Poppy: I would not like a rhythmic spanking because it would feel as though he were being amusing or playing a game and that would make me bad tempered because I need him to be quite serious and assertive to have an impact on my bum.

That sounds a bit dull of me. I don't know why I am like this, I just am. I don't want him playing games with me or tunes on me.

Lea: I generally dislike being spanked to music. It's partly because I'm very music minded and I'll focus too much on the song rather than paying attention to what else is going on.

I've noticed some tops have a certain rhythm. I could guess who was spanking me while blindfolded. LOL But that's an individual thing. Recently, I was given a belated birthday spanking while the top sang happy birthday and spanked me in time. That was fun.

Abby: No, but I love the idea. Your names for the beats are also terrific!

Sublime Wifey: There's no rhythm. It's all random, at least it seems that way to me. If he has a pattern or rhythm in his head, he's not sharing with me.

Mrs. Soft Bottom: We have no rhythm here either, but MrFH, by his own admission, has none to begin with. I'm not sure whether it has occurred to him to do it with a particular grouping or cadence. I will ask him, but I haven't noticed any.

lunaKM: KM often uses a rhythm when he wants me to zone out. It's easier for me to do when the spanking impact is constant.

He also likes to use a ramping up sequence where he'll pick either 5 or 7 swats and each one is a bit harder until the last one is the hardest. That is also quite a pleasurable beat.

Dr. Ken: I have, on occasion, delivered a few swats in the old "shave and a haircut, two bits" style, but not on a regular basis.

There is a sort of rhythm, rhyme and reason to how I spank, but it's not really done to any particular song or cadence.

S: On occasion, I get spanked to music. D once tried the Anvil Chorus from the opera, Il Trovatore. The hefty slaps in time with the music were a real bum buster,and left me with sitting problems for a while. He also likes to turn me into living bongo drums. I lie flat, he kneels behind me, and then one hand to each cheek, he drums out the rapid cadence, making my slack bottom bounce and jiggle. It's not very hard, but I get an awful lot of spanks, which raise a lovely sexy sting through every part of my unturned rear end.

Spanky: We have not done this, but it sounds like it could be fun! Maybe "Flight of the Bumblebee" would be good for a start...

I think that one might be an advanced skill. :)

Ronnie: P's only done this a couple of times.

Bonnie: My husband, Randy, always wanted to be a drummer, but his parents had other plans. The resulting frustrations are expressed regularly on the surface of my posterior.

He is fond of wooden spanking toys in general, and particularly when he plays my drum heads. We have a matching pair of hairbrushes that is particularly fiendish. When applied as one would use drumsticks, he can raise an astounding level of acute discomfort in a very short time.

I don't find these rhythmic techniques any more distracting than the other things he does to mess with my head during a spanking. But it sure does hurt sometimes!

Thank you, everyone, for being a part of our brunch discussion!


Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

I was at the Symphony last night and they had a percussionist that hit a drum with such a rhythmic cadence - I couldn't take my eyes off him. LOL. (Sorry I commented late, but I had to share that one.)

Emen said...

What a great topic. So much music in my head now :)

Comments, as always, so interesting. Sorry I missed this but would rather hear what other people say :)

Adaline Raine said...

I brought two wooden spoons in the bedroom a month or so ago and MDK proceed to do a drum solo. I yelped out in the middle, For Goodness sake this isn't ROCK BAND! Heh. This post made me grin from the memory and now it makes me wonder..... :D

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