Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In with the New: Indian Summer Edition

Here's our latest batch of fresh spanking-related blogs!

Bottom Matters (F/M)
Ian and Lillie's Place
Kim's Kinky Korner
Korey Mae Johnson
Learning to Love, Lead and Live
Life, Lemons, and Spanking
Sexy on the Darkside
Spanking Model Database
Two Girls and a Paddle (F/F)
WL Authors (mostly M/M)

General Spanking
DD Blogs
Ds/BDSM Blogs
To these new members of our community, I bid you welcome. If you would like some blogging tips and suggestions, try these. In any case, we're delighted that you're here!


Lillie Ian said...

Thanks so much, Bonnie. I went through a big drama, taking down my old blog and putting up the new. This time I brought my hubby with me.
Thanks. :)
Ian and Lillie

Kimberly Becerra said...

Thank You Bonnie for the add you, are one of my Favorite Bottoms!

Bonnie said...

Lillie, Ian, and Kim - You're very welcome. I look forward to watching where your blogs go next!

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