Sunday, August 26, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Aug 26

Our topic of the week dealt with who bares the spankee's bottom. Here are your thoughts.

Dana: Personally, I prefer it when Steve does the baring. For me, it reinforces that he is in charge.

Usually, though, he tells me to bare my bottom. He knows it's the last thing I want to do when I know I have a spanking coming so it shows him that I'm submitting when I obey.

Simon: Variety, they say, is the spice of life and when it comes to the removal of underwear, I'd have to agree. I always get a thrill of anticipation when my Mistress orders me to remove my last layer of protection, knowing that shortly I will be experiencing the sting of her hand, strap, or cane across my naked bottom. Sometimes, though, she will remove them herself and somehow that feels a little more intimate. Either way, I know that the end result will be a sore, red bottom.

On a few occasions, if I am being punished in front of her friends, she has invited one of them to remove my underwear and this is a different feeling again. They each have there own sensations and I wouldn't want to miss any of them.

Hermione: I think it's more exciting for the spanker to do the honours. It reinforces his dominance and my release of control. In reality, I usually have to perform this act of submission.

Anon #1: I like the humiliation of being forced to stand in front of a woman who slowly draws my shorts down with a taunting smile on her face, as she knows she will very shortly have me across her lap for a good, sound, long, hard lesson from her expertly applied wooden hairbrush.

Our Bottoms Burn: When offered a choice, take both. Sometimes, I take her panties down. Other times, I have her take them down. There is also a third option. She sometimes bares her bottom and dares me to spank her. Keep it fresh folks.

Fondles: I don't think we have a trend. Often, I'm already in bed and naked. If I'm not, he'll either push up my knickers (like a really bad thong) to get to my cheeks or pull them off me. Sometimes, he has me take them off myself. It's all very fluid for us.

Lilmisses: I find that I'm giving him more control over how I get spanked when I let him pull my panties down. But I often choose the panties beforehand. I imagine that when we get into discipline spankings, he will probably request that I pull them down just before I bend over. Doing that would definitely require me to fully submit for what I'm sure would be a painful experience.

Mrs. Soft Bottom: I love it when Mr. FH bares my bottom, but it doesn't happen often. Of late, I am naked and kneeling when being spanking. But there is nothing sexier to me than him slowly drawing my panties down to my knees and taking me over his knee.

Sublime Wifey: I would like it if he did the honors, it would set the tone of the encounter right away. But more often than not, I am instructed to head upstairs and get naked, and so I do the baring and then wait to see what will happen next.

Anon #2: I really like that he takes the initiative. It makes me feel very attractive.

Six of the Best: I, as the spanker, have always bared my partner's bottom. The sexual joy of inserting my fingers inside the waistband of her panties, knickers, or bloomers, and slowing easing them off her sumptuous bottom, to bare it, can only be described as deliciously good.

Emen: It's interesting what a rich field this is to mine, isn't it? I can't possibly cite a preference, dizzy with remembering all of the wonderful (wonderfully awful) "bares" and imagining those to come. Wouldn't you have loved to propose this for your thesis?

"A Critical (Squishy!) Analysis of Historical/Contemporary Baring In Erotico/Spanko Literature" :)

The bibliography alone would be an interesting read.

Prefectdt: Variety being the spice of life, I am happy with this happening both ways. I find that most of the time, though, I am ordered to remove my own.

Daisy: I am always spanked naked, with no luxury of a warm up over my clothes! And I have always had to prepare myself for a spanking. I would love it if he would warm me up first then take my knickers down, but it hasn't happened yet, and I have tried "topping from the bottom" far too often and with too little success to try this again!

Emma K. Gardner: I think both are sexy. The whole spanking-through-the-layers approach is fun, with the spanker taking down/up layers one by one. A kind of angry whipping off of all the layers at once by the spanker is also good. But being forced to remove panties/raise skirt myself is a different kind of thrill. I guess I vote for all!

Curtis G: I like layers, except for a top layer, like slacks or pants, where it's helpful for the spankee to remove them. Otherwise, I like the spanker to remove each layer until you get down to none.

Lea: I think either way can work and both have a bit of a power exchange dynamic to me. If I'm told to bare my bottom myself, I'm doing what he says which makes me feel more submissive. If he pulls things down himself, he's taking control as well.

I don't have a strong preference, but usually I'm told to do it myself, so that's what happens. Okay, so maybe once with a particular top, I started laughing after he fumbled with my pants buttons for a minute and couldn't get them down. After that, he told me to do it myself. Hmm.

Saoirse: There is no way to lose with this one. If I take them down, I burn with submission and if he yanks them down, I am humbled. If he eases them down, I'm probably going to have a very good time. :)

S.N.M.: The spankee should do it him/herself. That's how I like it, and that's what generally happens... unless she's wearing a thong. Then she can take off her pants/skirt herself and let me do the underwear.

Susan: Usually, it is D who takes down my knickers. He prefers the term “knickers” to the more modern “panties.” The outer layers are left to me. I'm told to pull up my skirt or pull down my jeans. Then once well bent over his knee or something else, I wait anxiously. Will it be D's big hand whacking down on my thin knickers or hooking into the waist band of my knickers to haul them down to my ankles? Today's knickers give a girl's bottom no protection against a good spanking, but having one's bare bottom tautly upthrust, with its naughty bits exposed, makes it quite clear who is in charge!

Occasionally, D will get me bent over, and then, after a pause to let the tension build, he will order,"Now Susan, take your knickers down." If anything this is worse. I feel the shame of having to bare my bottom, although he has seen it many times before, and the difficulty in wriggling around to lower my knickers right down to my ankles, as he insists.

As for replacing my knickers, he will keep me bent over for a while, to savour my smarting bottom, before setting me back on my feet, skirt still raised, and knickers down, whilst he inspects his handiwork. "That seems to be a well spanked bottom, Susan love. All right, you can pull your knickers up now." Then I have to ease my hot and puffy bottom back into my tiny knickers, and pull my skirt down to cover my tender rear end for the rest of the day.

Roz: With us, he always takes them down, sometimes before the spanking commences and sometimes during. It reinforces that he is in charge and is the one who controls the spanking.

Country Spanker: Mostly, I like to do it and sometimes they are ripped down really quickly, but Sore Bottom Diary likes a really slow reveal.

Trazuredpet: Mostly, I bare my bottom for Master. It starts that submissive mindset for me and helps reinforce who is dominant.

Ronnie: With us, P does the baring after he's spanked me over my knickers. That's how I prefer it as it reinforces the fact that he's totally in charge.

Bonnie: Randy loves to mix things up. He will on different days, pull panties down, leave them up, pull them way up, or instruct me to adjust them to his liking. I think the last option is probably his favorite. By requiring me to assist with my own spanking, I become complicit and ultimately, accepting of all that follows. This is a tremendous submissive headspace.

I recall hearing someone once say that the act of peeling off a spankee's clothing layer by layer was at least in part popularized by spanking videos. The producers shot more than one scene with a model in a day. To avoid unveiling an already well spanked bottom at the beginning of a scene, they would start over clothes. By the time the model's bare bottom was revealed, any visible redness could be attributed to the on screen spanking. The explanation makes sense, but I don't know how many spankers imitated this practice versus how many found it independently.

I think Saoirse concisely summarized this conversation when she said, “There is no way to lose with this one.” That conclusion sounds right to me. Thanks, everyone, and see you next weekend!


andyh12k said...

My favourite treat that is!

The pulling down of C's panties is a a job I look forward to!

Next best thing is when I order her to take her panties down!


Anonymous said...

Hm, is there a way to lose? I guess if it is a spanking you didn't want. :) Sorry to have missed this one.

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