Saturday, August 11, 2012

MBS Spanko Brunch #343

It's the weekend again and time for our weekly chat. As many of you know, I'm always striving to find unique topics we've never before discussed. I think we might have a good one this week.

If you could pose a question to anyone in our spanking community, what and who would you ask?

If I have or can get contact information for the person to whom the question is directed, I will forward it on and present the responses in a separate post. Or if you prefer to do the legwork, invite them to send their response to me. I'm sure there will be some people who don't reply for a variety of reasons and that's OK. We won't pester anyone beyond a polite initial inquiry. There may also be some who cannot be easily located. Again, that's perfectly fine.

I don't know how well this will work, but I'm eager to find out.


morningstar said...

For years - since I read "To love To Obey To Serve" by V.M. Johnson I have wanted to hear her speak.

One question I would ask her............ that's a toughie I have so many questions..... one would naturally lead to another.


I think if I could ask her one question - I would ask her about her transition from slave to her prominent position in the leather community - what brought about the change?? (for lack of a better word)


sixofthebest said...

Dear Bonnie, can you ask Dr. Gloria Brame of 'Inside the Mind of Gloria Brame'. Should religious belief's play or not play a part of someone's sexual fetish lifestyle.

Bas said...

Hello Bonnie,
I would like to ask MEOW and LASH of
Why have you so suddenly left us. Are you both OK?
We are worried. PLease tell us you are alive and well.

S + E said...

I would like to ask the couple that I refer to as the DD Power Couple- Clint and Chelsea (of and several questions but the biggest one I would ask, if I could, is how manage to keep spanking completely away from sex. I would also like to ask them for recommendations on starting a DD lifestyle with my fiancee.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how Bonnie of 'Little Red Schoolhouse'is doing.


Bonnie said...

You guys don't make it easy...

I sent e-mails to Abby and Meow/Lash at the last addresses I had for them. I can tell you only that the messages didn't bounce.

I found an address for Ms Johnson as well and forwarded morningstar's question.

As for Six's question regarding Gloria Brame's views on religion and sex, I believe her response is already on the record.

Clint has no public e-mail address, but I found an article on his site that I believe answers S+E's first question about separating spanking and sex. Regarding his recommendations for starting DD, that is the main purpose of his site.

Any questions for people I can actually find? :)

S.N.M. said...

I would ask Bonnie how many licks it takes until you get to the center of a chocolate tootsy roll pop.

Ana said...

I would ask Bonnie how you can possibly find all these new blogs so fast. Do people write to you? Do you actually visit all 500+ blogs to find new links? And what is an example of something you would find too graphic or offensive to be included in your blogroll?

ronnie said...

One for you please Bonnie. Have you ever seriously thought about or even started writing a book - vanilla or spanking related?


sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, you are absolutely right. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Question for Bonnie: Why are you so beautiful?


Jim x

SublimeWifey said...

I don't have a question for a particular community member, but a general question for anyone willing to answer about spankos on the web. How much is real? How much is realistic? How much is fantasy?

Spankedhortic II said...

I don't want to burden you with another email to send Bonnie, so here is one for all the spankos originating from the UK.

What do you think that T.E. Lawrence (AKA Lawrence of Arabia), the greatest UK spankee ever (IMHO) would think of the spankos of today.


Bonnie said...

OK, now we're getting somewhere...

S.M.H. - The world may never know.

Ana - Here's how I find blogs.

(a) Watch who links to me
(b) Watch who follows me
(c) Watch who leaves comments
(d) Observe who follows or comments on friends' blogs
(e) Observe who friends' blogs are linking
(f) Check the lifestyle bloggers forum on Fetlife for introductions
(g) Search on Google for blogs that use spanking related terms
(h) Search on Blogger, Wordpress, and Tumblr
(i) Sometimes bloggers write to me and introduce themselves

I don't do all of these every week, but I work my way around eventually as time and energy permit.

I visit many blogs in my search for links, but I don't visit all 500 regularly.

You can read about my (evolving) guidelines for links here.

Here are six examples of blogs I consider too graphic or extreme to link (and no, I'm not going to provide the links):

(1) A BDSM photoblog featuring people being beaten until bloody

(2) Blogs that discuss scatological play (ick)

(3) Spanking stories that involve children or any other non-consensual situation

(4) Blogs where spanking is secondary to explicit depictions of sex

(5) Stories, real or fictional, where female characters are abused or exploited

(6) Male or female genital torture

I'm not suggesting that other people cannot or should not enjoy this content, only that it gets no links from me.

Ronnie - Actually, yes, I have considered writing a book. I am a journalist by trade and writing has always come naturally. When I watch the success of books like Fifty Shades, I wonder if I couldn't do better. However, between my job, my husband, the house, and this blog, I haven't a lot a spare time or energy. But it's possible.

Jim - Thank you. I'd like to think my appearance is as it is because I take good care of myself and try to do the right things in terms of diet, exercise, sleep, and so forth. My husband would probably tell you it's due to regular spankings. That may also be right.

SW - I'll take a shot. I think your answer varies with where you look. If an author tells you a story is fiction, you can believe them. If a story is presented as factual, I am inclined to accept that, as long as the author and story seem credible.

As for actual proportions of each, I don't have enough information to make an informed guess.

Anonymous said...

My question is for anyone with information, but I hope you answer, Bonnie.
I am in my late 40s, and just begun this new life. At about what age do most people start and similarly, what age do they stop?

CurtisG said...

@Lillie: People start at all ages. Most,like me, never stop.

Daisychain said...

Yes Bonnie, you could and should write a better book than 50 shades. And, what does, it's ok, I just googled it...ohh, YUKKKK!

ok, a better question... How in the world do you fit in all that 'searching for new blogs' stuff, into what, I am sure, is an incredibly busy life?

And, a question for all bloggers... On a scale of 1-10, how important to you are fellow spankoland bloggers? How much do you consider them "friends"? xxx

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to ask what your readers think of Fifty Shades ?!

Hermione said...

For Jim, who asked about The Little Red Schoolhouse, here's the link to her blog. Abby isn't writing about spanking any more; she explains in her most recent post how her blog has changed.

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