Saturday, June 02, 2012

MBS Spanko Brunch #333

Here we are again and ready for another in our series of weekly conversations. This question was suggested by our new friend Sue.

In your spanking dynamic, does the spanker instruct the spankee to perform certain actions before, during or after a spanking? If so, what sorts of actions are required? How do these commands influence the progression of the spanking and your perception of it?

If you would like to join our discussion, and I hope you will, please enter your response in the form of a comment below. At the end of the weekend, I will post an edited summary.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite spankers makes me stand in the corner before I am spanked. Shae tell me that I am allowed to say only five things while being spanked: No Ma'am, Yes Ma'am, I am sorry Ma'am, Thank you Ma'am, and No excuse Ma'am. I must repeat all five phrases perfectly before I am spanked. Next, I am told to drop my pants and get in position.

This ritual is performed in a fun way and she will often giggle waiting for me to respond.


Dragon's Rose said...

It depends on what kind of spanking it is. For a scene he goes over safe words one more time and lets me pick the position, usually. For punishment, first comes the lecture, he undresses me and puts me in the position he chooses. After is always the same. Cuddle time!

Sadey Quinn said...

Counting! Counting makes a spanking completely different, at least for me.

Especially if I'm required to count each spank *before* it happens. I hate (love) that. ;)

abby said...

hmmm it varies, sometimes I have to sincerely ask for the spanking, sometimes I have to count each swat and after thank Him for each one. I always need permission in order to get up again. abby

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, Mamma Mia, pizza. I loved it. Nearly as much as I do spanking a naughty lady on her bare bottom. A future question for you. Should we have 'An Olympic Spanking Games'. And what events would you include in such festivities.

Spanking Tube said...

It is very exciting, even more exciting than spanking. Before and after spanking:

Before punishment i like a scold little. Telling the reason for his punishment and fix a number of strokes, if necessary or intensity thereof.

After the spanking session, I order to my submissive wife to stay a while in the corner with his hands behind his neck!

Best Regards.


Public Spanking said...

For the fact we like the silence, we not talk during the spanking session. In particular, delights me the sound of whips and moans of my wife when my hands impact in her ass!!!

Lolli Popp said...

Hi Bonnie! I'm new on the blog scene. Wanted to to introduce myself to you as I have been a "quiet" fan of yours for a while now! Yes, I've been a "lurker" but finally found the gumption to start my very own blog! It's a work in progress, but I would love for you to visit me on Lollipoppinlane. So very happy to be here!
xoxo Lolli :)

Anonymous said...

Well, as not many people seem to be answering your question, here a little answer from me. What I mostly have to do, and hate, is go get the implement. My legs feel really heavy, then, and almost lame. Strange, because, in general, obviously, I agree with being spanked and enjoy it. Betty.

Hermione said...

I am often told to be quiet during a spanking. I find this difficult as I like to express my appreciation vocally. This makes for a completely different experience as I struggle to stay silent.

After a spanking, I might be asked to do any one of a number of delightfully erotic things. I always comply enthusiastically.

Anonymous said...

I get spanked often. For D giving me a spanking makes his day, and allthough I would not admit it, I get quite a kick from it even though I am left with a smarting bottom, and sitting problems! He does not always spank me on the bare, but sometimes over my skirt,jeans or panties. What he does insist on is that my bottom is at just the right tightness, which he likes. If it is too slack, such as lying flat on my tummy, my bottom wobbles everywhere, and does not absorb much sting; on the other hand if it is too tight, such as grasping my ankles, or that so exposing pose lying on my back with my legs over my head, my bottom is too tight to jiggle, and with my hip bones near the surface, my spanking can leave lasting marks. I have to bend over just as he wants me, so that my ample bottom bounces and quivers as each spank lands, and also absorbs a very lively sting. I often spend some time, bent over waiting for my spanking as he orders, "A bit tighter please"." Pull your knees in"."Hollow your back"."Clench your cheeks"." Spread your legs", until he has my poor bottom exactly as he wants it, and if I move out of pose as he spanks, there is a pause whilst he re-poses me. The preparations are exciting, as are the final results, and as for the 'afters' they are even better. S

Riley said...

It's different every time for us, but what's the same is I'm to wait until his instruction. So, he'll tell me what position to get in and when, he'll tell me to stop squirming or to prop myself up more, and often he'll ask me questions during the spanking. When he's nearing the end he usually sets up some sort of formula in his head (won't tell me what it is) and tells me to pick a number. He plugs the number into the formula, and that' show many more I get. So yes, I am told what to do. After it's over I'm told to get up and hug him. Sometimes I'll then go back over his knee for lotion, other times not. Depends!

ronnie said...

Depends on the type of spanking. Sometimes I'm told to go up to the office, face the wall and wait for him. On occasions I have to count each spank. For punishment, I'm told to face him while he lectures and tell me why I'm being spanked and how he's going to spank me.


Lea said...

For punishment, I've had to stand in the corner prior to the spanking starting, and sometimes again afterwards.

In general, I'm usually told to take my pants down before the spanking begins. What position to get into depending on what implement might be used.

All of these ritualistic sort of things help me get in the right headspace for what is happening. If it's a just for fun spanking, some of these might still happen but it's more likely we just go with the flow of how we're feeling.

Daisychain said...

It varies, we don't really have a ritual, as with the distance problem, spankings are few and far between. Sometimes I have to count; more often than not I have to place myself in position, almost always bare bottomed. (Never warmed up over clothes!) I sometimes have to fetch the implement and present it to him. I always have to stay in position; I can be vocal but am not allowed to move, hands and feet must remain in place at all times.
The rules he makes for each spanking, whether the regular rules or new ones, have the effect of conveying that he has control. This is not always appreciated by me, but it IS damn sexy!!!

Julia said...

Prior, I might be told to go and get "ready" - get naked and in position. He has told me to go in the bedroom before and just wait, which isn't quite like corner time, but it is pretty nerve wracking at times.
After, I always have to thank him for my spanking, and ask for permission to give him a blow job. :D

Ana said...

A routine that I liked, but we don't do any more, is that I would be told to go take a shower, change into a special short white dress that we only used for my spankings, and then to come back for my spanking. I'd have to ask very nicely and politely to please spank me very hard...and D would do so. Then afterward I would be sent to the corner. Very ritualistic, we were. :P

This Silly Girl said...

The only consistent ritual in our spankings is aftercare. I am always extremely careful to administer aftercare so Pura knows she's loved, safe, cared-for, and forgiven. Everything else about spankings depends on dozens of variables I won't describe here. Thanks for this question, Bonnie!
--Mistress Nichole

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